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Did You Know: Your Offical Bud Bowl Media Guide

Did you know? Continue reading


Happy Hour: The Appletini Strikes Back

Since Mikey couldn’t join us for another wonderful Happy Hour today, I’ve decided to dedicate this happy hour to his beverage of choice the Appletini. What’s an Appletini you ask? Well check this out.
Cherry and Apple...MMMMmmmm

Cherry and Apple...MMMMmmmm

Your standard Appletini contains Vodka, Apple Schnapps, and a liquer known as Cointreau. It’s best served up with a wedge of apple (2 wedges in Mikey’s case) and a cherry to finish it off. Usually when ordering you must puff your chest out, flex your muscles and ask the bartender for a “Yummy appletini” while winking at him in a suggestive manner. Continue reading

Happy Hour: The Worlds Worst MNF Game Edition

We Honor Mize's Favorite Drink

Mize's Favorite Beer of Choice...and Rednecks Everywhere Agree

San Francisco @ Arizona…Yawn.

Oklahoma City @ Indiana…Yawn.
Portland @ Orlando…Yawn.
Toronto @ Boston…Yawn.
New Jersey @ Miami…Yawn.
Memphis @ Phoenix…Yawn.

It is one of those nights you can afford to watch no sports and not miss anything…In fact, go tell your wife you want to take her out to dinner and blow off MNF….becuase “she means more to you than any football game”…brownie points abound.

So – in lieu of so many shitty games…what does one do to get his or her sports fix?  Cry about it I guess. Or spend time reading what you missed here at Sparty and Friends… Continue reading

Miz. Should I Invest in This?


I was wondering when they would make a magazine that appealed to my two favorite things. Tending to my garden on a leisurely Sunday afternoon, and toting around a gun…ya know…second amendment.

Breaking News: Fulmer to Step Down

According to “our sources,” fat Fulmer is out as coach of the Vols.

Top 25 Picks: Mizerle-ized

Intraconference clash of the undefeateds.

Intraconference clash of the undefeateds.

I decided to be a good co-blogger…again.  So, this time I’m giving sparty the week off from picking this weekend’s college football games, since we all know it’s such a taxing endeavor.  You may be asking yourself, “What’s the benefit to me if it’s mizerle picking vs. sparty picking?”  Well, first, you’ll get insightful analysis this week.  Second, you get correct picks.  Seriously, take out a second mortgage and place your bets following the mizerle picks here.  You can thank me by buying me a brewski or a vacation house later.

Anyway, four of the top 25 teams have a bye this week; that gives us a pretty full slate of games to mull over.  Luckily for me, those four bye week teams are all either Big Televen teams or simply insignificant to the rest of the top 25 so I didn’t want to talk about them anyway.  Beyond the typical college football win-loss implications, a few of this week’s games will have very significant conference and national implications.  Let’s jump right in and see what we’ve got to look forward to this weekend. Continue reading

The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

This weekend marks one of the best college football games has to offer annually. Well I’ll give ya a little GatorTrey style lowdown: Continue reading