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A 7th BCS Conference? Not Yet.

The Mountain West Conference wants in. At least that’s what they are starting to tell the media, the other conferences, and anyone else who is willing to listen. The problem is, can you really award a conference the right to be among the nation’s elite after one season? Continue reading


Mike Griffith Takes Sparty & Friends Even Further Inside

In continuing our efforts to bring us all a bit closer to the behind-the-scenes action, we scored another interview; this one with Mike Griffith of the Knoxville News Sentinel (KNS).  In addition to covering the Tennessee Volunteers men’s basketball team as a beat writer for the KNS, Mike is a voter for the men’s college basketball AP Poll, the Heisman Memorial Trophy, the Doak Walker Award, and the Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award.  We’d like to thank Mike for his honesty while taking time out of his busy schedule to candidly give us more of an inside look into the world of sports journalism.  Observe… Continue reading

America Wants Change? Let’s Give ’em Change.

The Change Man himself.

The Change Man himself.

As Obama takes over our country, you can’t help but hear everyone whisper one word (or shout it)… change. As this is a sports website (most of the time), let’s talk about change in sports. Change comes more easily in sports than in most other areas of our culture. We now have replay in baseball! Things are changing all around us. What do I want to see changed? You didn’t ask? Too bad, ’cause I did. Follow me on a journey through the sports world as I pick out all the things that I wish were different. Continue reading

Subtraction by Addition

How does the 2nd worst defense in the Big Ten improve itself after just one year?  Well, the go out and hire the worst coach in FBS the last 4 seasons, that’s how!

Former Syracuse head coach, Greg Robinson, was hired to be the defensive coordinator for Rich Rodriquez’s Michigan Wolverines.  Robinson led the Cuse to a spectacular 10-37 in his 4 years with the Orangemen.

Now, Robinson did win 2 Super Bowls as the DC with the Denver Broncos, so he has those rings going for him like Mike Shanahan.  His defenses weren’t that successful in Kansas City and with the Jets, but gosh darn it, he has two Super Bowl rings!

I  am just going to continue to sit back and enjoy the mess that is in Ann Arbor.  It is quite beautiful from this spot.

Clown, Interrupted

bigxiiKeeping with yesterday’s idea, we decided to bring in outspoken Florida fan, clown, from majorleaguejerk.com to give us his thoughts on how excited he was to see his Gator team win. Actually, clown hates the Gators; he pledges allegiance to that team most sports fans refer to as “the other UT.” 

 I made several wagers on this year’s bowl season including this one, which I fortunately won.  Clown and I bet a post at each other’s respective blog-place of employment on the outcome of the BCS championship game: if the Big XII representative wins, I post at MLJ and if the SEC representative wins, he posts here.  As I’m sure you’re aware by now, the SEC representative blew up the Big XII representative.  Therefore, clown honors our bet below…I think. 

Continue reading

Sparty and Friends On Scene: GatorTrey at The BCS Championship


It’s a few days late, but better late than never. Now, join me as I take you into a first person experience of last week’s BCS National Championship.  (Que Jurassic Park Music) Continue reading

The Weekend That Was College Football: 1/12


Unless you’re into the Senior Bowl, Shrine Bowl, or another college allstar game that melts your butter, college football is over, as is The Weekend That Was College Football. Four months ago, we decided to blow your collective minds with a weekly recap of the previous weekend’s college football action. We navigated our way through the entire college football season and have emerged on the other side with our mission accomplished – critics have acclaimed TWTWCFB as a critically acclaimed mind blowing!

So, without further ado jump with us into the final The Weekend That Was College Football… Continue reading