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The Morning After: New Year’s Eve Edition

My esteemed colleague Mr. Mizerle06 and I don’t see eye to eye. New Year’s Eve rocks! No, not for the party hard, waking up in someone’s yard with your boxers on your head type reasons. It’s just another day? Not even close! It’s day you can shoot off a boat load of fireworks and the cops just have to ignore it because they can’t ticket everyone. It’s a day where you can sing “Auld Lang Syne” and not get your ass kicked for being too fruity. It’s a day where watching Ryan Seacrest host a ball drop doesn’t make you feel kinda wierd.

It’s also the day where you start the ham hocks boilin’ so your greens and hoppin’ john are perfectly soaked and stewed for New Years day, plus you gotta smoke the ribs for a few hours, so you don’t have to wake up as early on New Year’s Day…MMMmmm…

And to cap it all off, you can make a crap resolution that you’ll never follow through with.

My New Year’s resolution? I’m gonna stop being so darn cool…take that conformity.

New Years at the Shanahan house won’t be quite as fun…After the Broncos let the long time coach go. Look for the “Lions sign Shanahan” with some witty tagline on here any day now.

The Jets and Bill Cowher are apparently talking…I don’t see this leading to much, in fact, I think Cowher flakes and gives it another year to see if a job that has viable young talent is still around. (which is why Cleveland would have been a great spot)

Safe for another season is Bills’ coach Dick Jauron.

While the Browns are talking to Mangini…the jury is still out on this guy. His team did cave, but the mistakes of a certain quarterback were certainly a big reason.

And if you were concerned, that quarterback will be ok.

Carlos Boozer is having surgery…and Dikembe Mutombo is back for the remainder of the season in Houston…and hey, why not include your NBA scores which includes the Heat beating the Cavs on Lebron’s birthday.

Hockey (there I said it)

The Gators win over Stetson headlined a big night of college roundball…Purdue was knocked off by the Illini at home…and the SEC reigned supreme against the Big 12, as Arkansas beat Oklahoma.

Yum Brands (owner of Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut) tells you how to make their food healthier because they won’t do it for you.

Thanks to a big Rice win over Western Michigan it’s now Rocky Top 2 – Shorty Short Jorts 1…We’ve got a ballgame…Maryland won a game in beautifully warm and sunny Boise, Idaho…The game of the night belonged to the Holiday Bowl.

The remaining Miz v. Trey Matchups color coded (thanks JP!)
Chick-fil-A – LSU vs. Georgia Tech – ESPN – 12/31 – 7:30PM
Konica Minolta Gator Bowl- Clemson (7-5) vs. Nebraska (8-4) – CBS – 1/1 – 1pM
Capitol One Bowl – Michigan State (9-3) vs. Georgia (9-3) – ABC – 1/1 – 1PM
AT&T Cotton Bowl – Texas Tech (11-1) vs. Mississippi (8-4) – Fox – 1/2 – 2PM
AutoZone Liberty Bowl – East Carolina (9-4) vs. Kentucky (6-6) – ESPN – 1/2 – 5PM
International Bowl – Connecticut (7-5) vs. Buffalo (8-5) – ESPN2 – 1/3 – 12PM
GMAC Bowl – Tulsa (10-3) vs. Ball State (12-1) – ESPN – 1/6 – 8PM
Orange Bowl – Virginia Tech (9-4) vs. Cincinnati (11-2) – Fox – 1/1 – 8PM

Remember most of all if you’re gonna be drinkin’…be safe tonight, the $50 for a cab is much cheaper than the $4-5k for the DUI. A little lawyerly advice from GatorTrey. Happy New Year Ya’ll!


84 Responses

  1. First!


  2. Second!

    *no yawn*

  3. The message: our food is so totally unhealthy, but you can make it healthy by picking off all the tasty bits. Then you’ll be free to head to martial arts training with a clear conscience.

    that is brilliant!

  4. Ripping the skin off the KFC? That’s the best part!

  5. i had kfc before a softball game once, our team ended up having a miracle comeback that night. i ate kfc the rest of the season.

    patphish remembers that game fondly, he had a big part inthe Patch Reef Phenomenon.

  6. btw- picked western michigan, they lost, bad pick…i suck.

  7. For at least one day, I am your Bowl Mania leader.

    I’m awesome.

  8. sparty, teach john how to talk some smack.

  9. thanks, trey.

    btw, i will be officially the first one to greet you a happy new year.

    it is 8:37 pm december 31. around 3 hours away from the new year.

    it sucks that i own booz and this happens. should i drop him already?

  10. miz-i thought he did a good job there. I am a big fan of calling oneself awesome, or saying “i rule”. that is a favorite of mine, ever since I saw American Beauty.

  11. holy crap, OSU dropped the game to Oregon? i went to bed around 9:30, i had no idea.

  12. sparty – I agree with the self-praise part, it’s essential. but, you gotta add something like “and you aren’t” to the “I’m awesome.” I thought you knew what you were doing in smack talk…apparently, you’re a little behind as well.

  13. “and you aren’t” is implied. the “I’m Awesome” is making that quite clear. If someone says “I’m Awesome, too” they look dumb as shit.

  14. If you ain’t first, you’re last!

    Suck it losers!!!


  15. there’s no assumed implication in talking smack. part of smack talk is letting the recipient know that you think they’re a moron. if you plan on them having to read into it, you’re giving them credit for having at least half a brain and that’s just unacceptable.

    you’re wrong, sparty, and I’m right.

  16. or you could smack talk like gitc with; well, I have the same record as John, but I have more possible pts available to me because i did not put so many pts on those games that I lost because i knew there was a chance that the other team could win the game. it only took me about an 1hour to go through each game to attribute the pts to the right spot. So I am going to beat Sparty.

    //really took me 56 mins
    ///i’m not really sure

  17. JP boozer should be back this season.

    GatorTrey was right, Cowher says no to the Jets. That’s a crap job.

  18. +1 sparty. well done.

  19. best candidate for the Jets job is Spagnuolo. The Jets defense would be scary good with him.

  20. but Spags is going to cost a lot of money.

  21. why would cowher want to go the jets…. the browns / lions / broncos present a more interesting case.

  22. They were ready to drop the vault for Cowher, I’m sure money will be plentiful.

  23. any spag clones that could be alternatives?

  24. trey-cowher has years of success as a head coach in the NFL, 2 Super Bowl appearances, won one. Spags has zero head coaching experience, teams will be wary to pay him a lot for his first gig. the Champs have made him a very highly priced coordinator.

  25. Schwartz, the Titans DC should end up somewhere, unless he gets screwed over by the team making it to the Superbowl.

  26. Spagnuolo interview with the Jets is scheduled for tomorrow.

  27. hellooooo?

  28. Sooooooooo. Whats up guys?

  29. Bo! Do us a favor and live blog the Michgan St vs Minnesota game today at noon.

  30. gaytortrey is off to a good start on his new year’s resolution to be less cool by admitting to watching Seacrest and singing Auld Lang Syne. That singing practice will come in handy for his Rocky Top Rendition.

  31. I hate Michigan State.

    /I’m just bitter about last night’s loss

  32. kwsn-tough one last night, buddy. bad call by the ref on the out of bounds play.

  33. Another reason for Jets fans to hate Favre.

    Sources: Cowher didn’t want to coach Favre

  34. it is getting pretty hysterical that the only people that like Favre, are the talking heads on ESPN.

  35. Sparty Im at work, but no one else is here. So it might happen.

  36. I’d like to see Cowher and Sgt. Slaughter get into a shouting match/spitting-spraying contest. Edge goes to Cowher based on youth.

  37. 8 runs in the bottom of the 7th, after entering the inning down 14-7. We never even made an out!

  38. Just got a call from the boss. Im out bitches.

  39. /hockey talk

    Bruins > All other teams

    /end hockey talk

  40. patphish-didn’t ted hit an inside the park walk off?

  41. nah, seeing eye single that got behind the OF. 3 base error.

  42. /John


    /end John agreement

  43. but that isn’t what we put in the newsletter.

  44. According to my super scientific mathematical formula an Air Force win is crucial for me.

    /super scientific mathematical formula=Sparty and I picked Air Force, all the other contenders picked Houston.

  45. probably. I hit a homer to lead the inning off.


  46. Someone didn’t take Trey’s lawyerly advice…

    Barkley released after DUI arrest

  47. patphish- i bet you Gina still has a copy of that.

  48. JaJuan Johnson was a beast last night, everyone else was terrible. Purdue’s been in a shooting funk the last few games. Johnson has made a huge improvement from last year.

  49. weber is getting it going at illinois again.

  50. Softball is too easy when you’re as fast as me. I just hit a soft ground ball to 3rd base every time and they never throw me out.

  51. unless you are a fat ass like miz, everyone gets to first on a slow grounder to 3rd.

  52. Tisdale was killing Purdue last night.

  53. You know I was on the losing side of that type of game Sparty.
    We had a double header, in between games we all went to the Ale House and well stud 3B GatorTrey had his share. Bottom of the 7th, up 7, bases juiced, I’m playing 3rd pop fly for the 2nd out…I lose it in the lights. 2 runs score, and it was over, we never recovered

  54. And that’s why I try to hit a slow grounder to 3rd. It’s like a walk.


  55. lost in the lights?!?

    that happened to me playing football in the pontiac silverdome. of course it was warmups, but whatever.

  56. I’ve never been thrown out at first in softball…ever.

  57. miz has never played softball.

  58. therefore, I could never be thrown out at first.

  59. He played on the girl softball team in high school…

  60. I once played in a company softball game where a homerun was an out. Biggest peice of crap rule I have ever seen. The ones who set the rule were probably old, wrinkled, and didn’t have a prayer of ever hitting one.

    In protest, i got out twice. They were majestic outs.

  61. I’m the fastest guy on this blog. Guarenteed

  62. I’m certainly not going to challenge that claim.

    /Not built for speed.

  63. a lot of softball leagues have the stupid HR rule. most them allow you one or two HRs, then the rest are outs.

  64. I’m the fastest guy on this blog. Guarenteed

    Mrs. GatorTrey has verified that claim.

  65. oooooooooooooooooooh!!!

  66. We all know who is the fastest guy on this blog in a hamster ball.

  67. ouch. Trey walked right into that one.

    +10 spartan

  68. Touche.

  69. Better than fakin’ it.

  70. Sparty, who’s your frontrunner for comment of the month? Today’s the last day for those zingers

  71. there have been some really good ones. stay tuned, winner TBA friday.

  72. Are we going to have comment of the year as well?

  73. You’re such a tease.

    I like the idea of your banner with a funny tag line. Good job.

  74. Does it still say ed werder’s mustce approves?
    I’m on my Treo in court.

  75. yes, yes it does

  76. new post.

  77. I’m on my Treo in court.

    I want my retainer back.

  78. Arraignments Pat.

    The most boring days of this job…

  79. I’ll take you on in a footrace any time trey.

    /big televen speed

  80. patphish~ I thought that same thing when I read that Trey is in court!! Money back and you’re fired. HAHA

    I get comment of the month when I admitted that mi esposo was correct.

  81. Shanahan to the Seahawks. You heard it here first.

  82. but they have jim mora there already…. 🙂

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