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Wild Card Weekend Preview: Part 2 of 4

playoff-previewYou get all of the analysis and opinion from everyone on the flat screen, the computer, and the newspapers…I am going to give you the information and let you make your own decision regarding this weekend’s slate of games. Today we will preview Philadelphia @ Minnesota for you…and then one game each day for the next two days leading up to Wild Card Weekend. We won’t give you opinion….but the tools for you to make a decision including records against common opponents, offensive and defensive ranks, Accuscore predictions, links to scouting reports, and Vegas betting lines….We’ll take a poll and then discuss….

Here is the need to know info for Philadelphia @ Minnesota

Philadelphia Eagles (9-6-1)
5th Best Record in NFL (11th Overall)
4th Best Record in NFC (5th Overall)
2nd Best Record in NFC East
NFC Wild Card Seed #6

Minnesota Vikings (10-6)
T6th Best Record in NFL (10th Overall)
T6th Best Record in NFC (4th Overall)
Best Record in NFC North
NFC Division Winner Seed #3

Head to Head Record
Philadelphia did not face Minnesota in 2008

Record v. Common Opponents

Philadelphia @ Chicago L 20-24
Minnesota @ Chicago L 41-48
Chicago @ Minnesota W 34-14

Atlanta @ Philadelphia W 27-14
Atlanta @ Minnesota L 17-24

NY Giants @ Philadelphia L 31-36
Philadelphia @ NY Giants W 20-14
NY Giants @ Minnesota W 20-19

Arizona @ Philadelphia W 48-20
Minnesota @ Arizona W 35-14

Offensive / Defensive Ranks
Philadelphia # 9 Offense v.  Minnesota #6 Defense
Minnesota #17 Offense v. Philadelphia #3 Defense
Philadelphia #6 Passing O v. Minnesota #18 Passing D
Philadelphia #22 Rushing O v. Minnesota #1 Rushing D
Minnesota #25 Passing O v. Philadelphia #3 Passing D
Minnesota #5 Rushing O v. Philadelphia #4 Rushing D
Philadelphia #6 Scoring O v. Minnesota #13 Scoring D
Minnesota #12 Scoring O v. Philadelphia #4 Scoring D

Philadelphia 26 PF Average v. Minnesota 20.81 PA Average
Minnesota 23.68 PF Average v. Philadelphia 18.6 PA Average

These Stats were taken from ESPN.com…they differ slightly from the Fox Sports Statistics…so I supplied both just incase either my math was off, ESPN are idiots, or Fox Sports is an Idiot….Glazer is usually right though…..so….

Accuscore Prediction
Philadelphia 19.6 – Minnesota 19.1
Philly is a 50% (to 49%???) favorite in a game simulated 10000x

Las Vegas Odds (as of 11:49 PST 12.29.08)
To Win NFC:
Philadelphia 6/1
Minnesota 9/1

To Win Super Bowl:
Philadelphia 13/1
Minnesota 20/1

This Game:
Philadelphia (-3.0…42 o/u)

Previews / Analysis

Poll Questions

The game is Sunday @ 430 EST on Fox….Stop by and Chat during playoff Football Comments…and dont forget to check back each day for the next two days for another game preview….as well as next week for the  divisional round previews as well.


22 Responses

  1. Lets Go Vikings!

  2. Why is Arizona’s game sim score in this post?

  3. Philly 31, ‘Sota 24

  4. fiesta-that is a lot of pts for teams with good defense.

  5. proof is in the pudding

    /what does that even mean?

  6. My accuscore prediction…

    20.8 Eagles – Vikings 17.3

  7. “The proof is in the pudding” is actually a shortened version of a very old proverb, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” It means that the real worth or success or effectiveness of something can only be determined by putting it to the test, appearances and promises aside – just as the best test of a pudding is to eat it.

  8. Peterson will be MVP on losing team

  9. mmmm pudding

  10. That’s some quality copying and pasting there Sparty.

  11. John, is the drop-kick worth 3.3 points? Partially blocked PAT that somehow makes it through the uprights -0.2 points?

  12. straight up regurgitation, john.

  13. Speaking of pudding, time to go to the throne.

  14. Well, that comment certainly killed the conversation.


  15. We need a caption picture.

  16. coming soon,

  17. 50% to 49%? The 1% is ties.

    //He doesn’t know there are no ties in the playoffs either.

  18. Blackuscore with Ollie Williams is way better than Accuscore.

  19. Eagles are gonna roll over the Vikes….fetch will be disappointed.

  20. eagles win… i like their chances…

  21. Peterson will run all over the Eagles. MN 24 – PHI 21 on a last second field goal by Longwell.

    MIN was 10-6 for the record.

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