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Clown, Interrupted

bigxiiKeeping with yesterday’s idea, we decided to bring in outspoken Florida fan, clown, from majorleaguejerk.com to give us his thoughts on how excited he was to see his Gator team win. Actually, clown hates the Gators; he pledges allegiance to that team most sports fans refer to as “the other UT.” 

 I made several wagers on this year’s bowl season including this one, which I fortunately won.  Clown and I bet a post at each other’s respective blog-place of employment on the outcome of the BCS championship game: if the Big XII representative wins, I post at MLJ and if the SEC representative wins, he posts here.  As I’m sure you’re aware by now, the SEC representative blew up the Big XII representative.  Therefore, clown honors our bet below…I think. 

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The Morning After: January 9, 2008

Tim Tebow Shows Nic Harris His School Spirit


There is nothing else worth covering in the first post for today.  The Gators showed the world that a good defense will always beat a good offense.
Is a certain someone still sticking by his guns that the offenses of the Big 12 were the reason the defenses were so bad in the Big 12?

*UPDATED*  Florida claimed the top spot in the AP poll, with Utah finishing  #2.  Michigan State finished #24.  I will take it.

TWTWCFB: BCS Champ. Game Live Commenting



Sorry USC.  Sorry Utah.  Sorry Texas. Sorry Michigan State.*  This one’s for all the marbles!  Continue reading

More College Football History in the Making

Don't look at me; he did it!

Don't look at me; he did it!

Sometimes Many times, I have a tendency to focus on recent history instead of looking at the larger historical spectrum when the subject is sports.  I think many sports fans and even sports-resource-entities (media outlets, blogs, etc.) tend to do the same when thinking about the significance of upcoming matchups or individual/group athletic accomplishments.  We throw a lot of hyperbole around by labeling sporting events as “greatest ever” or trying to find statistics that support our sentiments about specific individuals as “best ever.”

That being said, the 2008-2009 BCS National Championship game is going to be the greatest ever. Continue reading

TWTWCFB: Bowl Preview – Part III


 29 bowl games down; 5 to go.  We’ve previously previewed the pre-New Year’s bowl games in Part I and the New Year’s and post-New Year’s non-BCS bowl games in Part II; now, brace yourself for Part III – The BCS Bowl Games.  This is where we get into the games that matter…well, the game that matters at the least.  Continue reading

Breaking News: Sources Confirm Tim Tebow Has Won The Heisman Trophy

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The Maxwell Award and the Heisman Memorial Trophy: A Comparison



I’ve always heard that the Maxwell Award winner is often times the Heisman Trophy winner; therefore the theory is that the former is a predictor of the latter since the presentation of each award is seperated by merely a day and (I think) Heisman ballots have already been cast and counted by the time the Maxwell is awarded (confirmed – “The deadline for receipt of the (Heisman) ballots is 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 10, 2008.“).  There’s a lot of punctuation at the end of that sentence, some of which may be wrong…anywho, let’s test this theory. Continue reading