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Weekly Caption – December 10, 2008

The Weekly Caption guru, marcomarco, called in sick today so I’m filling in.  You know the drill…


Oh yeah, Miz is a redneck.


38 Responses

  1. And that is why their called the “Packers”…

  2. And that is why their they’re called the “Packers”…


  3. NOW we know why Plax carried a gun!

  4. Apparently I can’t fix anything

  5. Apparently I can’t fix anything

    worst caption ever.

  6. Rex: “Isn’t the QB supposed to be the ‘pitcher’?”

  7. “Is this how Brett Farve became so great?”

  8. worst caption ever.

    no, that is.

  9. …just when you thought the caption photos couldn’t get any gheyer.

  10. no, that is.

    no, that is.

  11. …and that boys and girls is how Rex Grossman earned his nickname “Sexy Rexy”

  12. SACKED!!!!

  13. Apparently Grossman is using Stick-em in all the wrong places.

  14. no, that is.

    that is what?

  15. When I was at UF the girls used to say, “Hey Rexy your so sexy”

  16. Rex Grossman demonstrates to Tim Tebow what Florida QB’s are expected to do in the NFL.

  17. Rex: “I feel like Sparty after breaking the Petersen story!”

    Packer: “Damn! That guy is ruining the legitimacy of bloggers everywhere!”

  18. +100 knightro

    /in between gulps of nyquil

  19. Rex hated the trick play Lovie Smith had named “the Detroit Lions”

  20. That’s gross, man!

    /see what I did there

  21. Rex wishes he had heard Lovie Smith correctly during the timeout when he said “Use some clock!”

  22. DING! we have a winnner!!!!

  23. Sparty get the email yet?

  24. son of a bitch hotmail.

  25. You know the drill…

    Miz you had it in the post.

  26. good observation, Tampa. nobody else got it. I should have italicized “drill” I guess.

  27. A pre-cursor to the famous Leap, the “Lambeau Lay” never quite caught on

  28. Face down, ass up, that’s the way we like to…

  29. Michael Montgomery shows Rexy the difference between his 4th-n-long, and Jared Allen’s 4th-n-inches.

  30. Dilfer comes running in: “Is Rex dead? I got next”

  31. “Squeal like a pig, Rexy”

    /Ned Beatty’d

  32. Rex Grossman demonstrates to Tim Tebow what Florida QB’s are expected to do in the NFL.

    John wins in my book!

  33. Montgomery thought Rexy was the tight end…turns out he was just a wide receiver…either way he still hit it.

  34. It’s been happening in the NFC North standings for fifteen years… somebody finally captured it on film.

  35. “Personal foul on number ninety-six of the defense. Unnecessary butt sek with the quarterback…that’s a fifteen yard penalty and automatic first down.”


  36. and that’s just the kinda year it was for Rex!

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