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America Wants Change? Let’s Give ’em Change.

The Change Man himself.

The Change Man himself.

As Obama takes over our country, you can’t help but hear everyone whisper one word (or shout it)… change. As this is a sports website (most of the time), let’s talk about change in sports. Change comes more easily in sports than in most other areas of our culture. We now have replay in baseball! Things are changing all around us. What do I want to see changed? You didn’t ask? Too bad, ’cause I did. Follow me on a journey through the sports world as I pick out all the things that I wish were different. Continue reading


College Football Final Standings: S&F Edition

The final edition? Maybe.

The final edition? Maybe.

We all know that there is some confusion as to who is the champion of college football this season. Utah has the best record. Florida won the championship game. USC is the best on the field. Texas might have the best resume. Who should be ranked where?

That’s the question that led to me asking the other writers for their top six teams in order for the end of the year standings. Just to be clear, here is a wrap-up of the teams’ credentials…

Continue reading

Preview: 2008 Hawaii Bowl

blog_bowl-badgeEd. NoteSparty and Friends has accepted an invitation by Gunaxin.com to join several other sports blogging communities in Gunaxin’s 2008 Blog Bowl.  In addition to creating three entries representing S&F’s projected bowl winners for straight bowl pick ’em at ESPN.com’s College Bowl Mania, we will be submitting at least one bowl-specific post, such as this one, during the three bowl periods: games between 12/20 – 12/28, games between 12/29 – 1/3, and the games from 1/5 – 1/8.

Our pick ’em entries will be scored against all the other blog bowl picks submissions and progress can be followed here throughout the remainder of the bowl season.  We also encourage you all to head over to Gunaxin.com and check out the other blog bowl posts.

Now, back to your scheduled program…



The 2008 BCS FRAUD Hawaii Bowl feature’s the two teams that have had the worst showings over the past 3 years in BCS bowl games. The Irish got blasted by Ohio State in 2006, followed the next season by an LSU domination. Hawaii set non-BCS schools back about 10 years (and cost Boise St. an invite this year) by getting absolutely hammered by Georgia last January in the Sugar bowl. Continue reading

Oh…So It Wasn’t Rich…

The previously mentioned [in TMA] Scott Shafer has told the Detroit News, “Bottom line is, I take full responsibility for the demise of the Michigan program…I accept all the responsibility.” Continue reading

The Morning After: December 17, 2008

Goooooooooooood Mooooooooooring!

You’ve got 8 more shopping days til Christmas, 4 til Hanukkah, and 3 more years of Joe Pa in Happy Valley. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan the ol’ man, but this isn’t what Penn State fans wanted is it? Consider this. Joe Pa is 81 years old, when he ends this contract he’ll be 84. It’s not a question of WILL HE RETIRE, but more like WILL HE MAKE IT. (I know too easy, I’ll get better) Continue reading

Breaking News: Sources Confirm Tim Tebow Has Won The Heisman Trophy

Continue reading

GatorTrey Takes on Atlanta (and the SEC Championship)


The view from my hotel room, graciously not paid for by Sparty.

Atlanta hadn’t seen this much action since General Sherman’s march and subsequent burning of the city, Trey was in town for the SEC Championship. Continue reading