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The Morning After: December 17, 2008

Goooooooooooood Mooooooooooring!

You’ve got 8 more shopping days til Christmas, 4 til Hanukkah, and 3 more years of Joe Pa in Happy Valley. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan the ol’ man, but this isn’t what Penn State fans wanted is it? Consider this. Joe Pa is 81 years old, when he ends this contract he’ll be 84. It’s not a question of WILL HE RETIRE, but more like WILL HE MAKE IT. (I know too easy, I’ll get better)

Well the world wide leader is at it again. Playing up a situation in Dallas where there is really nothing there.

Oklahoma starting running back Demarco Murray is out for the BCS Championship Game…while…

Florida Offensive Coordinator and newly hired Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen will call plays in the National Championship game. The question remains, how committed will he be?

Another person joins the I hate Rich Rodriguez bandwagon. Michigan defensive coordinator Scott Shafer has quit after one season. It’s not like he did all that well in the position though.

Buffalo keeps Turner Gill around for at least one more season, but I wouldn’t expect him there much longer than that. Louisville, Arizona, WVU, and Virginia could all be open next year.

I fine Irish man Padraig Harringtonis your PGA golfer of the year, and he’s thanking Tiger for getting injured as we speak.

The Pro Bowl rosters were announced. In other news, this is the last time you’ll see anything pertaining to the Pro Bowl being newsworthy on S&F. (Unless of course there is a severe career ending injury…or Bill Belichick is eaten by a shark) And your snubs (who will be added to the roster in the next few weeks)

What if I told you they’re making a swimming video game? You’d:
a) Call me a liar
b) Beat me up
c) Scream like a girl
d) All of the Above
Well I’ve got news for you.Michael Phelps ’10 on your favorite vidya’ game console.

Hasn’t this been the most boring hot stove ever? Well it’s about to heat up. Mark Teixeira says he’s making his decisionsoon. Word has it, it’s between the Angels and Sox, with the Orioles and Nationals as an outside shot.

Manny to the Yankees is gaining some steam. Like a fart in the wind. (I just wanted to say that)

Meanwhile, the Braves brought Rafael Furcal back at a hefty price.  The Braves haven’t been the same since he left.

As if we needed more reason to believe that bowling 300 is too easy. Way too easy. At least chest hair is making a comeback

Man burglarizes a house. Decides to cover tracks by setting fire to the house. Burns himself to death. Scoreboard!

I fell asleep before the end of this game but congrats to the Tennessee Vols for winning the big intersectional game in Nashville last night. If there is ONE thing I learned it’s SEC > Big East.

…and to the Lakers, who pulled one out against the Knicks.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Sparty and Friends Bowl pick’em(pw: spartans) and The Big Lead’swhich unlike ours, has a prize. The first bowl game is Saturday, so get crackin!


55 Responses

  1. First, 3:58AM, bitchez!

  2. And I am getting up, not going to bed.

  3. wtf…i am not first?

    meh…i slept my seven hours (went oto bed at 730…up at 230)….my sleep schedule is fucked

    but good morning anyways

  4. What we need is Bowling Linebacker Terry Tate. I’d like to see someone bowl a 300 with him in their grill.

  5. I am trying to decide if I should watch the Laker game (recorded) or bike to work if it is not raining.

  6. Looks like to rain is coming in, so I’ll watch the game and drive to work. Too bad there was a spoiler above.

  7. re: teixeira
    making a decision my ass, the union is counting the zeroes to tell him where he’s going

  8. i was going to record the marbury interview from fox sports west with marbury…and post it here , but it was vanilla

  9. Ha!

    64 and sunny…

  10. trey…its raining in so cal go figure..

  11. Ha!

    23 and shovel snow-y…

    oh wait, that’s not better

  12. Alyssa Milano interview would have been better than Marbury. At least she can play defense.

  13. dude that milano interview went on forever….all the while tha lakers were getting their ass whipped and no commentary

    have her in “the booth” next time so you can cut her off if you need to

  14. but did you hear all of the licensing agreements she had…all because of who she is…crazy

  15. I dated Alyssa Milano once.

    It ended badly.

  16. snowed last night here, should be melted by noon. what a great game last night. The Spartans didn’t trail at any point, and just took care of business while Mateen Cleaves got his ankle re-taped after being attacked by future felon Teddy Dupay.

  17. That burglar who killed himself in the fire is definitely a Darwin award candidate.

  18. The snow last night is melting in the rain. Very slick conditions here on Long Island. I used to love the cross country skiing in the winter when I lived in Syracuse. At least here on LI I can cycle outdoors through most of the winter.

  19. Everybody’s pimping their clothing line! Alyssa, Steph…

  20. 21 and snowing here! I win!

  21. I don’t mind riding in the winter, although it was a chilly 39 yesterday when I rode. As long as it’s not raining.

  22. The Laker’s are getting too lucky now. There were good the first few games, but they need to get their defense consistent if they want to knock off the WCBBBC.

  23. He barely touched Cleaves…

  24. then he tried to do the same thing to Mo Pete.

    Dupay=Dirtiest college player of all time.

  25. I dated Alyssa Milano once.

    It ended badly.

    trey you are destroying the credibility of this blog and setting back the efforts of bloggers everywhere.



    I dated ate a Alyssa Milano cookie once


  26. Sparty my response to you is Zach Randolph.

    That is it.

  27. Just finished watching the Laker’s pull out a squeaker. Now I have to get ready for work. Read ya later.

    +1 knightro

  28. We went to the Final Four with him, what’s your point? if you said Marcus Taylor,who like an idiot, bailed on us and left us without a PG for 3 years, then I would have been upset.

  29. i dont think the lakers play defense well enough to beat the BBWCBC (/correct’d)

    in fact, i say that if the lakers dont pick up a defender at some point during the season that they will be swept this time by the BBWCBC

    and I am a laker fan…but i have stopped drinking the kool aid with all of these come from behind wins….the celtics arent the knicks

  30. i don’t get it, trey.


  31. Hopefully they’re not thinking about picking up Marbury on the cheap. I was kinda hoping for Artest this last summer.

  32. this was a fantastic TMA, very Spartyesque.

  33. The Lakers have a tester Saturday night a the O-Rena

  34. The Lakers are playing the Cavs at a neutral site?

  35. this was a fantastic TMA, very Spartyesque

    agree…was this your first TMA

    btw…sparty used to say that to me too

  36. Thanks Sparty…I try and emulate the best

    (brownie poinys!)

  37. You are wrong. More JoePa is what Penn State fans want. In my eyes as long as he’s in good health he should coach as long as he wants to. And aside from the hip thng which has been repared he’s in great health. He’s not hurting the program and the kids still love him

  38. PSU is playing in another BCS game, whats the problem?

  39. Hasn’t JoePa earned a lifetime deal from Penn St.?

  40. Johnny,

    One of my best friends is a PSU alum, I remember 2 years ago sitting next to him in class and he (and whatever message board he was looking at) all wanted Joe Pa gone.

    Things are great when PSU is 11-1, but 2 more 9-4 seasons and Joe Pa is too old to coach again…

  41. So…JoePa getting an extension is a situation in Dallas?

    /link does not compute

  42. And so it is.

    It took 2 1/2 hours for someone to point that out. I’ll fix it when I get a sec.

  43. That’s because a lot of people don’t really read the posts…straight to the comments.

  44. Kind of interesting…

    Etiquette of NHL fighting

  45. Hasn’t JoePa earned a lifetime deal from Penn St.?

    a three year extension is most likely a lifetime deal for JoePa.

  46. Plus, I think just about everyone here goes out of the way to avoid reading anything Cowboys related.

  47. That’s strange as the majority of people I’m connected to do want him. those 9-4 seasons had less to do with him but with Morelli and if the alumi did blame a paterno it was Jay and not Joe durning those times

  48. I think the Texans would beat the Cowboys right now if they played.

  49. John – Been Done before.
    Best part is who wrote the intros.

    Oh and 5°F with a couple inches of snow last night. If fetch doesn’t show up, I win!

  50. I can’t believe Josh Cribbs got snubbed and all of the “Snubbed” articles don’t even mention him! Poor guy gets ignored because he’s a Fudgie. Sure he’ll get the complimentary “add”, but this is ridiculous.

  51. Congrats to Welker making the pro-bowl, 102 catches with two big games left.

    Boo for Farve making it over Rivers and Cassell. I guess those 17 picks were counted as votes and that pushed him over the top

  52. @miz – congrats on the Vols win over Marquette! However the Dominique James block of the Scotty Hopson dunk was sick!

  53. Forte, Slaton, Abraham. 3 snubs that should be corrected first.

  54. As usual, way late to the game (seeing as though I never get up before noon), but I agree 100% with sae. The F’n union is going to tell “Tex” where he ends up playing, just like CC Sabathia. No one is going to convince me that the Yankee’s were the team he really wanted to play for.

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