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David Cone: “He’s on The Program.”

While we wait for the first crack of the bat in the 2009 baseball season, the New York media is making sure they have plenty of information to bring with them down to Tampa once Spring Training begins.

The latest story comes out the New York Daily News following the release of details from Joe Torre’s new book.  Torre claims ignorance in the book when it comes to player’s on his squad taking performance-enhancing drugs.  Which is not surprising, he doesn’t want to do anything to tarnish his legacy as the Yankee skipper that won 4 World series in 5 years.

However,  there is one former player who isn’t playing the denial game.  That would be the Hired Gun himself; David Cone.  Continue reading


Teixeira takes Centerstage

“I would have signed with the Orioles, but they showed absolutely zero commitment to winning.”  That was overheard by a few reporters at the Yankees press conference for newly acquired 1B, Mark Teixeira.*

Teixeira received his pinstripes today at the Old Yankee Stadium in front of a million reporters.

*He did not say those words, but it is still true.

Pettitte says No to the Yanks

Rarely can we as fans be upset with a player turning down an offer.  I have never had a problem with someone who wants to go get the most money possible, I think everyone has the right to go get theirs.  However, Andy Pettitte has really disappointed me by turning down the generous offer of 1-year and $10 million from the Yankees.

Pettitte was well paid the last couple years in the Bronx, at the tune of $16 million per.  Obviously, there is no true measure to if anyone lives up to their overinflated contract, especially those that play for the Yankees.  In my humble opinion, Andy Pettitte did not, and I am not surprised.  He struggled down the stretch of last season, which was a departure from the norm with Pettitte.  He has always been known as a second half pitcher, but that certainly was not the case in ’08.  Not only did the Yanks pay way too much for his services, but they stood by him after his name coming up in the Mitchell Report.

I see no reason for them to not offer him a smaller deal, regardless of what he once meant to this franchise.  He has already received his “thank you money” the last couple years.  He is 36 years old, and well into the downside of his career.  It is a shame that his pride has impacted his decision here, and jades this fans view of Pettitte, who always has come accross as humble individual.  Couple this with his HGH use, and Mr. Pettitte’s image has been tarnished even more.

Yankee Fans: What the hell is wrong with you?

The New York Yankees have two returning starters from last year left in the rotation.  Joba Chamberlain and Chien-Ming Wang are the only starters on the Yankees.  That is it. Phil Hughes is still not ready, though he did show some signs last night in the AFL. Ian Kennedy is not going to be a starter for the Yankees, especially since nobody in the clubhouse likes him.  Carl Pavano? Ha!  Not sure if you have noticed, but Mike Mussina has retired. Andy Pettitte regressed last season and suffered through arm issues, and the Yanks have not made a commitment to bring him back, but they probably will.  Not one pitcher in the minors is ready for a call-up to be a 4th or 5th starter on this ball club. Continue reading