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The Morning After: September 13, 2008


This is as close as he will get to the field
This is as close as he will get to the field*

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If I Can be Serious for a Moment…

Allianz Field?

Allianz Field?

How many of you would drive a Mustang Cobra if you could?  Not asking you if you would necessarily purchase it over any other car, but if it was made available to you, would you drive one?  Of course you would.  We have an infatuation with the Mustang.  We love it!  It is the real true muscle car of this country.

Do any of you not like Ford vehicles?  Probably so.  If you don’t, it is probably because they are an American car manufacturer, and they have a reputation for needing more frequent repairs than foreign vehicles (psst, not true).  Correct?  How many of you do not like Ford’s or refuse to drive one because the founder, Henry Ford,  had known ties to the Nazi regime?  Adolf Hitler had a life size portrait of Mr. Ford on his wall.  The Nazi’s gave their highest medal of honor to him.  Ford admired Hitler, and is on record that he did not agree with the Roosevelt administration on a lot of things, especially becoming involved in World War II. Which is retarded, because we were not involved until after Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.  Germany and Italy then declared war on us. Enough with the history lesson. Continue reading