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The Odds-On Favorite: Super Bowl Pick

Sadly, she won't be smiling this weekend...

Sadly, she won't be smiling this weekend...

This is it. The last hurrah. The “Big Game”. The single reason why there will never be a Super Bowl held within the Las Vegas city limits. There’s just too much gambling to be done.

The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year when it comes to money changing hands. So much money moved in the final quarter of last year’s Super Bowl, when the Patriots took the lead, then coughed it up to the Giants (in the process allowing a score in the final 2:00 of regulation) that some books had near riots break out.

This year, Sparty has demanded a full break down of every possible bet, but let’s be honest – you don’t want that. I printed out every prop bet available from Bodog – it was 84 pages long. What I can do is pick out a lucky 13 of the very best prop bets, money line bets, and straight up stupidity and offer you my take on all of it… after the jump.

Continue reading


The Morning After: January 30, 2009

The Morning AfterI am almost done being sick. I may go to work today – I may not.  Do you want to feel bad with me? Let the moaning and complaining begin as we get right to the links.  The reserves for the NBA All-Star game were announced last night, and people are upset.   Somehow the Magic are represented by 3 players, but the Cavs couldn’t get LeBron’s running mate, Mo Williams, as part of the team.

As was mentioned briefly yesterday, Andy Roddick lost to Roger Federer, again.  This time he was beat in straight sets, in the semis of the Austrailian Open.  Roddick was suppose to be the guy that followed Agassi and Sampras in the great line of American tennis players.  However, his career has been underwhelming since winning the 2003 US Open. Has Roddick disappointed?  Or did he just show up at the wrong time (Roger Federer).

David Wells would knock-out Joe Torre if they cross paths. Continue reading

Happy Hour: Barkeep, make it a triple…

7108happy-hour-club-postersWhew…busy day today.  Everybody seems to be pretty tied up with the jobs that pay the bills.  Who wants to go get a cold one with me? 

In the meantime, let’s holla holla back at what we talked about today…in third person. Continue reading

NBA Studs & Duds 1/29

Last night there were a bunch of games that just weren’t that interesting. The Pacers narrowly got by the Bucks, the Heat beat my Wiz, the Knicks beat the Hawks, the Pistons beat the Wolves, the Hornets beat the Nuggets, the Mavs beat the Warriors, the Blazers beat the ‘Cats, and the Bulls beat the Sixers. Now on to games that were good. The Kings lost to the Celtics because Eddie House decided that now it was time to never miss a shot, Stud of the Day KD led his team past the Grizz, Devin Harris hit a game winner with 37 secs left as they sent the Raptors packing, and that’s pretty much it. Lists and top 10 after the jump. Continue reading

NFL Coaching Turnover: Youth Prevails

wall of shame

wall of shame

Out with the old and busted; in with the new and hot. 

That seems to be the common theme in the rollercoaster sometimes called the NFL coaching carousel.  Over the course of this past season, 9 coaches have been fired and 2 have retired/resigned.  That’s 11 out of 32 coaching positions that will by turning over between kickoff of the ’08-’09 season and the ’09-’10 season; also known as 34.4%.  Read that again…11 of 32…over 1/3 of the league’s coaches are out the door!

Let’s get acquainted with the new chefs in the kitchens, chiefs of the tribes, captains of the ships…you get the idea. Continue reading

Who Should Be The All Star Reserves? GITC Has The Answers.


azallstargamelogo1The All Star Reserves will be named tonight on TNT at 7:00pm EST during the pre-game show. There are two sets of criteria; their’s and mine. I differ to that of the NBA first because, well, it’s their league. So, here are the NBA’s criteria:

1. Not one of the starters.
2. Must have at least 2 guards, 2 forwards, and 1 center.

These are pretty self-explanitory. You can’t be a reserve if you’re a starter. There must be a second starting five and then two guys of any position. OK, now my criteria.

1. I don’t care of you play for a bad team, this is about individual preformance.
2. I do care how much time you missed, if any. No guys who’ve played 20 games.
3. I do care what position you actually play. If I had voted the starters I wouldn’t use 2 PF’s for the 2 F spots, I’d use a SF and a PF.

Those seem pretty obvious as well. So hit the jump to see my lists as well as short explanations for the selections. Continue reading

PGA Tour: Still No Tiger

Well – the PGA Tour is in the desert this week where Phil and the boys are playing the FBR Open. I dont have much to say about any of it…except – Can you believe this happened 13 years ago?