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David Cone: “He’s on The Program.”

While we wait for the first crack of the bat in the 2009 baseball season, the New York media is making sure they have plenty of information to bring with them down to Tampa once Spring Training begins.

The latest story comes out the New York Daily News following the release of details from Joe Torre’s new book.  Torre claims ignorance in the book when it comes to player’s on his squad taking performance-enhancing drugs.  Which is not surprising, he doesn’t want to do anything to tarnish his legacy as the Yankee skipper that won 4 World series in 5 years.

However,  there is one former player who isn’t playing the denial game.  That would be the Hired Gun himself; David Cone.  Continue reading


The Morning After: January 28, 2009

Yesterday was Super Bowl Media Day, and unlike its usual overrated setup, there really wasn’t much of the hype that past games have received. Probably because everyone is pretty sure the Steelers are going to win the game, or because there is no player on either team that is worth the moderate fans’ attention, or because both cities are not really major markets. There is one story worth mentioning, Tampa still has strip clubs. Not just any ol’ skin bars, they have very little rules, and wierd names. So TotalProSports asks, “Who will be this year’s Eugene Robinson in Tampa?Continue reading

The Morning After: January 26, 2009

The Morning AfterThere are those of us who will say there were no sports to speak of this weekend. I have several links to prove you wrong. You may look at these links and say to me that the links I provided were largely linked to sports that no one talks about. If I look at the weekend traffic here at Sparty and Friends and compare it to those weekends when we had college football as well as “paid to play” football games on from sun up to sun down – I would largely have to agree with you.

So for all of the tormented souls out there who didn’t get their sports fix this weekend… let me be the first to welcome you to Super Bowl Week. You get your fill of the biggest event in sports on tap for the next 150 hours or so before kick off. More on this in a little while after the jump… Continue reading

Getting His?

We brought it up in TMA today about Mark McGwire’s brother writing a tell-all book that includes information about Big Mac’s alledged steroid use (first reported by Deadspin). Unfortunately we were all distracted by the Celtics win over the Magic in the most important game in the history of the NBA.

McGwire’s younger brother, Jay, says that he is doing this in hopes of his brother repenting and being free from the bondage that he is in.

Quite honestly, where was this personal testimony the last few years?  My guess is that he saw the money that Canseco made a couple years ago, and now it is time to get his.  I don’t doubt many of his claims, but I doubt his motives.

All in all, put Big Mac in the Hall.

America Wants Change? Let’s Give ’em Change.

The Change Man himself.

The Change Man himself.

As Obama takes over our country, you can’t help but hear everyone whisper one word (or shout it)… change. As this is a sports website (most of the time), let’s talk about change in sports. Change comes more easily in sports than in most other areas of our culture. We now have replay in baseball! Things are changing all around us. What do I want to see changed? You didn’t ask? Too bad, ’cause I did. Follow me on a journey through the sports world as I pick out all the things that I wish were different. Continue reading

You Gotta Be Kidding Me? Part Duh!

When did the Hall of Fame become so mediocre? You may have noticed that I am not too happy with this most recent Hall of Fame vote. The players that get into the Hall should be about all-time greatness. “All-time”, meaning they are the greatest to have ever played the game. Jim Rice was a helluva ball player, but not one of the best. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: You Gotta Be Kidding Me?

Sorry to Interrupt Studs and Duds…Earlier today in the comments, I made mention that the Baseball Hall of Fame has the highest standards for induction.  Way to make me look like an ass.

This is just ridiculous.  The Hall of Fame is suppose to be meant for the greatest players to have ever played the game.  Baseball has done a fine job of ensuring this, for the most part.

Jim Rice? Jim F’n Rice!?!?! Ugh.  Thanks to all the roid ragers, it is going to allow these pedestrian ball players to get in.*

Rickey Henderson should have been the only player in this class allowed in. I wouldn’t even have a problem if they let Big Mac in.  This is shameful.

*which would be okay if Don Mattingly is allowed in