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Happy Hour: Halloween / Mailing It In Edition

It is Halloween…I am guessing it will be a slow night around these parts of the internet. I dont have anything wonderful or witty to say…I dont have any special insights…no photoshops….nothing. This is a Mailing it Edition of Happy Hour….Or better still..it is you – the commenters – it is your day to tell , say, or link to something witty….yeah…thats a better idea…

So before we get to that – heres what you may have missed today at Sparty and Friends….

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S & F NFL Pool Challenge: Week 9

So here we go…week nine of the NFL Pool Challenge. Still a lot of time left to earn some points. But we are halfway home so everyone should have an idea of the contenders and pretenders from week to week…uhh – yearh right. Parity means any team can win on any given Sunday…fortuantely this also means any one can win on a week to week basis in the pool challenge too.

Anyways – I am not sure I even care about this first introductory paragraph on a weekly basis…so how can I expect you to….Onto the recaps and picks for this week… Continue reading

This Day in History: October 31

All Hallow’s Eve has arrived along with all of the snotty little children running around your neighborhood begging for cavities obesity candy only to come back on the same night in 10 years to egg your crib because you gave them two fun-size Snickers and they wanted three.  We’ve already discussed our Halloween costumes in Happy Hour a couple nights ago (we all know what sparty’s costume looks like…especially since he wears it every day), so we’ll go a different route* today.

Since this day is such a celebrated day in many cultures, we decided to drop a quarter dolla’-dolla’ bill five-spot benjamin (damn, gas prices are affecting time travel too) into the way-back-machine to revisit some of the significant events, sports-related and not, that have occurred on this day in history. Continue reading

The Odds-On Favorite – Week 9 NFL Picks

You know how every week in my little disclaimer I make note of the fact that gambling on sports is illegal in this country outside of Las Vegas & Atlantic City? Well, funny thing… I might be able to make legal sports bets a lot more frequently in the near future…

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Top 25 Picks: Mizerle-ized

Intraconference clash of the undefeateds.

Intraconference clash of the undefeateds.

I decided to be a good co-blogger…again.  So, this time I’m giving sparty the week off from picking this weekend’s college football games, since we all know it’s such a taxing endeavor.  You may be asking yourself, “What’s the benefit to me if it’s mizerle picking vs. sparty picking?”  Well, first, you’ll get insightful analysis this week.  Second, you get correct picks.  Seriously, take out a second mortgage and place your bets following the mizerle picks here.  You can thank me by buying me a brewski or a vacation house later.

Anyway, four of the top 25 teams have a bye this week; that gives us a pretty full slate of games to mull over.  Luckily for me, those four bye week teams are all either Big Televen teams or simply insignificant to the rest of the top 25 so I didn’t want to talk about them anyway.  Beyond the typical college football win-loss implications, a few of this week’s games will have very significant conference and national implications.  Let’s jump right in and see what we’ve got to look forward to this weekend. Continue reading

The Morning After: October 31, 2008 (Post WS Edition)

Baseball is D.O.N.E.  No more games until next spring, unless you are inclined to follow the Arizona Fall League.  Where Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes has been terrible his last couple starts.  Good thing the Yanks didn’t trade the “future ace” for the already “established ace”.

However this is the time of year that somebody enjoy more than the actual games.  It’s when we get to all act like little school girls and squawk about all the rumors circuluating.  Welcome to the:

Get it? Hot Stove! I crack myself up sometimes.  Let’s get a quick jump on where we (me) see things going. Continue reading

Happy Hour: Basketball Diaries

Well…the World Series game last night didnt take too long. As a matter of fact, it was wierd having nothing to watch after seven o’clock here in the west. Just then I remembered that the Lakers were playing. Basketball will be our saving grace during the week now. I can honestly say that I have never eally paid a lot of attention to basketball in the fall…Its just such a long season. Nine Months? I mean, you could get your wife pregnant during Tip Off week and not have a Kid Until after the Finals….thus ensuring your wife would sleep alot during the Playoffs and NBA Finals…Good Strategy. Continue reading