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TWTWCFB Special: Head-to-Head; It’s Science


Since it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to compare two groups that never see the field opposite each other, such as a comparison of two offenses or two defenses, we’re going to look at the Gators Offense vs. the Sooners Defense and the Sooners Offense vs. the Gators Defense.  This will determine who wins tonight and it’ll be correct.

Ever heard of the phrase “there’s lies, damn lies, and statistics” before?  Here’s the “statistics” part of that phrase:

Gators Offense vs. Sooners Defense


Sooners Offense vs. Gators Defense


There’s the head-to-head comparison.  Now, who wins?


The Gators win 7 categories and the Sooners win 7 categories.   Looks like we need a tiebreaker…


Gators win!!!


17 Responses

  1. Why isn’t USC playing in this game? Oh yeah, BECAUSE THEY SCREWED UP!!! Damn it!

  2. only category that truly matters, pts/game.

  3. 180.9 passer rating? I didn’t think the number went that high.

  4. john – passer rating is different in college than from pro. don’t know why or how, but it is.

  5. i believe in college it is qb efficiency rating. where it is called QB rating in the pros. different stats go into it.

  6. if it makes you feel better, completion % is basically a wash so Gators 7-6-1

  7. the jump pass in college is worth more than in the pros?

  8. That Wiki link has waaaaay too much math in it.

  9. There is no such thing as too much math said the engineer

  10. Miz, that is one of my favorite quotes and is usually attributed to Mark Twain.

    Since I could really care less, I am just hoping for a good game.

  11. The interesting thing about passer efficiency is that stats are capped for the max rating. Whether you complete 80% or 90% of your passes, you still have the max rating. That is kind of silly in my opinion. Also isn’t a QB who passes for 15 yards per pass better than one who throws for 11 yards per pass?
    If they are going to cap the stats, then they should be at something like 95% completion and 20 yards per catch which won’t be attained most likely.

  12. That should be passer rating in the NFL is capped at certain values for each stat. In college, it keeps going up for higher yd/att and completion %.

  13. New Post

  14. I love the SEC Speeeeed thing, given that people attribute Utah’s win over Alabama as speed over power. So, an SEC team has speed when it wins, and power when it loses? SEC teams sure do have it all…..

  15. For Florida to win, they have to avoid a desire to play like a Big 12 school. And, for the statistics to actually matter, we should compare only non-conference games. Case in point, Texas had the #3 rush defense in the nation, but did so in the B12, where teams don’t run (except Ok. St, with a back who ran for 170). But, in the bowl game, they gave up over 200 rushing yards and would not have won if Beanie Wells had played 4 quarters. Florida wins tonight with their running game, not their passing game. For Oklahoma to win, they also have to play like a B12 school — throw the ball a lot, and outscore the Gators. Florida will get their points tonight, but I’m sure Oklahoma will too — and if Florida is smart they studied the Fiesta Bowl film as much as they studied the Red River Shootout film……

  16. […] yeah, the game. On paper, it really is an incredible matchup. Two explosive offenses. Two athletic defenses. Two Heisman […]

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