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The Morning After: January 9, 2008

Tim Tebow Shows Nic Harris His School Spirit


There is nothing else worth covering in the first post for today.  The Gators showed the world that a good defense will always beat a good offense.
Is a certain someone still sticking by his guns that the offenses of the Big 12 were the reason the defenses were so bad in the Big 12?

*UPDATED*  Florida claimed the top spot in the AP poll, with Utah finishing  #2.  Michigan State finished #24.  I will take it.


103 Responses

  1. Shanny, somewhere, just rubbed one out to that photo.


  2. I told you that SEC SPEEEEEEEEEEEEED was the tiebreaker!

  3. Thank Marco, just the image I needed in the morning.

  4. so the Gators won?

  5. Thanks for the shout out on the eye black Tim.

  6. Holy shit!



  7. Any geeks out there interested in how the first down yellow line works, here’s a nice video.

  8. I believe you said “hoy shit!” last night, trey.

  9. Mr. Bradford, please return that fancy trophy to it’s rightful owner.

    S&F writers > Heisman voters

  10. Trey,
    I really hope you are not part of the rolling Gator roadblock on the turnpike this morning. Some of us have to get to work.

  11. Eh, I had a couple.

    Or…I was on the Treo.

    I and the Oklahoma fans still can’t believe that D.

  12. Tebow definitely struggled throwing in the 1st half, it is like he went up to Harvin at halftime and said, “I will run over them, you run past them”.

  13. tebow and mostly the rest of the offense were definitely tight and pressing in the first half.

    the second half? different story.

  14. mikey did good with the screen grab

  15. So does Tebow go or stay after last night?

    I say he stays.

  16. He loves college, a lot. I could see him staying.

    However, I could see him motivated to get the money to help his parents ministry.

    I have no clue as to what he will do.

  17. The rumor after is stays. Should be interesting

  18. Stoops is an idiot! Oklahoma outplayed Florida last night, and I am sick of hearing about SEC Speed. Florida did not win that game because of speed. But, Harvin is silly fast.

    With the Heisman trophy winning quarterback, at one point, Oklahoma ran the ball on 8 consecutive plays, which included 4 plays inside the 10, and then 3 plays in the 2-minute offense to end the half. I love that Oklahoma was able to establish the run and pound it out. I just think that if Stoops realized what Florida did – put the ball in your best player’s hands – then Oklahoma would have done better. Oklahoma played not to lose, instead of going out to win. And Big-Game Bob needs to give his title back.

  19. He’ll make more money at Florida, then he will as a mid round NFL pick.

  20. natsfan, what game were you watching? the stats don’t even backup your claims about Oklahoma outplaying Florida.

  21. natsfan – the SEC Speed thing is a joke.

    Oklahoma‘s offense outplayed Florida‘s offense in the first half last night…

    I clarified your statement to keep you from looking so silly.

  22. the Florida defense held the greatest offense in NCAA history to 363 total yards and 14 pts. yet they were outplayed?

  23. the fact that Florida’s offense played so mediocre in the first half and the game was TIED AT 7-7 at halftime should be indicative that Oklahoma did not straight up outplay Florida.

    there should be absolutely no question who the absolute, straight up better team was in the second half.

  24. He’ll probably stay in college. I don’t think his pro potential is that high. Another year to develop more as a passer could do him some good.

  25. I agree that Florida outplayed Oklahoma in the 2nd half. But that game should have been over in the 1st half. Oklahoma got stopped twice inside the 5 – once due to very bad play calling and once with the interception. If Oklahoma converts those two, they go into half up 21-7 with the momentum. When a team has the opportunity to put a game away, and doesn’t do it, it always comes back to haunt you (Sparty, don’t you agree – given that MSU let Georgia off the hook in the CapitalOne bowl it could have won?)

  26. Oklahoma got stopped twice inside the 5 – once due to very bad play calling and once with the interception. If Oklahoma converts those two…

    I appreciate you making my point for me. Oklahoma’s offense was stopped TWICE at the goal line by Florida’s defense. therefore, Oklahoma did not outplay Florida.

  27. natsfan- but Georgia was a better team than us, just like Florida was a better team than Oklahoma. Florida killed two drives of their own in the 1st half by two terrible throws by Tebow. They were not good defensive plays by Oklahoma. I don’t care where the turnovers took place on the field, the fact is that Florida wasted chances to score as well.

  28. I saw a graphic that showed the offensive stats at halftime were almost identical. this was in spite of Tebow throwing two hair-brained picks!

  29. If Oklahoma converts those two, they go into half up 21-7 with the momentum. When a team has the opportunity to put a game away, and doesn’t do it, it always comes back to haunt you

    interchange the word “Oklahoma” with the word “Florida” in context with the two picks and the statement has the exact same meaning.

    there’s no evidence that can prove that Oklahoma outplayed Florida, only evidence to the contrary.

  30. Utah finished second in the the AP, not bad. If I was a Utes fan, I wouldn’t want to be second, it would make me feel even more screwed by the system.

  31. Oklahoma outplayed?

    Maybe you should come down to my hotel and tell all the Oklahoma fans who are saying Florida is a better team.

    Seriously the Oklahoma offense was very good, but Florid’s defense is insanely better.

    Mix that with an offense that settled down in the second half.

  32. I wonder how many of those voters that gave Utah a first place vote, actually thought they were the #1 team, or were just trying to screw the BCS?

  33. nah, second is a statement by Utah that they belong with the big boyz in the future.

    they also got a vote for #1 in the Coaches poll. anybody know if Utah’s coach had a vote? and, if not, somebody’s gonna have to convince me otherwise because I currently think that voter should have his/her voting rights removed.

  34. see, i knew we wouldn’t need links this morning.

  35. I had a link ready to drum up conversation in case your gamble didn’t pay off, chief.

    doesn’t #20 on the frontpage of ESPN.com look like he’s about to punt that crystal trophy?

  36. Authors-

    Email? I only have Miz and Mikey.

  37. really, you only have miz and mikey? you don’t have the email address of the site owner?

  38. No, I meant responses from.

  39. not to mention Tebow’s interceptions resulted in better than decent field position for OU

  40. My Top 5:

    1) UF
    2) USC
    3) Utah
    4) Texas
    5) OU

  41. Utah’s coach does have a vote, and he voted for these 2 Utes.

  42. I agree Knightro

  43. natsfan-

    The two what?

  44. @knightro – so you think Utah > Texas?

  45. Utah > Alabama > Ohio St

    Texas squeeked by Ohio St

    So Utah > Texas


  46. Vandy > Ole Miss > Florida

    So Vandy = National Champ!!


  47. Alabama > Ohio St

    by the way, when did this happen?

  48. Utah > Florida

  49. still waiting on patphish, big d, trey, and marco…

  50. @ miz – yes I think Utah > Texas

  51. The final rundown in the Bowl Challenge:

    1 guyinthecorner, n. burnside 20-14 385 93.5
    2 Pancake Wrapped Butter, p. duggan 20-14375 90.5
    3 knightwhosaysni, S. Tracey 19-15 354 82.6
    4 Major League Clown, M. D 18-16 345 78.4
    5 John, J. B 19-15 335 73.3
    6 Bleeding Scarlet, S. Mizak 18-16 321 65.1
    6 RunRingerRun, D. Kippe 18-16 321 65.1
    8 mikeychx, m. toler 14-20 296 49.0
    8 sae, S. Ernst 17-17 296 49.0
    8 MullenMania, C. Meyer 15-19 296 49.0
    11 Invisible Touch, J. Flynn 19-15285 41.7
    12 danwise1856, D. Wise 15-19 276 36.0
    13 TWTWCFB Guru, M. Mize 16-18 273 34.1
    14 Fetch, S. Fetch 16-18 269 31.6
    14 Nug, S. Nug 18-16 269 31.6
    16 “Big D”omination, D. Werner 12-22 263 28.1
    17 marco, m. marco 15-19 256 24.3
    18 Ateneo LA Clippers, J. Manahan 16-18 247 19.7
    19 Johnny PSU, J. Blaschak 16-18 221 9.7
    20 Jen, J. Pohto 11-23 205 5.7

    I’m perfectly happy with my performance.

  52. Top 5 and ahead of Sparty! I feel special.

  53. I’ll take 16-18 any day of the week.

  54. Oklahoma did outplay Florida in the first half and should have been up at halftime. The first goalline stand was more a result of bad play calling on OUs part. They are not a power running team that blows teams off the ball. If you noticed, all night long they could run easily when they were in the normal set (at least 3 wide) because the spread out the defense. They should not have lined up in a jumbo set on the 3rd and 4th and 1. Had they lined up in their normal offense, they score. The stand before halftime was just stupidity on Bradfords part. That and OU didn’t need to use its final timeout with 10 secs left because the TE got out of bounds and the clock was stopped. OU blew their opportunity. Completely different game if they go in at halftime up 10.

    Second half was all Florida though. I didn’t see who one MVP, but it should be Harvin. He was the difference maker. Congrats to FL fans.

  55. jhjjm — finally, a voice of reason.

  56. Utah struggled with TCU who the Sooners beat 35-10 without Murray, DT run stopper Granger.

    I don’t think Utah beats Bama if LT Andre Smith nor do I think they could hang with USC. Probably not Penn State either.

  57. *sigh*

    @jhawk and natsfan – fail.

  58. Here’s something interesting…. based on the final rankings.
    Florida beats # 5, 6, 13, loses to 14
    Texas beats # 5, 9, 16, loses to 12
    Utah beats #6, 7, 18, 25, loses to noone
    USC beats #8, 9, 10, loses to 18
    And, interestingly enough:
    Oklahoma beats #7, 12, 16, 17, 19 and loses to 1,3

    So, on the final rankings, Oklahoma beats the most ranked teams, followed by Utah. Lots of other similarities in there, like #7 has 2 losses – Utah and Oklahoma…..

    And, the SEC Champion is Wake Forest. Wake beat Vandy who beat Miss who beat Florida who beat Alabama. And, Wake beat MSU by almost 40, a week after MSU gave 3 points to Auburn.

  59. the last two teams Florida beat were ranked #1. Anyone else do that this year?

  60. sparty-

    Anybody have a chance to do that this year?

  61. well, nobody else would have, gitc, had Florida lost to Alabama.

  62. Trey has the most suspicious ballot I’ve ever seen.

  63. Still waiting on Big d and Patphish.

  64. Big D is still sleeping, it is only 6:41 where he is.

  65. gitc- try to not talk about the others ballots and don’t dime someone out. that is how balloting is suppose to work.

  66. natsfan-how many times do i have to say this. The Dores are the Champs.

    Vandy > Ole Miss > Florida > Oklahoma.

  67. And in NCAA hoops
    William&Mary > Harvard > BC > North Carolina

    So is W&M better than NC?

  68. Yep. Stoopid math is the best.

  69. GatorTrey – Congrats!

    In the money sports, has any school ever won 4 championships in 3 years? Amazing to be dominant in both basketball and football at the same time.

    I read a stat a number of years ago that only something like 5 schools had finished in the top 10 in both football and basketball in the same year. We probably need to add Florida to that list. Wonder if I could see an updated version of that statistic.

  70. I read a stat a number of years ago that only something like 5 schools had finished in the top 10 in both football and basketball in the same year.

    Michigan State did in 2000! I am pretty sure Michigan was another in 1989.

  71. sparty-

    All ballots will be made public. This ain’t no NFL HOF voting.

  72. and Duke beat Vandy. Duke is the champion

  73. How many schools have won both a men’s and women’s basketball title in their history?

  74. But Wake beat the Dores. So Wake > Vandy > Ole Miss > Florida > Oklahoma…

    And Florida beating two #1 teams would be stronger if both teams weren’t so suspect. Alabama was never really a strong #1, and was the underdog to Florida. Oklahoma was the #1 by default — it should have been Texas in the B12 Championship, which would have put Texas up there (probably UF 1, UT 2 in the NC Game).

    Remember in early October, when the SEC had 5 of the top 10, 6 of the top 12? People were so excited about how awesome the SEC was – with even Vanderbilt, LSU, and Auburn up top?

  75. UCONN, UNC, anybody else?

  76. The votes will not be made public.

    /Owner of the site.

  77. tOSU did it in 1998 and again in 2005. Although, the 2005 is tainted by losing to Florida in both championships.

  78. Texas blew there chance. Make a tackle (which i know is difficult in the Big 12)and you are in. But they couldn’t do a fundamental thing, therefore they blew it.

  79. so 3 of the 5 teams are from the Big 10 that did it?

    Big 10 > All

  80. I think its questionable whether Utah could still beat Bama with LT and predicted number 2 in draft -Andre Smith. The Tide played shitty vs Tulane without him and almost lost the game but pulled away. It was like 20-7 or something like that.

    Former TCU coach Dennis Franchione talked about how he beat USC in the Sun Bowl in Pete Carroll first year. He said it was clear USC did not want to be there and his team did. He said that he thought Utah could beat Bama if Bama didn’t want to be there.

  81. Oklahoma didn’t want to be there last night.

  82. natsfan – OSU in 98?

  83. Didn’t look it up, but I’m pretty sure OSU was top 5 in both. They definitely went to the Final 4 that year in Tampa (technically, spring of 99, I guess), and they beat Texas A&M in a bowl game to finish #2 in football. That’s the year of the infamous choke vs MSU that kept the Buckeyes from being national champs in football.

  84. That was the year the Buckeyes got those 3 guys from BC, right?

  85. Sparty should remember 1998-1999 quite fondly as well. MSU beat tOSU when the Buckeyes were #1 in football. And, then MSU was a #1 seed in the BB tourney and went to Final 4 (lost to Duke). In terms of “rankings”, tOSU finished 14 that year, but made the Final 4 as a 4 seed.

  86. Anybody who was looking for a compilation of the ridiculous Tebow quotes last night, Deadspin has a video.



  87. i remember, we cost tOSU the national title.

    1998-99 Final Four was one of the best ever in terms of talented teams. that msu team was better than the one that won it all the following year.

  88. 97-98 Kentucky defeated Arizona
    98-99- UConn defeated Duke
    99-00- Michigan State- the Mateen Cleeves team?

    Scoonie Penn and two others transferred from BC to Columbus some time around 97-99

  89. Did you REALLY have to post the entire standings for the pick ’em? Thanks for ruining my morning.

  90. Yeah, I think it was that ’98 Team. We hired BC’s coach and he brought his whole team with him.

    A guy who worked for me scored us tickets to the F4 in Tampa that year. Then, he got offered too much money for them and sold them. He needed the money and I couldn’t match it…. so I didn’t get to see that FF, but those were some sick teams.

  91. Jen, I bet you were the #1 rated female…. think of it like a marathon or something, there’s the men’s standings and the women’s standings…. so you are a champion.

  92. scoonie penn AND michael redd.

  93. Its amazing I can remember Scoonie Penn’s name but they name I forget is Michael Redd

  94. because Redd was the sidekick, that is why you forget. he did not project to be anything in the NBA.

    kinda like Eric Snow and Shawn Respert. Respert got sick, a shame, he was awesome. no one thought Eric Snow would make it in the NBA. wasn’t ever near All-Star caliber, but had a solid career.

  95. GITC,
    Loved the Tebow Son of God article. It was just a little too much yesterday hearing that crap.
    For the first quarter I was doing a training DVD on my bike so I split screen (half game/half workout) with the audio from the training DVD. After working out I unfortunately switched the game sound on. I was tempted to swtich the audio from the training DVD back on.

    I think these religious whackos are a dangerous breed. He’s a good player but they really need to cut out that walk on water crap.

  96. Jen, you and I are tied for 3rd in the Gridiron challenge. That make you feel any better?

    Also would it make you feel any better if I tell you that I fantasize about you trying to convert me to an Ohio State fan?

  97. That first half was kind of boring. It didn’t get interesting to the middle of the 3rd quarter.

    Tim Tebow is good for college football especially if your a blogger but I can’t stand when he brings the religious stuff up. Its just awkward.

  98. doesn’t #20 on the frontpage of ESPN.com look like he’s about to punt that crystal trophy?

    Yea…but of more concern is why does #21 look like he’s taking it from behind….and enjoying it?

  99. The Yahoo Sports Article on Tebow is even more disturbing. Wetzel talks about the over-hype, while hyping Tebow himself…. The best quote, which Wetzel alleges Bebow said to OC Dan Mullen at halftime is: “Don’t be afraid to give 1-5 the ball,” he demanded.

    That’s just awesome….

  100. 17 marco, m. marco 15-19 256 24.3

    Can’t believe I got 15 correct. I should’ve been last.

  101. Wait how did I not come in last? I thought I had that wrapped up

    The one bonus of being home sick today is that there’s a Psych marathon on USA

  102. let’s fight in the new post…

  103. Damn…I’m missing a Psych marathon…boo work.

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