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Blog War… Is it Really Going to Happen?

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown down. I get the feeling that we will need to standardize the rules of the battle before it gets too out of hand. I do have a real job and won’t be able to devote my entire week to out-photoshopping RexKramerDangerSeeker over at MLJ.

I decided to send Sparty to negotiate the terms of the battle…and it looks like Rex sent Clown on MLJs behalf. Once all of the details have been finalized we will be sure to outline all of the details here.

But, for the sake of shits and giggles… Continue reading


The Morning After: September 26, 2008

As our economy continues on it’s journey down into sewer (we are well past the toilet) it was just another week gone past here at S&Fs.   We listened to a couple of rivals go back and forth about a pointless football game.  We found out about Charlie Weis’ true identity.  We even managed to have one of our daily posts go without the presence of sports.  So what is in store next week?  I have no friggin clue.  I do have a serious post of my own just about ready to go, but decided to wait til next week to drop it on you. I think I may elicit tears with this one. But today is Friday, we have good times on Friday.  Oh, after seeing Cmfost have a conniption fit about Mizerle06’s version of  “The Morning After,” you can be sure that there will be a ton of non sports related links.  I gotta get my knocks in before the 1 month ban begins next Wednesday. Continue reading