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Happy Hour: The Sum of All Beers

Sparty King of Blogs

Welcome to your Friday. It is that time of the day again where we all gather around the water cooler beer keg and regale the weeks events here in Sparta. Although no one got kicked into the pit, there certainly were some other exciting things to take place here. Some of those things included today’s events which I will gladly recap for you after the jump…. Continue reading


Happy Hour: Time to Embrace Hoops

hh-logo-stock“Yesssss”…or so says Marv Albert. Me – I am a little bummed that we are going to be reduced to basketball only- pretty soon. N0t that I do not care for basketball – In fact I love basketball…but when basketball is all youve got it kind of makes you long for other sports.

Seriously – we have what?  Three NFL games left ( I know there’s the Pro Bowl…but I did also say NFL Games …didnt I?). After football we have nothing but basketball for a solid seven weeks until the MLB starts….tell me – is this why people watch hockey?

Maybe – Ill try some hockey out this year who knows. Do we have enough people here who care about hockey enough to cover it? Continue reading

Happy Hour: Florida >>>>>>>USC ——/Science

Sparty King of Blogs

College Football is over. Florida is #1. Any other opinions do not matter because it won’t change the FACT that Florida is #1. there is nothing you can do about it…just accept it. The Crystal football will be in Gainesville….not in Utah, Not in LA, Not in Texas…..but in Gainesville, Florida. Where it will probably be next year if Tim Tebow returns. Continue reading

Happy Hour: College Bowl Comments Edition


hh-logo-stockHappy New Year to all of my online friends….you guys are the best writers and the best commenters evAr.

Gotta admit, it is noon here on the west coast and I am just waking up…..lucky for me – in time for Happy Hour. I could use a beer or something right now as my teeth feel like they are wearing sweaters.

Mize did a fucking excellent job on TMA…much better than a day like New Year’s Day deserved to be sure. I don’t think Happy Hour will match the energy of TMA because there was only one other post after TMA which was Studs and Duds….and I am pretty sure everyone is now in College Football Bowl Mode…One game down – two in progress, and two yet to start…. Continue reading

Happy Hour: Toast the Year with Egg Nog

eggnog-happy-hourGrab a cup of Egg Nog…I would like to propose a toast to Sparty and a  great first year here at Sparty and Friends…I have only been around for about six months, but I have enjoyed my time here…told alot of jokes, became a better writer…and did a photoshop or two…Life is good…Thanks for the opportunity to write and contribute here

Another long week comes to a close here at S&F…production wise we had many a fine posts mixed in with the usual snark and wit that our readers have come to expect from us here. The Holiday Season is all encompassing regardless of what you believe in – and reality is I think all of them involve gifts of somekind right? Everyone done shopping?

I gotta go to a couple of parties this weekend…this seems to be the weekend for that, in fact – some of you may be (un)lucky enough to be going to an office party today. We will see how it all pans out comment wise throughout the evening…. Continue reading

Happy Hour: Guinness Mustache Style

Ed Werder has a mustache!” That is all I can think of as I delve into a freshly poured Guinness, leaving the white foam to form a perfectly rediculous mustache.

“His is a mustache of champions! One that collects a little wing sauce during the evening, so that when you wake up in the morning you lick your lips and the smokey hot Bar-B-Q flavor hits your tounge, bringing back fond memories of the night before. To be Ed Werder…that is what the Guinness mustache is good for.” Continue reading

Happy Hour: The Mother of All Post Days

hh-logo-stockEveryone with a keyboard and a computer posted something today. Seven posts on a Tuesday in six hours surely means you must have missed something…and if you didn’t miss anything, you probably didnt drink it all in and really get your thirst quenched by all the flavor of all of the posts…so its time to re-read some of those posts…bring your wrap up comments to Happy Hour…we bring the pretzels, you buy the beer. Its going to be a long Happy Hour for some of us…especially the guys that were eliminated from Pool Challenge… Continue reading