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Did You Know: Your Offical Bud Bowl Media Guide

Did you know?

– The largest margin of victory in a Bud Bowl was 6 points in Bud Light’s thrilling 20-14 win in 1994.

– Budweiser holds the series record at 6-2

– ESPN’s delightfully witty Chris Berman has called the most Bud Bowls in history with 3 (1991, 1992, 1995)

– Bud Dry was actually the quarterback for Bud Light in their first Bud Bowl victory (1991).

– Great steps in equality were made when the first can was allowed to play in Bud Bowl VI. He was later ejected from the game when after scoring a touchdown, he used foul language.

– Bud Bowl VIII did not feature the actual Bud Bowl game, rather, the results were read to the fans. Many speculate that this might have been the downfall of the Bud Bowl.

– Bud Bowl VIII featured an all time greats team selected by the fans.

– The best part about Bud Bowl is that you can drink the players.

– Miz is a Redneck…


23 Responses

  1. you can’t say miz is a redneck and not use the damn tag.

  2. Im going to see snoop tonight at the Bud Bowl Concert. Too bad Bud sucks and Miller is king.

  3. This is clearly the best post of the day.

  4. we should be back to normal next week. i was sick the last 2 days.

  5. Is that an indictment of my obviously quality posts today?

  6. Did you know?

    – Miz is a Redneck…

    did captain obvious write this post?

  7. not at all, trey.

  8. i was sick the last 2 days.

    sure you were…suuuuure you were.

  9. That’s ADMIRAL obvious.

    …%#&^#* shorting me on my ranking…

  10. I thought Sparty would come up with a Giants post this week, just so he could use the WCNYFG abbreviation one last time.

  11. sorry, Admiral. I didn’t know your pay grade had been advanced.

  12. by the way, trey…did you apply for our credentials for this or was I supposed to?

  13. Tampa Bo is representing us for this game.

  14. To Bud Bowl?

  15. i was sick the last 2 days.

    Aren’t you supposed to save sick days for the Monday after the Super bowl? Or is this a preemptive strike so nobody snickers when you call in “sick” on Monday too…?

  16. Would love to see some of the Bud Bowl players go to a tittie bar to see St. Pauli girl strip

  17. The sad thing is knightro, it turned out they were all gay.

  18. trey – tsk, tsk. You forgot “/nttawwt”

  19. when it comes to beer, there is something wrong with it.

  20. yeah, it’s called Zima

  21. all interested participants should mosey on over to happy hour

  22. Are you hitting on me?

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