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No Maverick Ownership for Cubs?


If Mark Cuban sidles up to fellow Cubs fans at future Wrigley Field games, apparently he’ll have to do so as a ticket buyer.

His bid to buy the team from owner Sam Zell? According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Cuban won’t even make the final cut if commissioner Bud Selig and Major League Baseball owners have their way.

“There’s no way Bud and the owners are going to let that happen,” a baseball source told the Chicago Sun-Times earlier this week. “Zero chance.”

Zell has yet to shorten the field of five potential buyers who submitted bids of about $1 billion to the Tribune Co. for the Cubs and Wrigley Field. The process has begun to drag: The Cubs were on the market at the start of the 2007 baseball season and a source told the Sun-Times that a deal before Opening Day 2009 is unlikely. (ESPN)

Its all over the internet. “No Way” that Bud let’s Mark Cuban buy the Cubs. Seriously???? Continue reading


The Morning After: October 2, 2008

Anyone Have a Spare Liver?

Anyone Have a Spare Liver?

Yesterday afternoon Sparty emailed me and requested I do The Morning After. I thought it would be a grand celebration of the Cubs winning game one against the Dodgers. Instead I had to stumble my way through writing about everyone elses teams winning while I got really drunk. The casualties as of THESE TYPED WORDS: 9 Heinekens, 6 Tecates down…. and (shaking can) about to be 7 Tecates.  I will update this number as I go along. Writing The Morning After normally takes about two hours…Ill see if I can make it to 20 beers. Continue reading

Do You Believe in Payback?

View of the Polo Grounds from Coogans Bluff

View of the Polo Grounds from Coogan's Bluff

The day was September 23rd. I’m not talking about yesterday. I’m talking about September 23rd, 1908. The setting is the Polo Grounds, home of the New York Baseball Giants. Their opponent this afternoon are the Cubs. This series is important as are all series between these two teams in the first decade of the century. The Giants won the NL pennant in 1904 and 1905 while the Cubs had won the pennant in 1906 and 1907. They were again in a dead heat for the NL pennant and even had competition from a 3rd team, Honus Wagner’s Pittsburgh Pirates. It was the bottom of the 9th inning and the score was tied 1-1. Fred Merkle, a 19-year-old rookie from the Midwest was playing 1st base for the Giants that day in place of the regular first baseman. Merkle was huge by the standards of the time. He stood 6″1 and weighed in at 190 pounds. Despite his size, he was known to be quite fast and a great athlete. The Giants had been trying to find time for him all season and this was one of those days.

Outfielder Moose McCormick was the only one of the first three batters who got on base that in the bottom nine. He was on first base with two outs as Merkle strode to the plate. Merkle hit a line drive single into right field that advanced his teammate to 3rd base. The Giants now had the winning run only 90 feet from home. Up came Al Bridwell, the Giants’ light-hitting shortstop. To the surprise of many, Bridwell was able to punch a grounder through the infield to win the game. Or so it seemed anyway. Continue reading

Carlos Zambrano No Hits the Astros

First of all…regardless of where it happened…Congrats to Zambrano for the no-no….It is a nice footnote to the season…the first Cubs no-no since I was born when Milt Pappas got screwed out of a perfect game. All in all a great outing…nice to see – fun to watch….If you havent heard or seen it… Just go to ESPN – Its on like every five minutes

Since I am not a pink hat wearing Cubs fan I will give you the following…… Continue reading