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GatorTrey’s Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials…

of MY era…That means I actually viewed these and remembered them, so please don’t jump on me for forgetting your “classics.” To me, Super Bowl commercials are hit or miss, but when they do hit I’m all over it.

There are like 10dy billion of these things on the internet, but this is the most legit list you’ll find (unlike that POS list SpikeTV put out…what has that guy watched like 10 Super Bowl commercials ever?) Lets start here though, any list that includes 4-5 BudLight commercials should be banned. Any commercial with Justin Timberlake, banned. Anyone who claims the Apple 1984 commercial is best ever, banned. Anyone who included a commercial featuring Spuds McKenzie, eh, I’ll give you it. Continue reading


The Odds-On Favorite: Super Bowl Pick

Sadly, she won't be smiling this weekend...

Sadly, she won't be smiling this weekend...

This is it. The last hurrah. The “Big Game”. The single reason why there will never be a Super Bowl held within the Las Vegas city limits. There’s just too much gambling to be done.

The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year when it comes to money changing hands. So much money moved in the final quarter of last year’s Super Bowl, when the Patriots took the lead, then coughed it up to the Giants (in the process allowing a score in the final 2:00 of regulation) that some books had near riots break out.

This year, Sparty has demanded a full break down of every possible bet, but let’s be honest – you don’t want that. I printed out every prop bet available from Bodog – it was 84 pages long. What I can do is pick out a lucky 13 of the very best prop bets, money line bets, and straight up stupidity and offer you my take on all of it… after the jump.

Continue reading

NFL Coaching Turnover: Youth Prevails

wall of shame

wall of shame

Out with the old and busted; in with the new and hot. 

That seems to be the common theme in the rollercoaster sometimes called the NFL coaching carousel.  Over the course of this past season, 9 coaches have been fired and 2 have retired/resigned.  That’s 11 out of 32 coaching positions that will by turning over between kickoff of the ’08-’09 season and the ’09-’10 season; also known as 34.4%.  Read that again…11 of 32…over 1/3 of the league’s coaches are out the door!

Let’s get acquainted with the new chefs in the kitchens, chiefs of the tribes, captains of the ships…you get the idea. Continue reading

Super Bowl History

Happy Super Bowl Week Thursday!  Hopefully, by now, you’re aware of who’s playing in the 2009 Super Bowl and some of the story lines.  To keep a bit of historical perspective involved in talking about the game, we’ve put together some info about every Super Bowl to date and have pulled out some stats we think are significant.  Check it out and enjoy the numbers explosion:

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The Morning After: January 28, 2009

Yesterday was Super Bowl Media Day, and unlike its usual overrated setup, there really wasn’t much of the hype that past games have received. Probably because everyone is pretty sure the Steelers are going to win the game, or because there is no player on either team that is worth the moderate fans’ attention, or because both cities are not really major markets. There is one story worth mentioning, Tampa still has strip clubs. Not just any ol’ skin bars, they have very little rules, and wierd names. So TotalProSports asks, “Who will be this year’s Eugene Robinson in Tampa?Continue reading

The Morning After: January 26, 2009

The Morning AfterThere are those of us who will say there were no sports to speak of this weekend. I have several links to prove you wrong. You may look at these links and say to me that the links I provided were largely linked to sports that no one talks about. If I look at the weekend traffic here at Sparty and Friends and compare it to those weekends when we had college football as well as “paid to play” football games on from sun up to sun down – I would largely have to agree with you.

So for all of the tormented souls out there who didn’t get their sports fix this weekend… let me be the first to welcome you to Super Bowl Week. You get your fill of the biggest event in sports on tap for the next 150 hours or so before kick off. More on this in a little while after the jump… Continue reading

From Those That Brought You Screenshots, We Present… Outtakes!

That’s right. Outtakes of the LeBron James / Cleveland Browns commercial by State Farm. Some of them are pretty funny, other are just weird. Regardless, enjoy!

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