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2008 Pool Challenge Champ: JB

spartyball1Congrats to Commenter JB who takes home the 2008 NFL Pool Challenge crown….by .6 points over Sparty. Sparty came on strong at the end, but JB’s season long lead was helped in the final few weeks by the elimination of players who could not overtake the leaders for the final spots…Sparty was able to pick up 10 points in the final two weeks to come close to catching JB who had not gotten any points since about week 13. But JB had won enough during the regular season to keep him at bay.

JB has been the leader in the clubhouse since week ten and had a sizeable lead for most of the second half of the season. It got super tight at the end though when he was unable to crack into any points. How close was the final? Had JB not tied Miz for second and missed one more game this past weekend, he would have only gotten three points instead of splitting second and third for four points each, and Sparty would have been the Champ. This weeks results

Sparty 11-5 (7 Points)
JB 10-6 (4 Points)
Miz 10-6 (4 Points)

Final Standings

JB 27.74
Sparty 27.14
Miz 24.90

And to think…you guys didnt believe all of the partial points would matter.

Congrats JB….Send your address where you would like your $50 Gift Card sent to spartyandfriends(at)gmail(dot)com…and everyone needs to remember to enter the Gridiron Playoff Challenge to win a $25 Starbucks Gift Card.


38 Responses


  2. does this mean you are taking back my “sparties”

  3. he can never take them back now, mikey. I already printscreen’d them.

  4. whew…because i printed mine out and ran them through the laminator…

  5. can’t we change the rules so i can be the winner?

  6. i could change the final points so it was 8, 4, 3 (instead of 7, 5, 3) and then you would win….but we would have to do some serious editing before JB shows up….you ready?

  7. nah, it’s all good.

  8. I am so smart. I am so smart. S.M.R.T. I mean S.M.A.R.T

    damn that was close Sparty. Nices picks throughout!

  9. haha…i know – its crazy how close it was at the end…JB went forever without gettting points and i think he got points by default at the end because of his lead…not to take anything away form him because you got more points by default at the end….but you really played well down the stretch

  10. big ten play begins, and michigan is getting beat down at home. all back to normal.

  11. congrats JB…well played….you gotta look back to weeks 7-10…that really made your season

  12. thanx

  13. well done, JB. damn cheater.

  14. I want a recount.

    /congratulations jb

  15. hey who sings that song…”dont eat meat but she sure likes the bone”

  16. the secret is to cheat and not pay any attention

  17. Death I just say fuck you, the void unknown we’re thrown
    through while lost in life’s psychedelic trip we take
    There’s another more bizarre we have to make
    world we have nowhere beyond
    Take out the earth the bass is gone
    At life’s end we’ll feel the calm
    How strange we should be here at all

  18. never mind…new age girl by deadeye dick s the song i was looking for

  19. what the hell is taking you so long, miz?

  20. Freak Out – 311

    /wasn’t paying attention

  21. the presidents of the united states of america were under-rated

  22. Damn…the week I go 13-3 in my paid pick ’em is the week I would’ve won here….sucks…congrats JB…spend your gift wisely.

  23. Presidents of the USA were awesome…quirky, but good.

  24. i was gonna use it towards a blu-ray player. oh well.

  25. they were good. didn’t they recently get back together?

    /i am stuck in 2002 with music.

  26. wait three months for th blu ray….i see some for $199 already on buy.com…dont buy the latest technology…always buy last years model….same shit for hundreds to thousands less….and you will replace it in a few years anyways

    /advice from a professional’d

  27. i love buy.com.

  28. FYI – Magic up 28 at the half.

    Magic in 4.

  29. the bulls are teh ghey.

  30. the pistons are playing the nets, that game is on too. wtf with all these day games?

  31. Houston beat Air Force

    /mikey zone’d

  32. did i miss that pick too…fuck, i suck at non main stream college football picks

  33. i am doing bad.

  34. yeah…i picked air force…i sucketh

  35. Yea…I had Houston as my 34 pick…glad they won.

  36. I got a Blu-Ray player for Christmas…totally unexpected from my parents…should be pretty sweet…can’t wait to hook it up when I get back home.

  37. happy hour…the last one o’ the year is up

  38. congrats jb!

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