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Happy Hour: I Voted


 Use voting as an excuse to get out of work early when you mailed in your ballot a few days ago….just so you could hit the bar…hit the golf course…get in a few errands on company time? It is your patriotic duty. And because you are leaving work early – well that means Happy Hour comes early too. Who did you vote for? Come on just tell me…I wont laugh….Come on….Please…I wont tell anyone….seriously.

Speaking of “Come On” did you guys enjoy the ESPN Feature before the game, or was it at the half….The segment was titled “Com’on Man”…Dudes dropping balls, falling down QBs, all of the panelists picked one buffoon’d play and after said….”Com’on Man”….Good Segment…better than Jack’d Up IMO

Anyways, who did you vote for? Just kidding…Who is watching what channel tonight for the election coverage and why? Discuss below….Right after you get the days recap and check out the NFL Pool Results

The Morning After was a hangover discussion of everything that happened yesterday. Considering yesterday was such a stud and today appears to be a dud sports wise, it was the perfect time to introduce GITC debut of Studs and Duds from the NBA. This column will appear after a night in which a full slate of games are played in the NBA (read as >5 games). Funny thing is, I dont know if I needed GITC insight to tell me Cuttino Mobley, Jose Juan Barea, Andre Brown, and Mike Taylor would be duds….I’m just saying

Pittsburgh beat Washington = President Obama….If this holds true again – how can this coincidence continue to happen on all of the right years? If Starbucks really did give away free coffee for voters…which line was longer – the line to vote or the line for free coffee?

Finally, we have reached the halfway point in the NFL Pool Challenge. Each week seems to have fewer and fewer people earning points….proof once again that parity is kicking our asses. Not only did JB take the overall lead away from Gator Trey….Mizerle kicked all of our asses going 11-3 while BigD finally looked like a guy we should listen to about NFL picks going 10-4. Then a handful of 9-5s split third through fifth….and then the rest of you.


1. Mizerle 11-3 (5 Points)
2. BigD 10-4 (4 Points)
3. MikeyCHX 9-4 (1.2 Points)
    JB 9-4 (1.2 Points)
    Rekcalsa 9-4 (1.2 Points)
    GChan 9-4 (1.2 Points)
    GITC 9-4 (1.2 Points)





Current Standings

  1. jb 13.34
  2. gatortrey 12.8
  3. mizerle 12.5
  4. sparty 11.64
  5. patphish 11
  6. guyinthecorner 7.84
  7. fiestatrio 7.61
  8. mikeychx 7.45
  9. knightswhosayni 7.0
  10. rekcalsa 6.75
  11. jen 6.55
  12. clown 6.25
  13. bigd29x 5.5
  14. jpmanahan 5.44
  15. gchan 5.11
  16. sae 3.61
  17. skibum 2.3
  18. john .55
  19. marcomarco .44
  20. cycledan .3
  21. danwise .25

Closing out… we are all going to be mostly watching election coverage, but there are a few NBA games on tonight. Most notable is the Celtics @ Houston on NBA TV. Phoenix @ New Jersey and Dallas @ San Antonio (remember when this was a marquee game a few years ago?)

This post is going to be going up around 3pm in the east…still a ways to go as far as election results are concerned…but among other things in the comments feel free to discuss the days events in the political world here too. That will give us sports, politics so far….any one want to add race and religion to the discussion so we can have  a giant “fuck you contest?”


120 Responses

  1. Earliest happy hour EvARz!!?111!!!!eleventyhundreeve!!11!

  2. liquid lunch for me in the west….sweet

  3. 5-9…ugh.

    /hanging my head in shame.

  4. @clown – I was calling you out at TBL in the Fulmer one-liner. your quietness disappoints me.

  5. any one want to add race and religion to the discussion so we can have a giant “fuck you contest?”

    Sure, I’m game. I’m white, new age/unitarian and I voted for Obama.

    Bring it on.

  6. down goes gaytortrey!!!

  7. Does it count if you skip out on work today even if you’re self employed?

  8. just to let you all know, I’m retiring John Elway style…right now…on top. after going 17-2 in my CFB top 25 picks and then 11-3 in my NFL picks, I will now be freelancing as a consultant.

    been nice knowing you chumps!

    /just kidding; you’re still stuck with me.

  9. I would have voted for Ron Paul.

  10. @ knights

    nah. i am self emloyed too…mailed it in so far today though

  11. I like how ESPN’s streak for the cash has Obama-McCain as a matchup because that’s totally a sports event right? Anyway that’s like a freebie one so I’ll take advantage of it.

  12. courtesy of ESPN regarding Marbury not playing…

    “Looking back at the last two years, I kind of liked Larry Brown,” Marbury said with a laugh. “I kind of liked Larry Brown. I’m like, ‘Man, I wish this guy was here to drill me now.'”

  13. Barnes > Pearl

  14. Izzo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everyone

  15. We’re going to have to work out a bet on MSU/U of MN games this year sparty.

  16. no problemo, hawkeye. would you like a guest feature here?

  17. Easterbrook mentions Fort Wayne for having the goofiest sports nicknames in the history of ever in his column today. I like the shoutout, and I can’t say I disagree. IPFW is the Mastodons, the hockey team is the Komets (can’t even spell right), everyone knows about the NBDL team the Mad Ants, and now to top that off they’ve changed the minor league baseball team’s name to the Tin Caps because Johnny Appleseed’s grave is here. The Tin Caps?!?!?!?! Yowza.

  18. Pearl > all

    /see last matchup with Barnes and (potentially) upcoming matchup with Izzo

  19. Guest feature? That means I’d have to write something entertaining and witty. Might be difficult.

  20. It gets better, check out the logo on the Tin Caps.



  21. FOX announced the premiere dates for the upcoming seventh season of “24,” which will air a special two-night, four-hour event on Sunday January 11th and Monday January 12th (8-10pm ET).

    24 Countdown Officially Begins

  22. the bauer hour!

  23. Someone had a “Jack Ryan” for president sign in their front yard this morning. I thought of you “24” goobs.

  24. @ Jen

    I’d be more on board with MacGyver for president myself.

  25. Jack Ryan from the Alec Baldwin/Harrison Ford movies? (Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger, etc.)

  26. Harrison Ford Jack Ryan > Alec Baldwin Jack Ryan>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ben Affleck Jack Ryan

  27. jen-i prefer “24” nerd, not goob.


  29. Ben Affleck’s Keith Olbermann > Real Keith Olbermann

  30. lol…nm for a minute there i saw < ben affleck

  31. I prefer 24 loyal enthusiast.

  32. MacGruber >>>>>>> MacGyver

  33. Can’t wait for 24 to start….4 hours in 2 days is awesome…the movie on 11/23 will have to tide me over until then.

  34. kwsn–That logo is too funny…an apple with a pot on its head??

  35. here here, sparty!

  36. the MacGruber skit is one of these worst SNL bits in awhile.

  37. Pearl > all

    You got me, miz.

    Here’s a list of all of Pearl’s Final Fours:

    And here’s all of his elite eights:

  38. and here’s a list of his national champioships: 2009

  39. now you have to go back and edit that comment after thursday.

  40. and here’s a list of his national champioships: 2009

    Someone call 911…miz has suffered a serious open head wound!

  41. I’m just clowning with you, clown. however, pearl has only been there three years and already taken Tennessee higher than it evAr was before he got there. now he’s mostly got all of his own recruits and we’re excited to see what will happen.

    /please don’t flame out. please don’t flame out.

  42. stay tuned for thursday, knightro. the head wound will be wide open.

    @sparty – what?

  43. you will have to link that comment.

  44. @ miz – you going to the SEC tourney in Tampa?

  45. If you’re a Simmons fan (or not), this is an interesting read. Leitch timelines the Simmons vs. ESPN feud in his weekly WEEI mailbag.

    Not Good Times for Simmons

  46. @knightro – que? what tourney and when? basketball?

  47. @knightro – if it’s SEC b-ball tourney, count me as 99% going (need to check prices first). I am going to a few sessions of the Old Spice tourney in Orlando over Thanksgiving weekend.

  48. @ miz – yessir. The SEC men’s basketball tournament is scheduled to take place in at the St. Pete Times Forum from March 12-15, 2009

  49. how far are you dudes from ocala…i probably need to get down to see my parents soon…we can tee it up maybe

  50. @knightro – I had no idea. I thought it was in Atlanta again. I’ll check with mrs. mizerle* and hopefully be there.

    @mikey – I’m in Jax…so about 2 hours? you don’t want to play golf with me though because I’ve never played. seriously. I’m most definitely willing to play; just never had the opportunity.

    *whipped and proud of it

  51. mize….do you know how to drink beer?

  52. miz is a moonshining dirt farmer…

  53. @ mikey – trey and I are in Orlando about 2 hours from both Jax and Ocala. Collectively we are the Bermuda Triangle of Sparty & Friends

  54. 5-9

    Damn it. Even my “pick the opposite” week backfires. I might’ve gone 9-5

  55. @ john

    Simmons is so gone when his contract is up and anyone will hire him. I haven’t read a single word of reilly on espn, I always read Simmons. And I’m a Boston hater.

  56. @mikey – I’ve heard of drinking beer before. I’m willing to try that too…lots of times.

  57. miz is a moonshining dirt farmer…

    mmmmmm…corn in a jar

    /Rocky Top, you’ll always be…

  58. well i am in california…but my parents are in…and i grew up in ocala

  59. *whipped and proud of it

    If it’s just plain whipped you should NOT be proud.

  60. whats up with the MLJ / trent dilfer fucking dead people post?

  61. spencer went crazy today…

  62. ocala to cali…that has to be some serious culture shock…unless you have found some alternate reality parallel ocala-type place in california

  63. no…i left ocala 6 days after graduating from high school….that was 18 years ago

  64. spencer went crazy and ghey today…

  65. OK kids, time for me to leave work and go home! See y’all this evening (maybe)

  66. @mikey – I guess it is about time you visited the ‘rents then, huh?

  67. vanguard or forest?

  68. Time to go and not Ba-rock the vote…oh boy.

  69. @ miz – you, me, trey & some others might have to roadtrip the SEC tourney!

  70. I’m game, knightro…bring it on!


    *same disclaimer as above though

  71. vanguard and forest…even went to st.johns but graduated from ocala christian academy

  72. John, How long until simmons is writing on WEEI.com?

  73. Isn’t the SEC tourny in Tampa?

    Dalla billz.

  74. everyone on their way homie homies?

  75. Not yet…long day.

  76. affirmative to trey…negatory to mikey.

  77. I’d love to leave though, but I’d just be fucking myself more.

    excuse the language

  78. on my way to sbux for free coffee. see ya latte!

  79. I will be stopping there too.

  80. just cracked open my first holland brewed lager

  81. shocker…giambi and pavanos options declined by the yankees

  82. shocker part 2…burnett files for free agency

  83. drinking-check
    3 posts in a row-check

    mikey’s in the mikey zone

  84. Back from voting. only took about 15 minutes, nice and easy.

    Yes to state tax removal
    No to potheads and cmfost
    Yes to prohibit dog race betting. Just because I always lose when I bet on em at Lincoln Park, RI.

    About to crack open a Sam Adams Octoberfest.

  85. if i voted against gay marriage in california…do you think cmfost will stop reading our site?

  86. here i go into the mikeyzone…i dont expect anyone to be here constantly on a tuesday night…but no one here and no one at MLJ…its fucking election night….snarky-ness should be abounding…but here i am …all by myself….


  87. i mean what the fuck…brady quinn day bombed at MLJ…but we got quality shit here today

  88. its only 830 in the east…….are all of the polls closed?

  89. do i gotta go five straight comments to get someone else in here or what?

  90. I’m here for ya Mikey. I’m gonna deliver Indiana for Obama 🙂

  91. sparty should get some advertising coin from heineken on the home page due to my excessive comment runs

  92. lol…back in 10 mins..gotta go eat lasagne’

  93. Indiana’s going blue for sure. McCain only has a 40,000 vote lead with none of Gary counted and only half of Indy and its suburbs.

  94. california is definetly blew and not read


  95. +1 for the blew for Calipornia.

  96. it’s ovah! thanks jen for ohio 🙂

  97. tick tick tick

  98. tick.

  99. looks like i’m going to be paying state taxes in ’09. Damn you CM.

  100. Big Televen for Obama!

  101. meow meow goes our dog mel…his meows are super swell


  102. ummmm…it’s getting a little weird in here.

  103. What did you expect out of someone drinking and someone whose tag is a monty python character?

  104. Playboy has to find a Palin look alike for a pictorial…actually I guess she will be available

  105. its not “getting” wierd in here…its always been weird in here

  106. the almost VPILF…will just have to settle for being the GILF…(governor…not grandmother)

  107. Florida is a nail biter…currently purple

  108. CNN projects Obama the next president

  109. Obama pulls ahead in Indiana with 93% reporting. The other 7% will surely go to Obama. I told you I’d deliver Indiana!

  110. And we have a winner. I bet there’s a surge in gun permit applications tomorrow.

  111. And on that note, I’m off to bed.

  112. Caption:

    America awakes hungover and says “We elected who?!?!??”

  113. msnbc has the house 260 dems to 175 reps, is that right?
    cnn only has 175-115

  114. They all project and report differently…can’t be totally sure until it’s final.

  115. Senate real similar on both sites…House a little more disparity

  116. is it coincidence that I’m watching “End of Days” right now?

  117. 6+ years later and my comment is spot-on.

  118. Mizerle06 still egregiously retarded I see

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