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Happy Hour: Overflow Game Chats

The bar appears crowded tonight and there is a lot of conversing…If I didnt know any better I would think it was Ladie’s Night here at Sparty & Friends….alas it looks like another helmet party. We will all be looking for the action in the stands like we see here after the jump (NSFW…if youre still there) as we have found that this sort of action is good for business… Continue reading


Phoenix Suns Season Preview 2008-2009

Here at Sparty and Friends, we have reached NBA preview time. There will be one team per work day leading up to the season opener (Celts vs. Cavs, October 28th at 8pm on TNT). The teams are ordered by record starting with last place and going up through the non-playoff teams, followed by the playoff teams in order of elimination (or lack there of in the Celtics’ case). You can find the full list of our previews here.  We’ve knocked off the Heat, got hate mail about the Thunder, had a guest writer for the Express Grizz, praised the T-Wolves marketing team, got lazy and had a Clip show, went to the circus that is the Knicks roster, took the Buck by the horns antlers, met a cat named “Bob”, ran with the Bulls and a “(pat)phish”, we put it in the Net, kept Pace, put the King in check, Blazed the Trail, Warrior’d up, Nugg’d it, rapped with the Raptors, cowboy’d up with the Mavs, and now we might as well be walkin’ on the Suns…

I love watching the Phoenix Suns play. I love Steve Nash. I love Amare Stoudemire. I love Grant Hill. And more than anyone else, I love Shaq-fu. I hate Raja Bell, but you can’t win them all I guess. This year, Shaq will be more integrated into the team and they should learn how to use his presence to their advantage. The Heat were able to ride the court presence of Shaq to a championship. Can the Suns do the same? I say they can. Not will, can. At this point I’m so happy to be writing about a team with a chance of winning the NBA championship that I might faint at my keyboard. If after the jump there are no words and I am clearly out cold despite the fact that I am supposed to be writing some more NBA goodness for everybody, email Sparty. He’ll know what to do. Continue reading