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Happy Hour: New Years Eve


Blah Blah Blah, we had a great day here.  Be safe tonight.

I do want to remind all of you of Gridiron Challenge.  There is Starbucks involved, so don’t forget to join.

In homage to Dan Shanoff, here is the Quickie Recap:


Minnesota vs Philly

Weekly Caption

Sparty Awards

Studs & Duds

JB is the Champ

Enjoy Amateur Night.

For those that are too mature old to go out, enjoy the night with the Mrs., or in your case Jen, the old dude.

Calvin, take us into the New Year:


113 Responses

  1. this is a fitting post to close out 2008 for sure

  2. yeah, great pic, mikey

  3. id be pretty useless without photoshop

  4. hard to believe that all of this happened because shanoff fucked up, huh?

  5. pretty much.

  6. C&H to close out the year…very nice.

  7. I’d like to use LoV as the reason for S&F…they forced the gay commenting site and censoring.

  8. they played a pretty big role.

  9. i dont know what LoV is….i wasnt around for the Shanny days…fill me in

  10. I think Easterbrook and his horribly long TMQ played a big part too.

  11. http://www.lordzofvengeance.com/

    they hated Shamford. They would go on his blog and start posting TMQ from greggggggggggggggg easterbrook in the comments.

  12. have a safe and happy new years!

  13. And the pussification of America is now complete!

  14. you too, champ!

  15. And the pussification of America is now complete!

    I don’t get it.


  16. ohhh…its a rare SG siting at S&F

  17. thank you for this site….keep up the great work

  18. And the pussification of America is now complete!

    since when did RWH start posing as Sportsgal?

  19. no really, i don’t get it.


  20. thank you for this site….keep up the great work

    /i just won $50’d

  21. Seriously, are the majority of you people not grown men?

    “You’re the best writer!”
    “No, YOU’RE the best writer!”
    “Well if I’m the best writer, then you’re the best commenter!”
    “Aw man! Thanks! You’re just an all-around great person!”
    “I love you, let’s hug and kiss cheeks at the same time!”

  22. nope, actually sincere

    but still funny as hell miz

  23. she’s really pissed about losing to jen

  24. I’m out

  25. or maybe because we said jen was the only chick.

  26. surely, sportsgal, you know that grown men love patting themselves on the back.

  27. Did anyone show that cartoon to Obama?

  28. SG is the early leader in the clubhouse for Overreaction of the Year

  29. can we carry that forward to 2009

  30. 2009 begins today for the awards.

  31. No, I think this might be the first time I’ve commented on here, save for the occasional MSU game. I just think the love fest is hellagay. Next thing I know you guys are going to start sending each other Twilight-related pieces of flair on Facebook.

  32. just for sportsgal…

    You are all a bunch of douchebags.

  33. Female Commenter of the Year – Jen. Second Runner Up – Sportsgal116.

    Only Female Commenter of the Year – Jen. Runner Up – Sportsgal116.


  34. yes! muck fichigan! badgers out of the gate strong

  35. Did anyone show that cartoon to Obama?

    i was told to cease and desist.

  36. fuck everyone here the writing here sucks balls….and the photoshops are lame….

  37. It looks like you guys have had a great time fellating each other this year! Keep it going in 2009!

  38. Fuck this fucking site and it’s shitty bunch of commenters…this place sucks.


  39. SG- we can just pass you around

  40. hey SG…on behalf of everyone here….go fuck yourself

  41. I should have said cunnilingusing as clearly none of you have penises.

  42. YMCA at the sun bowl…ghey. and is that Darius Rucker as the cop?

  43. I should have said cunnilingusing as clearly none of you have penises.

    we discussed that yesterday. gitc said he wore a size 15 shoe. i don’t believe it, he’s a Hef.

  44. i did admit to a smaller one. but i have killer distance when i pee. made it up to 35 ft the other day.

  45. Just because a guy is tall and/or wears big shoes definitely does not mean he has a big penis.

  46. +1 sparty…you are a fabulous writer and an even better commenter

  47. Ya know, this place is so much better when it’s SG free.

  48. think i will catchup on the best of sportscenter stuff tonight.

    suckers in time square can deal with the 1 degree wind chill factor.

  49. If a guy has a big penis it means he has a big penis though.

  50. you wont catsup or ketchup….but simply catchup?

  51. Ya know, this place is so much better when it’s SG free.

    Awww HawkEye, you and your boyfriends here at S&F can safely go back to your circle jerk. I’m off to go check out the Winter Classic setup and buy some booze for tonight.

  52. SG- you are going to the game tomorrow, right?

  53. Yes sir! Can’t wait, it’s gonna be epic.

  54. our banner has been updated

  55. should be the shit. any snow in the forecast?

  56. Unfortunately not until after the game. But it shouldn’t be too cold, and the guys won’t have to worry about glare on the ice since it’s supposed to be cloudy.

  57. enjoy the game, i will be flipping back and forth from the Capital One Bowl.

  58. I’ll be taking lots of pictures and hope to have them up on Facebook tomorrow!

  59. I can’t wait will Target Field and TCF Stadium are finished. There will be a Winter Classic here.

  60. Hockey players worry about a little glare in their eyes?


  61. i want to see a game of pond hockey with NHLers. i always watch Mystery, Alaska when it is on.

  62. maybe one day ill care about hockey

  63. that reminds me, I need to buy Mystery, Alaska on DVD

  64. awww hawkeye…you are such a great commenter…lets hug and kiss each other on the cheeks

  65. Wow, SG came in with a vengeance to end ’08 here at S&F!!

    My arse hurts and she didn’t even include me in those rapin’s.

    Happy New Year guys…

  66. Damnit, I can’t come up with a good reply to that one…..

  67. again, be safe everyone. see ya next year. unless i stop by later on tonight.

  68. ill be in and out and checking in…be safe….

  69. I’ll be doing the same as mikey. Enjoy NYE all!

  70. We need more Calvin & Hobbs in 2009.

  71. VANDY! Happy New Year’s Ya’ll!

  72. Wannstache!

  73. I’d like to use LoV as the reason for S&F…they forced the gay commenting site and censoring.

    they played a pretty big role.

    Yay us!!!

  74. Please note that we Navy SEALed the stupid commenting site on Cumfast’s watch. That was pretty much his fault for letting us create fake accounts and getting approved in like 2 minutes.

  75. happy new year! because it is 714am in my time zone….

  76. sweet, my son is sick and throwing up….i get to get drunk at home

  77. happy new year jp!

  78. wow, Vandy! I can’t believe it but I’m happy for them!

  79. cant find the pickem of our group… interesting…

  80. in 3-4 hours, it will be the new year in your area…. 🙂

  81. stupid me, found it… (caught looking at the pick em and not bowl mania…)


    271 – john
    247 – pancake wrapped butter
    243 – runringerrun
    225 – twtwcfb guru
    222 – knightwhosaysni

    i am in 9th (whoda thunk it?) with 185

    win loss

    13-7 – gitc
    12-8 – pancake wrapped butter
    11-9 – john, knightwhosaysni, sae

    me: 8-12

  82. i’m aboot done. 57 points gone between Wanny and BC

    happy new year all. we’re about to settle down with the kids for kung fu panda and prince caspian

  83. 4 more hours for you bitches…i stil got 7….im gonna be dru-uh-unk

  84. I got 7 hours too… trying to decide which party is worth the $200 ticket price on the Strip…

    Maybe I’ll just get drunk and take a swing at a cop. Can’t see that ending poorly.

  85. What do y’all think the outcome will be of me+booze+penicillin this evening? I’m thinking it can’t be good.

  86. big d …you in vegas…or always in vegas….if always in vegas – why did i not know this?

  87. Just moved here this week. Drove from Boston – left on Xmas, got here Monday.

    Should have an apartment/house tomorrow

  88. well, i attempt to. more often than not i just drink beers and kick the ball forward from the cart

  89. guess i should leave my hotel room now and see how bad the strip is… happy new year all!

  90. big d…ill be out there again in mid january for a conf i think….ill let you know…otherwise happy new year

  91. wow, major bingo wings at the Peach Bowl!

  92. I have more points left than quite a few people in the Bowl Mania that are ahead of me…if the cards fall right, I could win it all.


  93. Sparty, I’m going to bookmark that and use it at every possible opportunity!!!

  94. but definitely don’t suck like the gophers. bad day for them

  95. Ouch, harsh but true. Both teams got worked. Always next year, at least with the Gophers football team. Of course, I always say that.

  96. Chinese Food + Fireplace + 38wks prego = Passed out cold at 10pm on new years = Online Poker

  97. Sounds like a good night, marco.

  98. If anyone is watching the Dick Clark NYRE, do they also wanna shoot Kelly Pickler for being an absolute dipshit?

  99. no complaints here

  100. True enough. My pregnant wife is giving me a dirty look for being on the computer right now.

  101. I may have to turn in for that rek, what’s she doing?

  102. They kept putting her on to talk to the crowd and talk about stupid shit…like how the 2009 glasses won’t be around next year because the ‘1’ doesn’t work well to look thru.

  103. Wow, I am dumber for having heard that. I’ll have to turn it on to see it in person. Y’all have a happy NYE. Wins lots of money, marco.

  104. Yea…you’ll wish you didn’t catch it…it’s supposed to be back on after the news…they might not have enough time to get in another segment with her.

  105. happy new years bitches

  106. While it’s not technically 2009 where I’m at right now, it is in blog time…so Happy New Year y’all (as if I really care about teh new year)…hope it treats you well.

  107. Happy new years from sunny or foggy Santa Monica

    Go State beat the Trogans!!!!!!!

  108. happy new years to all you pacific timers

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