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Michigan St vs National Champion Kansas

Bored?  Just waiting for the first NFL game?  We have an sports appetizer for you this afternoon;  the defending champion Kansas Jayhawks visit East Lansing today to take on the Big Ten’s best, the Michigan State Spartans.  The students are back from break, which means it is time to welcome Kansas to the

Tip off  is at 1pm on CBS.


Michigan State 75 Kansas 62.  What does that mean?





23 Responses

  1. GO VOLS!!!

    /playing at Joe’juh as we speak

  2. We have Ole Miss at 6. On Sun Sports.

  3. never heard of Sun Sports trey. is it only local or is it a subsidiary of Raycom?

  4. Chism is 2 for 2 on 3-pointers.

  5. i’m watching Miss Spider right now.

  6. No Sun Sports in Jax?

    Formerly Sunshine Network.

  7. I have no idea trey.

  8. KU should have redshirted Mario Little. Dumb dumb dumb

  9. It’s so cute how Michigan State tries to be like Duke. And how they try to create bball atmosphere at a hockey school.

  10. fetch, you are cute when you try to act like you know what you are talking about.

  11. i see no inaccuracies with either statement

  12. nice little dirty play too. sounds about right.

  13. Fetch- it is a basketball school that is awesome at hockey too.

    The biggest star to ever come out of Michigan State is Magic Johnson. When he came to campus, it became a basketball school.

  14. Izzone >>>>>>> Cameron Crazies.

  15. I dont think Id call them awesome at hockey, but I digress.

    Oh good they can redshirt Little by Tuesday. They better fucking do it.

  16. Lucas >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Collins

  17. Walton >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Collins

  18. KU has till before Tuesday’s game to redshirt Little. Game so far is essentially going as I figured. Come out hot, then play like a bunch of freshman. KU has been very inconsistent this year, which is what happens with a young team.

  19. sandwich time

  20. Dear Kansas,

    Stop fucking up and beating yourselves.


    6.2 billion people on Earth

  21. if it weren’t for Ed Hightower, this game wouldn’t be nearly as close.

  22. Sparty enjoys the company of juvenile goats. True story.

    Seriously, good game. Just beat the fuck out of Michigan and OSU this year. Lord, I hate those schools.

  23. look who’s happy… 😉

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