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GatorTrey Takes on Atlanta (and the SEC Championship)


The view from my hotel room, graciously not paid for by Sparty.

Atlanta hadn’t seen this much action since General Sherman’s march and subsequent burning of the city, Trey was in town for the SEC Championship.

We didn’t arrive on scene until 11pm Friday night. Why? Because I only drove the final 2 hours, setting a landspeed record and scaring the smiles right off my family’s face. I was anxiously trying to get to Atlanta to heckle some Bama fans and win the SEC.

We check in, take a couple pictures of this fancy shamancy hotel, and disembark on an evening of fun.

We first meet a family from Johnson City, TN. The parents are Vol fans, and their kids, well one Gator and one Bammer. Pretty interesting makeup. They did not know Miz, which is why I ended the conversation (or maybe because they ended the conversation with me…whatever)

My sister and I ended up at Engine 13 (maybe) bar that was hosting a random Gator party. While there we ran into King Tut. Literally. I’ll hit the wayback machine and explain. In Jacksonville for the cocktail party we met this dude dressed like King Tut on Halloween. It was awkward, but he was funny. This time he wasn’t Tut’d up, but he was liquor’d up.

After a night of prepartying, we ended the evening with a chorus of Rooooolllll Tide being shouted.

We woke up, put on our Saturday finest on, hit up the breakfast buffet, jumped in a cab and rolled on down to the Georgia Dome. Here’s where the story gets a little nippy. It’s probably -843 degree out, you can’t tailgate in that! We find a bar, but there was none to be found. Until we run into the Golden Buddha Chinese Restaurant. What? Yes, there was a bar in there. And Gator fans. And well booze.

We hang there for 2 hours, meeting a bevy of people. Bammer fans, Gator fans, Chinese food fans, but the most curious. The daughter and granddaughter of Florida coaching legend Ray Graves. Ray Graves you say? He was instrumental in letting two University of Florida doctors use his players as guinea pigs for an electrolyte beverage.

Tickets were selling on the streets from anywhere from $300 to $1000. Luckily we had seats but if you didn’t good luck.

On into the warm Georgia Dome.picture-013

The game was great….the emotional highs and lows between the opposing fanbases was something to be seen. The crowd was pretty even, which was shocking after so many were convinced Bama was going to fill the venue then some. Alabama does something great, Florida does something great. The facility was simply rocking.  If it weren’t for the 23,021 commercials CBS had, we might have all had heart attacks.

My seats

My seats

The Gators came out victorious, but it took a great 4th quarter to do so.

Went back to the hotel and my sister and I hit up the lobby bar. I swear everytime we walked by that the same TWO people were sitting there. We were joined by my college roommates sister, who lives in the ATL. Now again I must hit up the way back machine. This particular roommate is probably one of my best friends, we’ve had enough adventures and nights on the town that a TV series was created about it. It was called “Quantum Leap.”

Well like brother like sister. She’s wearing a Gator shirt, the significance? She’s a Georgia Bulldog…I take a picture for proof in Jacksonville next year. We go to an establishment called JR Crickets, which happens to be located by Georgia Tech. To put it bluntly, we were a little out of place. But that didn’t prevent the fun.

I woke up ate $40,000 worth of food from the Varsity and nestled in for a cool 6 hour drive back home.

All in all, Atlanta 9 out of 10 on the experience.


13 Responses

  1. ?

  2. quantum leap reference.

  3. Great post, would be greater with a pic of your sis and your college roommate’s sis.

    Hell, just throw one up of Ivanovic.

    /someone had to say it

  4. trey, check email.

  5. I can’t believe you at $40K of Varsity food and didn’t bring me back anything like I asked. Your uncle will hear about this!!!

  6. Ha! the Chili dogs are just to rule.

  7. Sparty-

    Seriously, still a lot of discussions at the SEC game around Petersen and MSU, still feel good about the source? May happen in the next couple of days.

  8. AJ I didn’t add it, but someone said it at the bar in Atlanta when I was ordering. I put it in my comments Friday night.

  9. AJ-last i heard was now at 50%.

  10. Makes all the sense in the world for him to leave now. What else can he do at Bosie? He will have all the time he wants in Starkville to get the job done and will be paid at least 2.5M. Get s the chance to compete in the best conference in america and work with a guy he is really good friends with that is young and putting fire back into the Athletic Department….he has got to be disappointed with a Poinsetta Bowl berth and a 12-0 mark. Have fun putting lipstick on that pig.

  11. I’m jealous of this trip on multiple levels. sounds like a good time and i’m sure the win accented it. now, I get to go back to hating florida for the next month until I have to pull for them against ol’ ckoklahoma.

  12. AJ, i don’t get it either. I thought sports were about being better than everyone, not just really good. anyone who says otherwise is full of it.

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