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The Morning After: January 30, 2009

The Morning AfterI am almost done being sick. I may go to work today – I may not.  Do you want to feel bad with me? Let the moaning and complaining begin as we get right to the links.  The reserves for the NBA All-Star game were announced last night, and people are upset.   Somehow the Magic are represented by 3 players, but the Cavs couldn’t get LeBron’s running mate, Mo Williams, as part of the team.

As was mentioned briefly yesterday, Andy Roddick lost to Roger Federer, again.  This time he was beat in straight sets, in the semis of the Austrailian Open.  Roddick was suppose to be the guy that followed Agassi and Sampras in the great line of American tennis players.  However, his career has been underwhelming since winning the 2003 US Open. Has Roddick disappointed?  Or did he just show up at the wrong time (Roger Federer).

David Wells would knock-out Joe Torre if they cross paths. Continue reading


The Morning After: January 29, 2009

Since it is Super Bowl week and we’re only three days away, maybe we should talk about it a bit? I was not in the least bit interested in either team when the conference championships were decided a couple of Sundays ago. I have no love or hate for either Pittsburgh or Arizona. I understand that there are compelling storylines for fans of each though: potential “one for the other hand” for ‘Burgh, a first Super Bowl appearance for ‘Zona, etc. I’m mostly just hoping for a good, entertaining football game. By the way, when are we gonna get back to a relevant halftime performer?

Anywho, here’s some good, and serious, Super Bowl stories. They start with some Matt Leinart and finish up with several small stories about various players…solid read. Continue reading

The Morning After: January 28, 2009

Yesterday was Super Bowl Media Day, and unlike its usual overrated setup, there really wasn’t much of the hype that past games have received. Probably because everyone is pretty sure the Steelers are going to win the game, or because there is no player on either team that is worth the moderate fans’ attention, or because both cities are not really major markets. There is one story worth mentioning, Tampa still has strip clubs. Not just any ol’ skin bars, they have very little rules, and wierd names. So TotalProSports asks, “Who will be this year’s Eugene Robinson in Tampa?Continue reading

The Morning After: January 27, 2009

Much to the chagrin of one of our writers, real Major League Baseball activity is less than a month away. Pitchers and Catchers start to report to the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues on February 14th, while the mandatory reporting date for remaining players is February 22nd.

But before we turn on the John Fogerty and Dire Straits, let’s not forget that the Hot Stove hasn’t completely turned off. Andy Pettitte will return for one more year in pinstripes, but with a base salary that is much less than what he originally wanted, and less than what the Yankees had offered earlier in the off-season. If Pettitte does perform well, he could theoretically make more money. Anyway you slice it, this was another good move by the Yankees in this all important Hot Stove season.

What does bringing Andy back mean? The Yankees now have the best rotation in the American League East, on paper. That should get a bunch of you yammerin’. Continue reading

The Morning After: January 26, 2009

The Morning AfterThere are those of us who will say there were no sports to speak of this weekend. I have several links to prove you wrong. You may look at these links and say to me that the links I provided were largely linked to sports that no one talks about. If I look at the weekend traffic here at Sparty and Friends and compare it to those weekends when we had college football as well as “paid to play” football games on from sun up to sun down – I would largely have to agree with you.

So for all of the tormented souls out there who didn’t get their sports fix this weekend… let me be the first to welcome you to Super Bowl Week. You get your fill of the biggest event in sports on tap for the next 150 hours or so before kick off. More on this in a little while after the jump… Continue reading

The Morning After: January 25, 2009

Still the Jets best QB

Still the Jets best QB

One week from today, America will settle in and watch the most popular TV event of the year. The game will probably suck, it sucks more often than not, but occasionally we get a classic like last year. I am pretty much a non Super Bowl party guy, I like to actually watch and hear the game and not have people shush me during the ads. Ads are for talking, running to the fridge and emptying myself of rented beverages.

The week leading up to the game is filled with stories that most of have already heard or are non stories created by the “real” media. This goes by the title of hype, here is some you will be forced to gag on this week…… Continue reading

The Mourning After: January 23, 2009

Notice anything with the title?  That is my little homage to one of the better guys in the NBA over the last 16 years, Alonzo Mourning.  Zo officially retired from a long and decorated career.

The only time I found myself not liking Mourning was when the Pistons played the Heat in back-to-back East finals in the middle of this decade.  Besides that, you couldn’t help but respect one of the more intense and harder working players in the league.

I played rotisserie basketball long before the fantasy leagues became popular, and Alonzo was a guy I targeted each season.  He was what basketball people called, a nightly 20-10 when he was at his best.  20pts, and 10 boards.  Don’t forget that he averaged 3 blocks a game as well.

Good luck with the next chapter of your life.

Continue reading