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Sparty and Friends On Scene: GatorTrey at The BCS Championship


It’s a few days late, but better late than never. Now, join me as I take you into a first person experience of last week’s BCS National Championship.  (Que Jurassic Park Music) Continue reading


Breaking News: Sources Confirm Tim Tebow Has Won The Heisman Trophy

Continue reading

Happy Hour: SEC Championship Style (AKA: Busch Beer for all!!!)

Alabama fans will come prepared...Realtree and all.

Why SEC Championship Style? Because it’s a game not getting enough hype this weekend. Tickets are going for around $400 a piece for upper bowl seats. Hotels are booked solid. And Centennial Park has become the biggest trailer park in the United States (Thanks to our friends from Ala-freaking-Bama). It’s gonna be a fun one, and the closest thing you’ll see to a playoff this decade. Continue reading

The Weekend That Was College Football: 11/17



Hey, did you know there was college football this weekend? Probably not since there was about .008 interesting games. Yes, .008. That’s 1/100 good games. (actually, Trey, that’s 8/1000…but who’s counting?) This was certainly not the weekend to sell your British uncle on the game, nor your whiny new girlfriend you met at da club, or your dog, who sees nothing because his vision prevents it…but dammit, it’s football! I of course was most interested in one particular game in Gainesville, but I digress; let’s get to what YOU wanna hear. Continue reading

The Morning After: September 18, 2008

In the spirit of Sparty’s Michigan State videos, I’ve decided to add a little of my own (looks at miz). This one includes a certain Pro Bowl Quarterback in his 4 quality starts against the Gators. Continue reading