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2008 Sparty Awards

We are drawing to a close here in 2008, so we thought it would be appropriate to sparty-awardhandout some hardware to the “Best Of” at Sparty & Friends.

I want to thank everyone, from the writers to the readers for making Sparty & Friends a success in 2008.  We were only around for the 2nd half of the year, and already feels much longer than that.  I look forward to venturing into the future with all of you.

I made all the picks, you gotta a problem with it?  Tough, you are wrong.

Best ContributorMikeyChx.  Mikey has done wonders  sprucing up the joint with banners and logos.  In his short time on staff, Mikey has produced many a posts as well as sponsored the multiple awards on contests.  Also, nobody spends more time getting the site publicity than Mikey.  Runner Up- GatorTrey.

Best Recurring column –  TWTWCFB.  Was there really any doubt? Runner Up- Weekly Caption

Gratuitous Post of the YearHappy Hour: MNF Girls kissing.

Post of the Year –  Chris Petersen to Miss St Rumor.  The controversy surrounding this post was outstanding, thanks to my definitive statements.  I took shots that normally are reserved for such people as Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder.  Runner Up – Sammy Baugh

Overreaction of the Year – Boise State Fans.  Read the comments.  Runner Up-Cmfost (after every Red Sox loss)

Non Sporting Event Post of the YearSammy Baugh. This was an excellent heart felt piece written by GITC. Runner Up- Allianz/WCNYFG

Commenter of the Year (non-writer) – John.    If there was one commenter we could count on each and everyday to be here, it was John.  John also became a Jedi Master of Linkage. Runner Up- Rekcalsa

Commenter of the Year (writer) – MikeyChx.  Just come back during any Happy Hour.

Female Commenter of the Year – Jen.  Second Runner Up – Sportsgal116.

Only Female Commenter of the Year – Jen.  Runner Up Honorable Mention – Sportsgal116.

Meme of the Year – Mikeyzone’d.

Tag of the Year –  Miz is a redneck

Funniest Commenter – Knightro.  No Runner up.

Interview of the YearRalph Vacchiano.  Mr Vacchiano is the closest thing we have had to a celebrity on this site.  Runner Up- Mizerle06

Most Likely to Be Found Naked and Penniless in Vegas – Big D

Most Likely To Leave the Staff Due to Internet Restrictions – Patphish

Most Likely to Write a Post in the Comments – GITC

Most Likely to be Pregnant by February – Marcomarco.  I have no idea why, ask Miz.

Most Valuable Writer Award – Co-winners Mizerle06 and GatorTrey.

Guest Poster of the Year -Co-winners Spencer096 and RomanWarHelmet


53 Responses

  1. So, when GITC gives his acceptance speech will the wrap it up music start to play as he explains why he won the award in detail?

  2. kwsn- +1. gets a leg up on Knightro in 2009.

  3. Nice recognition. Although I don’t usually have a lot to say, I always check S&F throughout the day just to see what is going on, and what funny comments / dialog I missed. Again, you guys are better than any reality show out there; you’re like an interactive reality show. Keep it up.

  4. Also, I was really hoping to win the best female commenter of the year. Alas I was bested by Jen.

  5. Hey, happy New Year to all of you.

    Off to help my son and his friend with the project for the science fair.

  6. mikeyzone of the year award: that has to go to marco stuck on the train

  7. most definitely, sae.

  8. wow…thanks sparty – if it wasnt fun though, i wouldnt be doing it

  9. my New Year’s resolution will be to do whatever it takes to beat out Big D for the “Most Likely to Be Found Naked and Penniless in Vegas” award.

  10. here is what almost gave the overreaction award to cmfost:


  11. he said it when it was thought that Jason Bay was on his way to Tampa.

  12. Boss of the Year: Sparty

    /Michael Scott’d

  13. thanks to hawkeye, cycledan, jb, fiestatrio, kwsn, knightro, rekcalsa, sae, natsfan, tampabo, and all of the other regular commenters i just forgot to mention or cant remember right this minute for all of your contributions this year as well

  14. i gotta say that the whole chris petersen thing was fun…but i dont know that i wanna deal with that everyday week in and week out without getting paid…when mortensen or herbstreit is wrong and someone says they are morons and hev nocredibility, they need to look no further than their money clip to make it all go away

  15. let’s see if we can get another rumor started….Mike Holmgren to Cleveland.

  16. it would have to be “BREAKING NEWS: TAKE IT TO THE BANK” style to make it fly

  17. Sparty up 13 with about 7 mins left against the Gophers.

  18. needs more me.

    Mike Holmgren to Cleveland.

    just read that…that’s not funny at all.

    /i want shanahan

  19. Excellent post! Been a great year.

  20. Being pregnant again by February would be awesome. 2 tax deductions in one calendar year…

  21. Oh my gosh! I won TWO awards! I’d like to thank my mom, she is such an inspiration as a strong, female sports fan. I’d also like to thank my son, who makes life worth living every day. I’d like to thank my family and friends and most of all, you guys. You make every day such a joy and I actually look forward to coming to work. My husband–he is such a great partner in life, and a blast to watch sporting events with because I love to buck his thoughts and stupid opinions. He thinks he’s always right so I like to put him in his place, especially in the sports world.

    {cue music}
    {pan out, cut to commercial}

  22. (assuming my 1st kid isn’t born in the next 10 hours)

  23. Just keep telling yourself that, marco…..

  24. Spencer- Fixed.

  25. PS. thx for the mikeyzone nod Sae 🙂

  26. WHOOHOO!!!

    on behalf of roman…thanks, you’ve all been such wonderful hosts.

  27. Mike Holmgren to Cleveland is NOT funny at all. We already got rid of one chubby sideline-sitter.

  28. knsn, you’re female? i had no idea.

    actually, now i have no idea if you’re kidding or not


  29. So, these awards are called the Sparties?

  30. No I’m not female lol. I do have long curly hair going on right now and it looks a little girly.

  31. MSU up by 15 with 4min left. Say good night, Gracie!

    /Beat the Traffic’d

  32. Best Mexican Food Eaten Today: The burrito I just pounded for lunch.

    Worst smelling fart: Ask the state attorney sitting next to me.

  33. Best Blog-Starter – Sparty

  34. thanks, miz.

    hawkeye- kalin lucas is tearing you guys up.

  35. trey…same boat for me…just replace “mexican” with “cuban” and “state attorney” with “hot russian coworker”

    in soviet russia, fart smells you!

  36. Miz – maybe we should give sparty a lifetime achievement award for having the stones to break free from shanny

  37. Thanks Sparty! You started a great blog. Feel bad for Shanny, but if he wasn’t such a ‘mo, maybe we’d all still be over there.

    Happy New Year guys. Thanks for letting me shoot the sports sh*t with you.


    Talk to you next year
    /so over that dumbass joke already

  38. spencer…golf preview post coming soon – will it be a joint mlj / saf post or what?

  39. Spencer does not speak on behalf of me…it is a travesty that I had to share an award with him..I mean weren’t we like the only two “guest posters” Besides that, every other guest poster gets to write here full time (unlike the mighty MLJ and its eleventy authors and fetch) I refuse this award…putting me in the same sentence with spencer is just terrible…Italians and The Irish do not co-exist


  40. agreed, mikey.

  41. Go me and the Younger? Thanks Jen!! 😉

  42. mikey…yea man. i sent you a message awhile back…lets get something going.

  43. Breaking free from blogger in favor of wordpress was also a great call.

  44. gotta go pick up the wife from work in 6-8in of snow. can’t have her delivering a baby in a snowdrift.

    Chinese food + movie + fireplace = Best way to spend new yrs.

    Have a good one, everybody.

  45. stealing the design from MLJ was genius!

  46. marco- kung pow for her. get that kid out!

  47. the crickets are back.

  48. studs & duds is up…maybe everybody’s over there?

  49. I’m still waiting on Chris Petersen…

  50. I’m gunning for John’s award next year.

  51. Wow, I go to the dentist and I come back and win an award. Sweet! I don’t know what to say…

    *pulls out acceptance speech*

    First off, I’d like to thank the lord and savior, Jesus Christ, because without him none of this would have been possible. I’d like to thank my family…mom and dad, you’re the best! I’d like to thank Shanoff for sucking and allowing S&F to be created…and finally I’d like to thank the guys in IT for not blocking my internet access at work.

  52. my New Year’s resolution will be to do whatever it takes to beat out Big D for the “Most Likely to Be Found Naked and Penniless in Vegas” award.

    Son, let’s face it. That’s just not happening.

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