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Enjoy Your Last Weekend Away From the Computer

I am sitting here at 1 am…drinking beer. When this gets posted at around 11 am(actually first thing)….I am thinking eight hours from now, I am gonna believe that this is going to be kind of an irrelevant post. It will probably get around six comments for the day, and it will get lost in the ever growing popularity that is Sparty & Friends.

But guess what….this is your last weekend to run and hide from the comment block here at Sparty’s. It is your last Sunday to enjoy the weather…It is your last holiday weekend until Columbus Day….45 days from now.

Pretty soon, you’re gonna be stuck in football mode…..fantasy or real…does it really fucking matter? The point is – NFL and NCAA Football give way to October Baseball….October Baseball gives way to the start of the NBA….NBA gives way to College Basketball….College Basketball gives way to the NHL…the NHL gives way to…. Oh never fucking mind….

The point is –  As Baseball season comes to a close over the next 60 days or so – Sports season starts….all of that shit that really matters to all of us…especially “the us”  in those parts of the country where it is too cold outside to do anything else but watch sports on TV – Well that stuff is right around the corner…(By the way – none of this shit applies to me…I live in California)

Ignore this post….We don’t mind. We know what lies ahead. We will be here when you are ready.

Italics=Sparty talking.  Sparty was up way late and is still pissed about MSU committing dumb penalties and having sloppy coverage.