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S&F NFL Pool Challenge: Championship Week

Lombardi TrophyOne of our three remaining “Poolsters” will be crowned champion of the inaugural Sparty and Friends Pool Challenge. It’s a fairly tight race, and it really is anyones game his week. Before we get into the final weeks picks I wanted to tell everyone that I will be starting a Gridiron Playoff Challenge for next week…and everyone is back in….so be sure to check back for the updates on Tuesdays…and the reminders on Fridays. I will get you all of the information with regards to league name and password on Monday’s TMA…In the mean time, congrats to Sparty, JB, and Miz for making it to the finals this week. Remember, there are only three of you so…

  1. 7 Points
  2. 5 Points
  3. 3 Points

Current Standings as of Week 16

  1. JB 23.74
  2. Miz 20.90
  3. Sparty 20.14

This could be an interesting week of pick’em because you will have to judge which starters wont play the enitre game and how that may affect the outcome of others, but on the other hand….there are alot of good matchups this weekend with playoff spots hanging in the balance….so here are the games  o’ the week for week seventeen… Continue reading


Two Minute Warning: NFL Pool Challenge Week 16

spartyball1So here we are…just two weeks left. There are only eight guys left for the $50 Gift Card and four of them are hanging on by the hair of their chinnie chin chins (not an asian joke…the best man in my wedding was korean…./sincere).

If JB gets a point he eliminates those four guys but if he gets five he clinches the title. You gotta be really careful this week. Like I said – 8 left…anyone who cant win after this week is out….whats cool about that is it will change the final week point availability…here’s what I mean…if after this week there are:

5 guys left? The usual 5-4-3-2-1 payout
4 guys left?  6-4-3-2
3 guys left? 7-5-3
2 guys left? 9-6
1 guy left? 15 (clincher)\

So here are the only guys who should submit this week… Continue reading

S&F NFL Pool Challenge: Week 13

happy thanksgiving from sparty and friends

Two Minute Warning comes to you thirty minutes early…Just so you can enjoy John Madden that much longer. You can never get enough John Madden. 

So you have had your warning…and now Thursday games are included in the Pool Challenge. You must pick all three of the Thursday games prior to kickoff tomorrow…you can leave your Sunday games until Friday through Sunday if you want, but if you dont get these Thursday games in before they are played, they will go down as losses…I will be checking the comment times for verification.

Also, no new entrants for the rest of the season…sorry Nozz

Here is the recap again from yesterday along with the current standings as well as this weeks slate of games… Continue reading

Sparty and Friends NFL Pool Challenge Week 11


Well boys and girl…yes there is only one girl in the game and that’s not a typo…it is week eleven and JB is kicking our asses. Maybe we should just all wait for him to put his picks in, and then pick the same teams…that way he cant pass us.

Seriously though…the season is getting late and the picks are getting tougher. Out of the 15 remaining games this week I can see seven of them as a coin flip. But it is the NFL 2008 – I guess all 15 could be coin flips.

Just one more time reminding you that this Thursdays game did not count…nor will next Thursdays game…but Thanksgiving Week and beyond – ALL THURSDAY GAMES WILL COUNT…On Thanksgiving week you will be able to post your entire list on Wednesday, but we will also provide a link back for you on Friday….After Thansgiving Week (Week 14 and Beyond) there will be two Two Minute Warnings on those weeks…One on Wednesday just before Happy Hour and the second at the normal 2pm slot on Friday.

Onto Results and this Weeks Picks… Continue reading

Two Minute Warning: S & F NFL Pool Challenge Week Ten


So incase you didnt hear…or scared you didnt get your pick in…well there are no worries at this point. The Thursday game didnt count for Pool Challenge this week…and none of the Thursday games will count until Thanksgiving and beyond. This give us three weeks to remind you that Thursday games wont count until Thanksgiving and beyond. So…to recap – Thursday games wont count until Thanksgiving. Besides….Week 11 everyone would probably pick NE over NYJ (maybe not…who knows) but I would be willing to bet the house you ALL would pick PIT over CIN in week 12. But…none of it matters because Thursday games wont count until Thanksgiving. Continue reading

Sparty & Friends NFL Pool Challenge: Week 8

So here we go…another Friday is upon us and the stock market is in the toilet.  What better diversion than the Sparty and Freinds NFL Pool Challenge. Last week everyone kind of sucked and only a few people actually were able to pick most of the games correctly. I have said it before, Ill say it again. Parity is back in the NFL making pool picks more of a challenge. This week will be no different I am sure. Continue reading

Two Minute Warning: Week Seven Pool Challenge

Happy Friday…three more hours until the weekend. Unless you’re like me where the days just seem to run together that is. Checking out this weekends slate of games I noticed there isn’t one single game that is “must see.” To me the highlight of the weekend is IND @ GB…but hey, I am a jaded know nothing. I am sure that whatever your team is that it is a big game to you. Continue reading