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GatorTrey’s Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials…

of MY era…That means I actually viewed these and remembered them, so please don’t jump on me for forgetting your “classics.” To me, Super Bowl commercials are hit or miss, but when they do hit I’m all over it.

There are like 10dy billion of these things on the internet, but this is the most legit list you’ll find (unlike that POS list SpikeTV put out…what has that guy watched like 10 Super Bowl commercials ever?) Lets start here though, any list that includes 4-5 BudLight commercials should be banned. Any commercial with Justin Timberlake, banned. Anyone who claims the Apple 1984 commercial is best ever, banned. Anyone who included a commercial featuring Spuds McKenzie, eh, I’ll give you it.

Bud Bowl cannot be included, because talking beer bottles are the ultimate in entertainment and well, to be on these lists would be bastardizing the events that were Bud Bowls I-III, V, and VII.

On with the countdown:

10) Budweiser Frogs Series
Overrated, but when you saw this series you laughed. It progressed over a few years and got to the morbidly weird storyline where a ferret and two chameleons trying to kill the frogs. I still have a Budweiser frogs T-Shirt from Busch Gardens somewhere.

9) Reebok “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker”
Overrated because the masses were hyped it too much, but the first time you saw it…hilarious. The Terry Tate character itself was based off the same character from a 2000 indy film.

8 ) Pepsi “Security Camera”
This commercial was just genius.

7) Monster.com’s “When I Grow Up”
I was 19 when this commercial came out, so I didn’t appreciate it then as much as I do now. It is brutally honest, which makes it hilarious.

6) Bridgestone’s “Scream”
Pure genius, yet so underrated. I still crack up when this hits the airwaves.

5) NFL Network “Tomorrow”
Did anyone really expect Bill Parcells to be singing a show tune? The randomness of this commercial was awesome.

4) McDonald’s “The Showdown”
An instant classic…it took two of the most competitive athletes in America and put that in a setting that anyone could appreciate.

3) Electronic Data Systems “Herding Cats”
Most underrated commercial ever. Honestly, this is so far off the wall that it is hard to explain.

2) FedEx “Cast Away”
FedEx who was featured in the actual movie was great in spoofing it. While it is a fairly easy joke, the mere fact that a company could spoof something they were so involved in is refreshing and funny.

1) Budweiser Clydesdales Series
The way the commercial builds to a horse kicking an extra point, followed by the only speaking lines in the commercial was genius. The series of these commercials have always been great expanding to include an instant replay challenge, the sheep streaker, and eagles flying over. Without a doubt my favorite Super Bowl commercial ever.

Share yours.


22 Responses

  1. move “Scream” up to the top spot and I’ll agree. when the grasshopper screams, I lose it every time.

  2. Miz,

    1-6 are interchangable, but scream is a f’n classic.

  3. I don’t want to live in a world without Bud and Bud Light commercials.

  4. Happy Super Bowl Friday…

  5. Blue?

  6. No. Blue’s a quitter.

  7. Ha! He really pissed Shanny off.

  8. I kind of really like the 1984 Apple commerical

  9. I can’t view any of these videos at work. feel free to cry along with me.

  10. I’m gonna have the “Scream” commercial on loop for about an hour tonight when I get home.

  11. Sorry Miz, you can pretend.

  12. I wanna be a Yes man.

  13. I can’t view them either Miz. I’m trying to be strong and not cry though.

  14. Wait. Did I get banned?

  15. I’m weak, john. hence the crying.

  16. today has been screwy

  17. New Post.

  18. NFL Network’s tomorrow, as well as the NFL.com Fantasy football commercials where they “flashback” to before the season and rip apart everyone’s predictions that are completely wrong… highest of high quality.

  19. What about the “Top Gun” Pigeon commercial for whatever car that was?

  20. I always remember the Miller Lite commercial with the 2 honeys fighting in fountain

  21. awesome post.

    and for the first time, a viewing party has decided to allow the US commercials to be broadcasted as well.

    normally, i do not have the privilege to watch those kinds of stuff…

  22. Go Saints! Become a fan of facebook page here: Colts Will Lose Super Bowl 2010!

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