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The Morning After: January 28, 2009

Yesterday was Super Bowl Media Day, and unlike its usual overrated setup, there really wasn’t much of the hype that past games have received. Probably because everyone is pretty sure the Steelers are going to win the game, or because there is no player on either team that is worth the moderate fans’ attention, or because both cities are not really major markets. There is one story worth mentioning, Tampa still has strip clubs. Not just any ol’ skin bars, they have very little rules, and wierd names. So TotalProSports asks, “Who will be this year’s Eugene Robinson in Tampa?Continue reading


Love those Objective Big Ten Hater(s)

bilde1The last couple years it has been popular to bash the quality and depth of Big Ten basketball.  It would be tough to argue otherwise, as they did fail to do well against out of conference competition, unless it was Michigan State playing Texas.

Things have changed in the Big 10.  This year the Big 10 could possibly place 6 or even 7 teams into the Tournamnet of 64.  However, there continues to be some naysayers out there.  Our buddy Jason McIntyre is trying to sway legions of fans and the tournament committee members from the goodness that is Big 10 Basketball. Continue reading

The Week That Was College Basketball: January 26, 2009

spartycbbThe semi-pro ranks of basketball has been hoppin’ with action lately. Before we give you a report on the happenings throughout the conferences and around the country from the previous week, let’s look at where we are in the season.

A dominant team has yet to take control of that #1 spot and all of the undefeateds have been defeated. Using this season’s trends as evidence, I’d make the prediction that different teams will bounce in and out of that spot for the next month and a half until tourney time. Let me repeat something; we’re only about a month and a half away from conference tournaments, people. The season is rapidly moving along and Selection Sunday is just around the corner. Let’s observe where we’ve been and then talk about where we are. Continue reading

College Basketball Commenting…

…or any othspartycbber commenting you wish to have.

There are games underway, and currently Duke is kicking the snot out of Maryland 30-11 at the 5 minute mark of the 1st half.

You can come here to vent, boast or or rub it in, in regards to today’s NCAA basketball action.   If you don’t care about that and just wish to talk about any other sports news that happens, feel free to drop us a line.

So… What is it I’m Supposed to be Watching This Weekend?

Just kidding. Theres tons of stuff on TV.

Just kidding. There's tons of stuff on TV.

When you’ve gotten so accustomed to watching football every Sunday, what do you do when there just isn’t any? I’ll tell you what you do. You watch the stuff listed after the jump.

Continue reading

What in the Hell?

When I left my house last night at 7pm, Michigan State had an early 5 pt lead at the Breslin, and I had very little concern about the game.  It seemed like the team made the necessary adjustments they needed because Raymar Morgan was still battling a wicked flu.  About an hour and a half later I picked up my phone to get an update on the final score to see  how much we won by.  There was a slight problem: Continue reading

America Wants Change? Let’s Give ’em Change.

The Change Man himself.

The Change Man himself.

As Obama takes over our country, you can’t help but hear everyone whisper one word (or shout it)… change. As this is a sports website (most of the time), let’s talk about change in sports. Change comes more easily in sports than in most other areas of our culture. We now have replay in baseball! Things are changing all around us. What do I want to see changed? You didn’t ask? Too bad, ’cause I did. Follow me on a journey through the sports world as I pick out all the things that I wish were different. Continue reading