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The Odds-On Favorite: Super Bowl Pick

Sadly, she won't be smiling this weekend...

Sadly, she won't be smiling this weekend...

This is it. The last hurrah. The “Big Game”. The single reason why there will never be a Super Bowl held within the Las Vegas city limits. There’s just too much gambling to be done.

The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year when it comes to money changing hands. So much money moved in the final quarter of last year’s Super Bowl, when the Patriots took the lead, then coughed it up to the Giants (in the process allowing a score in the final 2:00 of regulation) that some books had near riots break out.

This year, Sparty has demanded a full break down of every possible bet, but let’s be honest – you don’t want that. I printed out every prop bet available from Bodog – it was 84 pages long. What I can do is pick out a lucky 13 of the very best prop bets, money line bets, and straight up stupidity and offer you my take on all of it… after the jump.

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The Odds-On Favorite: Conference Championship Picks

Uh, yup... you'll do.

Uh, yup... you'll do.

Following perhaps one of the strangest NFL Regular Seasons in my lifetime, it should come as no surprise that the playoffs are just as ridiculous and unpredictable. Consider: home teams are 3-5 so far in the playoffs. Teams with a first round bye went 1-3 last week (Thank God for Norv Turner!). And favorites are a combined 3-5 so far against the spread. I’ve talked with some of the… um, “regulars” in the sportsbooks here the past week and everyone is coming to the same conclusion – this year is too unpredictable for anyone but the house to make any consistent money. I’m glad I quit placing bets on games a couple months ago. You know what? I’m just about ready for this season to end…

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The Odds-On Favorite – Playoff Picks; Divisional Round

Yep, I’m a dolt. Rather than spending a couple of hours last night after Florida cemented their status as the college football team of the decade researching and writing up the picks post, I chose to play Tetris on Facebook, take a shower and goto bed early. Therefore, I have to give an abbreviated picks post this afternoon, five hours late. I’m a friggin’ genius…

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The Odds-On Favorite – Playoff Picks; Wild Card Round

Um... go Colts?  I think...

Um... go Colts? I think...

I gotta tell ya, after the first 10 games of last week’s NFL slate, I felt pretty good about my chances to even up the regular season record, and perhaps even break .500 on the year.  I needed to end the week with no worse than a 12-4 in Week 17’s picks, and through ten games I was 7-2-1.  Definitely doable.

Then I pushed the final six games with a 3-3, and my fate was sealed.  10-5-1 for the week, 119-126-9 for the 2008 Regular Season.  My first losing season since I started keeping track midway through the 2003 regular season.  Damn it all.  Oh well, that’s why they wipe the records clean for the playoffs, to give everyone a chance to chase the dream – an 11-0 playoffs.  My best year was an 8-3 through the postseason.  Let’s see how this year goes.

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The Odds-On Favorite – Week 17 NFL Picks

Game of the Week get the Cheerleader of the Week

Game of the Week gets the Cheerleader of the Week

I hope everyone out there is enjoying the Holiday season.  Depending on when you are reading this post, I’m in one of the following states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico Arizona or Nevada. So, with 1/3 of the continental US on the table, there’s a wide swath of land I’ll be crossing through in the next four days. If you see a large man with a Red Sox, Patriots or Brewers cap on in a very overstuffed Neon, give a wave – and if I can resist the urge to commit heinous acts of road rage, I’ll wave back.

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The Odds-On Favorite – Week 16 NFL Picks

So, here’s the deal. Next week, I start a cross country drive that will end in a small, up-and-coming town in Southern Nevada known as Las Vegas. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Anyway, I accepted a job there (surprisingly, not gambling-related…) and will be moving next Friday morning. Meaning, these last two weeks of the NFL regular season might be the last time I get to post for awhile. Let’s hope I can juice the numbers and go out with a bang…

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The Odds-On Favorite – Week 15 NFL Picks

The Redskins Win Again...

The Mountains Win Again...

After five straight days of rain, my house finally gave in. The power went out for a couple hours this morning, killing my alarm clock on the only day that I actually set it. Naturally. So, everything for me is a couple hours behind today while I wake up late, get dressed late, drive to my cousin’s house and begin typing late… Let’s see if it affects the weekly picks or not.

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