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NBA Studs & Duds 1/29

Last night there were a bunch of games that just weren’t that interesting. The Pacers narrowly got by the Bucks, the Heat beat my Wiz, the Knicks beat the Hawks, the Pistons beat the Wolves, the Hornets beat the Nuggets, the Mavs beat the Warriors, the Blazers beat the ‘Cats, and the Bulls beat the Sixers. Now on to games that were good. The Kings lost to the Celtics because Eddie House decided that now it was time to never miss a shot, Stud of the Day KD led his team past the Grizz, Devin Harris hit a game winner with 37 secs left as they sent the Raptors packing, and that’s pretty much it. Lists and top 10 after the jump. Continue reading


NBA Studs & Duds 1/28

Win and Lakers loss.

Reason for laughter: Best record in the NBA. Reason for that: Win and Lakers loss.

Only five games in the NBA last night. That there may be the minimum for this column to run, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a good batch of Studs and Duds. In fact, the numbers put up by the guys on the lists today would hit the lists a normal twelve game slate. Let’s get started. The Cavs beat the Kings because Stud LeBron and Stud of the Day MoWill were better than Stud Kevin Martin. The Magic beat up on the Pacers behind Stud Mickael Pietrus who came of the bench and on to the roster for this game after being injured for a bunch of weeks. The Nuggets topped the Grizzlies behind their new coach. I could tell you who the new Grizzlies coach is, but you don’t care. The Spurs beat the Jazz in a close one despite the play of Dud of the Day Michael Finley. And the Bobcats topped the Lakers, again. That’s five of six now for the ‘Cats and this time they won in L.A. despite the play of Stud Kobe Bryant in two overtimes. Kobe did foul out during the second OT on a weak call, but the Bobcats played so well in that period it may not have mattered. Check after the jump for the lists and the top 5 video (because of the smaller slate). Continue reading

NBA Studs and Duds 1/27

Chris Paul! How do you feel about being near a quadruple double?

Chris Paul! How do you feel about being near a quadruple double?

This may sound strange, but I think today’s Studs are the Studliest Studs of the season so far. 3 of them are All Star starters and the other two will surely make the game as well. On to the games… The Suns beat my Wiz in what was essentially a two on two battle. Unfortunately, Stud Shaq and Stud Amare are on the Stud list and Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison just missed it. That means the Suns come out on top. Stud Dwyane Wade led the Heat past the Hawks as the struggles of Joe Johnson continue. Doesn’t that sound like a sitcom? “Next week on The Struggles of Joe Johnson… Joe loses his job because he is late to work due to a car accident which sets off a chain reaction leading to an emotional break up.” Anyway, The Knicks knocked off the Rockets as they struggle to keep everyone on the court. Stud of the Day CP3 almost quadruple-doubled his way past the Sixers, and Stud Brandon Roy beat up the Clips. Full lists and video of top 10 plays after the jump. Continue reading

NBA Studs & Duds 1/26

Stud of the Day Nene.

First his name was two words. Then it was one. Now it's five: Stud of the Day Nene.

Last night in the NBA the Celtics tried to prove they are still the team on top. They attempted this by beating the Mavs 124-100 behind Studs Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. The Lakers had a pretty good handle on the Spurs in LA. The Suns went into Atlanta and beat the Hawks as Joe Johnson continues to struggle and Shaq continues to shine. The Rockets dodged a buzzer beater attempt as the Pistons continue to falter. Iverson (a guy who will be a top 10 NBA scorer before his career is over) didn’t play a minute of the 4th quarter on a team that needs scoring every night and scored 19 points in that quarter. Their coach, needless to say, is a moron. The T’Wolves held off the Bulls 109-108 in overtime. Nobody scored in the last 41 seconds of this game by the way. That’s pathetic. The Nuggets managed to blow away the Jazz due to a perfect night by Stud of the Night Nene. Full lists and top 10 plays are after the jump. Please watch top 10, if only for the sick dunk where Josh Smith makes Steve Nash look like a little girl. Continue reading

NBA Studs & Duds 1/22

Pay no attention to the man in the black uniform!

Pay no attention to the man in the black uniform!

Andrew Bynum may be the first person to be Stud of the Day while having tried during his game to get the guy who he was guarding (who isn’t good) into the Studs as well. Alas, he did not succeed as DeAndre Jordan lost in a very close race fore the 4th, 5th, and left off spots of the Stud list. The Lakers also manged to win the game despite having a terrible performance from Dud of the Day Trevor Ariza. Tonight was the kind of night that was the exact opposite of our last S&D episode. There about 15 guys who could have been Studs had their games been on other nights. Mike D’Antoni was able to beat his old team at MSG, the ever-charging Bucks (led by Stud Charlie Villanueva) smashed the Mavs, Stud CP3 beat down the Nets after his counterpart (and All Star hopeful) Devin Harris left with an injury, the Rockets beat the Jazz despite an incredible night by Stud Deron Williams, the Cavs beat the Blazers in Portland led by (who else) Stud LeBron James and sidekick (33 points) Mo Williams, my Wiz actually escaped Sac’to with (tons of help from Tough Juice and ‘Tawn and) a 110-107 win after the Kings missed a buzzer beater 3-pointer, and the Thunder won as they got past the lowly Warriors 122-121 in an awesome finish which featured a Jamaal Crawford bank shot with one second left to go up one and a buzzer beating turnaround by Jeff Green to win. You’ll see it in the top 10 after the jump, along with the lists, and my who SHOULD be voted All Star starters for both conferences when the starters are announced tonight on TNT at 7pm before the the Magic/Celtics and Wiz/Lakers doubleheader… Continue reading

NBA Studs & Duds 1/20

I’m going to be brutally honest. Yesterday was the worst day in the NBA this season as far as individual preformances go. In fact, I can’t remember a Stud section this weak after a night with so many games since… ever. By the averages that come out of my scoring system, I can assume that only Jason Kidd would have made the Studs on a normal night (and he’d most likely be down at #4 or so). On to the games… The Mavs beat the Sixers on a Dirk buzzer beater despite blowing a 12 point lead in the last 2:11 of the game. That really sucks for Philly. The Hawks beat the Raptors on some late heroics by Joe Johnson. The Bobcats missed a buzzer beater and fell to the Spurs on the road by two. K-Mart missed two free throws (the 2nd on purpose) that could have tied the game as the Nuggs lost to the Rockets 115-113. In the best finish of the night, CP3 drained a deep three as the buzzer sounded to beat the Pacers 103-100 after Danny Granger had hit a deep three to tie it about six seconds earlier. The Celtics pounded the Suns the whole way leading to our man Bill Walker getting some run near the end. He had an absolutly crazy dunk at the end of that game. So far the only video I could find was here and it sucks. Will find better version. The Blazers beat the surprising Bucks as Stud Greg Oden came to life. Lists, highlights, and a rant on the Lakers/Cavs game after the jump… Continue reading

Studs and Duds: John Edition

sad-logoJohn did a nice enough job that I don’t even have to write a paragraph about him.

Big thanks to Sparty and GITC for letting me guest post today’s Studs & Duds. First off, I know what you’re thinking. With John in charge of today’s post, he’s just going to put Paul Pierce #1, KG #2, Allen #3, Rondo #4 and Bill Walker #5 on the Studs list. Umm…no. Although that’s very tempting and they are all completely deserving, that won’t be happening today. I am holding out for the day (and that day will come) that Paul
Pierce will break GITC’s bias and flawed formula and truly be worthy of the #1 spot. When that time comes, I want GITC to be the one that has to type his name in that top spot and I want to cherish that moment…and maybe gloat a little bit at the same time.

Anyways….what happened in the NBA last night?  The Celtics won, the Lakers lost, the Pistons lost and some other games were played. No one cares about that stuff, so lets get to it, It’s Studs & Duds time!!! Continue reading