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Happy Hour: Super Bowl Weekend Edition

hh-logo-stockSo by now many of you know what is going to happen tomorrow…but for those who don’t I will keep it a surprise as a reason to check in in the morning….Oddly enough, I am not talking about the Super Bowl, which just happens to be a little bit more than 48 hours away…although I am sure the hype will be in full effect starting tonight. I have not read one thing here today from all of our talented writers and prognosticaters…which is what makes Happy Hour so wonderful. I can sit here and through the magic of the interweb – read all the posts from one post. Amamzing…join me as I peruse the following posts

Sparty sniffled and then wiped his runny nose on the keyboard as he gave us a “sick”  edition of The Morning After…TMA lingered for a while until BigD gave us odds on everything from the Super Bowl….to how many beers I would drink, including how many pisses I would need to relieve myself from all of the drinking, to how many mikeyzones there would be this weekend.

Trey took us down memory lane with Super Bowl commercials of yesteryear…My favorite is the monster.com commercial…forgot that was out there…pure genius…Trey followed that up with thoughts that must have popped in his head while writing the commercial post, so he gave us some Bud Bowl info

As far as television is concerned this weekend – there is an NFL game on Sunday….but before we get there we have some NBA action as well

Tonight:  The  Champs @ Detroit is the only marquee matchup…but here is a lnk to the rest 
Saturday: “Marquee-ish” Lakers @ Grizz
Sunday: Cleveland @ Detroit should take you right up to Kickoff

No Important CBB this weekend…unless you count tomorrow (15 games involving ranked teams) Sunday…meh – Dook plays..and Sparty will watch MSU, then the Pistons, and then the SB….try not to get to tee-vee’d out there bossman.

We will be around in spirit and in the comment section over the weekend…so be sure to check in from time to time


13 Responses

  1. It’s going to be a bad weekend for DEEEETROIT basketball.

  2. Good thing Michigan State is in East Lansing.

  3. I got a sneak preview of the “Change We Can Believe In.” I like it.


  4. UFC 94 tomorrow night too. Going to be the first time I’ve watched one from start to finish.

  5. oh….i left out golf…but no one we care bout is playing and mickletits just missed the cut

  6. sparty & trey – the comments about the bud bowl players being gay reminded me of this old SNL commercial

  7. I was gonna look up the Schmidt’s Gay commercial…


  8. ha, that was a great one, knightro. i started thinking about this classic from In Living Color:

  9. Had never seen that one sparty…CLASSIC!!!

  10. That was the In Living Color halftime show.

  11. yep.

    “Just grab the little blue ball”

    “won’t that hurt?”

  12. I still think the best is the Top Gun Pigeons.

  13. top gun pigeons was a good one.

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