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Two Minute Warning: Catching Up With Mikey

Sparty & Friends NFL Pool Challenge: Week Six

So here we are…week six already. No one really knows where they stand because I have been at rehab for the six bottles of pills and three fifths of whiskey, and case of beer I drank after the Cubs were eliminated. I am almost over it now…you may need to give me a few more months.

All of that aside, I am gonna go ahead and recap week four and week five for you to start…and then I am going to bring the points list current and up to the moment…last we will get you this weeks games….. So here we go…… Continue reading


Two Minute Warning: S&F NFL Pool Challenge Week Two

thinking by baboon™.

A monkey could pick this weeks games you say? Are they really all that cut and dried? Well based off f last weeeks results….we all suck. Continue reading

Sparty & Friends NFL Pool Challenge

So we all know I am new over here, right? You don’t really know me, and I don’t really know you.  Am I spot on when it comes to sports, or am I a fucking idiot? Well, I often wonder the same thing about you guys. So to separate the men from the boys I concocted the Sparty & Friends NFL Pool Challenge.


If Sparty lets it go through here is the prize…..and then I will give you the rules. Continue reading