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FBB Insider: What The Aldridge Report doesn’t tell You

This is my first year playing FBB…ever. So I am struggling to figure out why I am losing so many games when I have a very good roster. I was going to go all Eric Karabell and Brandon Funston on you but it turns out I dont have to. You see, see it turns out there is a very simple reason why miz sucks at FBB , and sae rules…

Let’s look at the standings after week six to start out

Current Standings

The Aldridge Report 37 18 1 0.67
Maggette As She Goes 34 21 1 0.616 3
Above the Rimjob 32 22 2 0.589 4.5
Bammer Town 30 24 2 0.554 6.5
The Odds-On Favorite 27 29 0 0.482 10.5
Total Shenanigans 26 28 2 0.482 10.5
You Got Guapo’d! 24 32 0 0.429 13.5
JJ Redickulous 23 32 1 0.42 14
Ball Rack 23 32 1 0.42 14
PVB Express 18 36 2 0.339 18.5

As you can see there are only four teams out of ten that are over .500…there is one key thing these guys know that the bottom five guys don’t know…lets look at the standings again and add one key ingredient that isn’t part of the standings… Continue reading


Fantasy Basketball Recap: Week Five

sparty fantasy basketball logo

So the season is still young and to prove it you need to look no further than those who are rising and those who are falling. Illformula’s Bammer Town continues to climb the ranks moving up 5 spots in the last to weeks to claim the fourth overall spot while GatorTrey continues to slide losing five spots over the last week to fall to eighth.

This week’s biggest winners…Illformula (+2), Mikey (+2)….biggest losers…BigD (-3). The top three spots remain unchanged as does the bottom two… Continue reading

Fantasy Basketball Recap: Week Four


8-0….7-1. These two convincing ass whippings changed the landscape for all of those not ranked at the top of the S&F FBB League. The Aldridge Report, managed by sae dominated gatortreys JJ Redickulous, while gitc and Maggette as She Goes crushed john’s You Got Guapo’d 7-1. The other big mover for the week was illformula and Bammer Town who moved up three spots after “out-everything’ing” mikeys Ball Rack 2-5-1. Tony Parker’s injury has me bent over badly….I am ready to make some deals. Anyone on my roster is available, just make it worth my while…none of this “Tony Parker for Ronny Turiaf” bullshit….

Here are the rankings for the rest of you fellas…. Continue reading

Fantasy Basketball Wrap Up: Week 3



The Aldridge Report (sae) and Maggette as She Goes (gitc) were the big movers this week in FBB moving up four and five spots respectively. The Aldridge Report took over the #1 Spot as JJ Redickulous (gatortrey) dropped two spots to #3. Miz took it brings up the rear with his PVB Express falling one spot to #10.

Six of the 10 teams dropped in the standings with only Sparty’s Above the Rimjob sticking at #2.

Here are the standings through Week Three

  1. The Aldridge Report: 16-7-1
  2. Above the Rimjob: 14-9-1
  3. JJ Redickulous: 14-10
  4. The Odds On Favorite: 13-11
  5. Total Shenanigans: 11-12-1
  6. Maggette as She Goes: 11-12-1
  7. Ball Rack: 11-13
  8. You Got Guapo’d: 11-13
  9. Bammer Town 10-13-1
  10. PVB Express: 6-17-1 Continue reading

Fantasy Basketball Wrap Up : Week 2

Here we sit a mere two weeks into the FBB Season…way to early to crown anyones ass…but never the less, some people may want to consider making a trade or two, before it gets too late

If you guys want to claim your team in the comments as permission for discussing moves, go ahead…but i wont put your name out if you dont want it out there

My Team = Ball Rack


Start out 5-3 then follow it up with 3-5…I got work to do bitches…..