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The Week That Was College Basketball: January 26, 2009

spartycbbThe semi-pro ranks of basketball has been hoppin’ with action lately. Before we give you a report on the happenings throughout the conferences and around the country from the previous week, let’s look at where we are in the season.

A dominant team has yet to take control of that #1 spot and all of the undefeateds have been defeated. Using this season’s trends as evidence, I’d make the prediction that different teams will bounce in and out of that spot for the next month and a half until tourney time. Let me repeat something; we’re only about a month and a half away from conference tournaments, people. The season is rapidly moving along and Selection Sunday is just around the corner. Let’s observe where we’ve been and then talk about where we are. Continue reading


Sputtering Pistons

There has been no NBA team that has been harder to gauge this season than the the Detroit Pistons.  A major trade, a couple early season injuries, a rookie head coach, and the inserting of a future leader in the lineup has caused some chaos and uncertainty in Motown.

The Pistons are currently in the midst of playing their worst basketball since before the arrival of Rasheed Wallace to the team back in the winter of 2004.   Losers of 5 of their last 6, the Pistons are reeling and looking for answers to pick themselves out of the gutter.  Now the news out of Auburn Hills is that long time starter, Rip Hamilton, will be sent to the bench and become the teams 6th man.

They have already lost their grip on the Central Division, and risk falling further in the standings if they continue to play the way they have for the first 3 months of the season. Just what is going on at the Palace? Let’s try to figure this out together.

Continue reading

A Season on the Brink*


When one starts their season as winners in 27 of their first 29 games, expectations are high.  Especially when that same team is the defending champions of the NBA.  However, when you lose 2 straight (to the Knicks and Bobcats???) and have only played .500 ball in your last 10, those expectations are lowered.

There is absolute panic in Boston right now.  I received a text message from CMFost last night following the Celtics pathetic OT loss to perennial doormat, Charlotte.  What did that text message say?  “The Cavs and their cheating, traveling leader are the best team in the world, we can’t beat anyone. At least Boston College’s football team has a head coach.”  I text back to him, “Seriously, dude, leave me and my family alone.”** Continue reading

Are You Paying Attention Yet!?

So I was checking my Tennessee basketball pocket schedule yesterday and realized that SEC play was about to begin.  Then, I looked at how many games had been played and how many were left – 12 games played out of 30!  Aaaaaah; 40% of the regular season has already gone by!  I knew about each game, watched the ones that were broadcast in my region, and even traveled to a few.  But, I wasn’t prepared for the realization that the regular season is already approaching its midpoint.  Continue reading

FBB Insider: What The Aldridge Report doesn’t tell You

This is my first year playing FBB…ever. So I am struggling to figure out why I am losing so many games when I have a very good roster. I was going to go all Eric Karabell and Brandon Funston on you but it turns out I dont have to. You see, see it turns out there is a very simple reason why miz sucks at FBB , and sae rules…

Let’s look at the standings after week six to start out

Current Standings

The Aldridge Report 37 18 1 0.67
Maggette As She Goes 34 21 1 0.616 3
Above the Rimjob 32 22 2 0.589 4.5
Bammer Town 30 24 2 0.554 6.5
The Odds-On Favorite 27 29 0 0.482 10.5
Total Shenanigans 26 28 2 0.482 10.5
You Got Guapo’d! 24 32 0 0.429 13.5
JJ Redickulous 23 32 1 0.42 14
Ball Rack 23 32 1 0.42 14
PVB Express 18 36 2 0.339 18.5

As you can see there are only four teams out of ten that are over .500…there is one key thing these guys know that the bottom five guys don’t know…lets look at the standings again and add one key ingredient that isn’t part of the standings… Continue reading

The Morning After: December 3, 2008

The Morning AfterPlaxico Burress is set to lose roughly $825000 by being suspended for the rest of the year. This figure could go up as he was slated to earn a another piece of his signing bonus in the amount of $1M on December 10. All of this because he felt the need to carry a gun to protect himself. 

My first thought was…”Why didn’t he just get a concealed weapon permit?” So I looked up what it would take to get the permit…only to find it is virtually impossible to do so in New York City…this of course is unless “you can show that your life is in danger and that having a gun will protect you, or will improve your chances of surviving.” Those are the words of Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a 2006 NY Post Article. This is the same Bloomberg who wants the book thrown at Burress.

So tell me…are Robert DiNero, Harvey Keitel, Howard Stern, Don Imus, and Donald Trump in some kind of danger…these are a few of those allowed to pack heat in NYC according to the NY Post article…So would a famous athlete qualify for a gun permit? Continue reading

Old Spice Classic: S&F Part IV – Who let the bloggers in?

Sign of the Apocalypse?

The much-coveted media badge.

As many of you may be aware, gatortrey and I obtained the holy grail of access to a sporting event – we were granted media credentials.  Back in early November, we had discussed meeting in Orlando, FL to check out the Old Spice Classic tournament that tipped off Thansgiving day and featured four games between eight teams each of Thursday, Friday, and Sunday (you can view the bracket here).  Trey got the bright idea that we should at least try to get media access since we were going to be attending parts of the tournament and covering it for Sparty & Friends anyway.  Several of the teams that played in the tournament are the college basketball teams that various S&F authors pledge their fandom to or are at least from the conference they lend their loyalty: sparty – Michigan State, guyinthecorner – Maryland, patphish – Big East (UConn), mizerle06 – Tennessee, gatortrey and mikey – SEC (Florida). 

Trey and I weren’t granted credentials for the entire tournament, only the sessions on final day, Sunday.  We actually attended Friday’s games before knowing whether we would be credentialed or not for Sunday and had planned on being there if for no other reason than to watch some really good basketball and write a post or two about the tourney.  We had great seats Friday (thanks to general admission) and kinda chronicled the games with a post of a bunch of pictures and witty stupid comments.  But, since it worked out that we were granted the credentials, we felt like we should dig a little deeper to let you guys in on what it’s like behind the curtain. Continue reading