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The Morning After: September 15, 2008

Anyone want this man running a 2 minute drill?

The Detroit Lions never cease to amaze me.  As I was watching the WCNYFG win their 12th straight game on the road, I could not help but notice the graphic in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  The Lions were winning 25-24 over the Packers with 7:41 left.  I was shocked!  I couldn’t believe that the Lions made it all the way back from being down 24-3.  Aaron Rodgers was doing his best, well Aaron Rodgers in the first half.  So I then went into my son’s room, we built a tunnel, which as soon as it was completed he knocked it down. Then I decided to see how the Lions game turned out.  So I flip on the Patriots/Jets game and watched the CBS scroll.  Which happened to be much more exciting than the actual game that was on.  My jaw dropped.  Packers 48, Lions 25.  Huh? How? What?  No?  Misprint, right?  Ran to the computer, checked the box score, and yep, Jon Kitna really sucks.

Speaking of the Jets and Patriots.  Yep, the Jets still stink. Jets fans were talking a lot of crap on the blogosphere as well as in the area that I live in.  Brady was out, Cassel was the starting QB.  I know by now you have heard that Cassel’s last start was in high school.  Not only did he lose that game, but he was 3-11 for 46 yards, yeesh that’s bad.  He did not do anything spectacular yesterday, but he did that thing that Trent Dilfer made famous, he managed the game.  The old wiley vet playing for the Jets did not.  Yep, the Jets still stink.  Belicheat is still the smartest man on the sidelines, and Mangini is still kinda fat.

But Jets fans, never waver,  you are not the worst team in the AFC.  The Bungles are back! Why the hell did I draft Carson Palmer?

Minnesota’s defense is awesome! Adrian Peterson is the new baddest back in the league!  Minnesota still cannot score touchdowns!

In the next 12 hours, we should receiver word from the league about how bad the refs screwed up, and screwed over San Diego in Denver.  The Broncos stole a 39-38 victory over the Chargers.

The rest of yesterday’s scores.

I guess Carlos Zambrano’s arm is ok.  After an 11 day lay off,  Big Z came back and threw a no hitter! Hey Mikey, you want a post?

The Yankees still have a chance!

Jimmy is a big douchebag, everyone hates Jimmy.  Jimmy is gonna have a rough day this Saturday.

AP Top 25

1. USC (61) 2-0 1,596
2. Oklahoma 3-0 1,485
3. Georgia (2) 3-0 1437
4. Florida (1) 2-0 1,414
5. Missouri 3-0 1,389
6. LSU 2-0 1,274
7. Texas 2-0 1,140
8. Wisconsin 3-0 1,076
9. Alabama 3-0 982
10. Auburn 3-0 958
11. Texas Tech 3-0 904
12. South Florida 3-0 801
13. Ohio State 2-1 800
14. Brigham Young 3-0 788
15. East Carolina 3-0 781
16. Penn State 3-0 779
17. Oregon 3-0 679
18. Wake Forest 2-0 482
19. Kansas 2-1 445
20. Utah 3-0 428
21. West Virginia 1-1 179
22. Illinois 2-1 163
23. Clemson 2-1 160
24. Florida State 2-0 146
25. Fresno State 1-1 121
Others Receiving Votes: Vanderbilt 63, Oklahoma State 62, TCU 45, Boise State 38, Arizona State 36, North Carolina 31, Virginia Tech 28, Nebraska 21, Tennessee 15, Connecticut 13, Iowa 12, Kentucky 6, Tulsa 6, Northwestern 4, Notre Dame 4, Minnesota 4, Arizona 2, UCF 1, Ball State 1, South Carolina 1.

Sparty is not happy camper!


54 Responses

  1. Mike Shanahan has balls.

  2. that he does john…but he never should have had that choice. that was BS.

  3. It will be interesting to see if the NFL does something to punish Ed Hocules. They have to do something, right?

  4. That’s too bad. I was hoping he would finish the year with the Yankees healthy and get signed to an extension.

  5. I love seeing the voters actually changing up the top teams in the AP and not just leaving teams in their spots since they won. Seeing Oklahoma jump to #2 over Georgia is kinda refreshing.

    sparty, you linked all the teams but not the AP poll?

  6. eh, copy and paste job off the WWL. the links came with it. rough morning. kid was sick, wife wanted help.

  7. Ah, I see. Just thought it was kinda odd that you took all the time to link the teams and not the poll, but you didn’t link a damn thing. Here it is if anyone is too lazy: AP Poll

  8. I’m liking the movement in the polls too. It’s nice to see the voters not allowing so much “inertia” (rek’s word) and moving teams around. I don’t understand Bammer up to #9 and O$U down to #13 with Florida State (1-1) at 25 and Vandy (3-0) not yet ranked.

  9. why did E. Carolina drop a spot? why does ND have votes???

  10. ND has votes because at least 4 people were confused after a late night of drinking and thought ND at 2-0 after beating Michigan meant something like it used to mean.

    Did anyone else watch the Chiefs set football back 50 years in KC? Your first pick in the 2009 NFL draft, the KC chiefs.

  11. I think ECU was down late to Tulane (??) so they may have been playing down to their opponent. that gets you beat and/or dropped in the polls.

  12. @pv Re:KC

    Trade McFadden now, his stock will never be higher.

  13. I said that two years ago about Larry Johnson. Look what he has done since…. Nothing except complain.

    At least McFadden knows how to block, LJ still hasnt figured that out.

  14. @miz: it’s Fresno State at #25 with the 1-1. And, yea, ECU squeaked one out at Tulane after putting a beatdown on WVU the previous week.

  15. sorry, i don’t think you can mark ECU down a spot for coming out flat. that’s bogus man. that is an attempt to keep them away from the BCS. yeah, I believe in the conspiracy.

  16. ha ha; nice catch, rek. I’m freaking illiterate this morning.

  17. I was telling you all about Justin Tuck becoming a star. 3 sacks, 1 pick six in his first 2 games as a starter.

    oh, and he was held about half the the game as well, per Troy Aikman.

  18. miz, at first i thought florida state was listed twice.

  19. Aikman has brain problems and Tuck sucks so the best thing the Gi’nts can do is to trade him away to the Titans immediately while his stock is high.

  20. at least you didn’t type it, sparty. I had hoped to keep my stupidity off of the internet and confined to my everyday life, but now it’s forever captured on the internet.

  21. did anybody else see Dan and Keith last night on NBC?

    last week, I said their “Little Big Show” was only about 4 minutes long so it was way too short for either of them to bring their chemistry to the table. this week, they probably had about 20-25 minutes of real involvement between the pregame (Football Night in America) and at halftime. maybe I missed something last week but it was significantly longer this week and, in my opinion, much better.

  22. miz- i missed it, very disappointed now.

  23. after Patphish put up that gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) ND post on Saturday night, I thought about putting up a Pats post.

    The Jets really are the Spartans of the pro’s.

  24. @sparty – it was kinda funny because I was surprised by how well they worked together and how well their analysis and opinions flowed. I think it’s because it seems like each of them have recently only gotten very small segments nationally lately so they try too hard to be funny and witty, which is exactly what I thought the problem was last week. I think the entire time I heard/saw them last night, I was expecting some cheesy comment about everything they covered and it was actually smart analysis that showed their old chemistry.

    I’ll stop over-analyzing Dan and Keith now since I don’t think anybody else cares.

  25. miz-should we just g-chat?

  26. is that a sexual innuendo? if so, yes we should.

  27. Memo to Micheal Phelps – sick to swimming!!!! Please.

  28. i heard Tina Fey really stuck the Palin parody.

  29. I missed Phelps on SNL…which I guess was a good thing. Although I’ll probably still go back and watch it.

  30. Phelps was not good at all. He stuttered, couldn’t act, and was all kinds of goofy (and not in a good way). Compared to LeBron and Peyton, he was a train wreck.

  31. Tina Fey was a perfect Sarah Palin probably the best political impersonation I have seen in a long team

  32. Hope you guys are ready, the NBA previews begin today.

  33. Phelps did about as well as I could have expected. He has a slight lisp which made things bad.

    Tina Fey was dead on for Palin.

  34. NBA previews?…shouldn’t the NHL previews come before that?!?!

  35. no jinx posts from me….a no hitter is a nice footnote…but not the ultimate prize

  36. Some Monday morning crazy talk from Shanoff…

    Or that Brandon Marshall sat out Week 1, yet still leads the NFL in receptions — and instantly puts himself at the top of the argument: Who is the NFL’s best WR?

  37. Moss, TO, Wayne, Plax, Holt, Calvin Johnson, Fitzgerald, Boldin, S. Moss, Jennings, i can keep going…

  38. As a Jets fan, I didn’t really think that Favre was our saviour so it is not that much of a let down. Still, Feely, just signed to replace the injured kicker shanked a FG from point blank costing the Jets a sure 3. Couple that with a Favre pick that led to 7 and things could have gone differently – but I don’t really believe that. The D played well but the Pats D totally shut down the Jets. It wasn’t completely Favre’s fault since they were outplayed in all aspects. They went for it on goal to go from about the 3 I believe and couldn’t punch it in running it 3 straight times. Kind of frustrating to watch.

    Also the Chiefs suck. As a Jet fan, I can easily say, Herm Edwards is a terrible coach. He may be a good D-back coach but he simply doesn’t have it as a head coach. My friend joking called him a poor man’s Tony Dungee. More like a poverty stricken Bowery bum’s Tony Dungee. I predict this is his last year ever being a head coach in the NFL.

  39. Just had the Jets game on as background noise, but it looked like Favre was underthrowing the ball quite a bit (on the offensive interference call on Cotchery, and on the pick). Arm might finally be showing signs of his age or maybe it was the heat.

    Jets also shot themselves in the feet with several penalties.

  40. Fey a hit as Palin on ‘SNL’ premiere (CNN)

    And Obama using Ike as an excuse to bail:

    This year’s season debut was expected to dive even further into politics because of a planned appearance from Obama. But the Senator canceled his cameo early Saturday. His campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Obama decided it was no longer appropriate because of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike.

  41. I’m sure Favre is already regretting not taking that $20 million offer from the Packers to stay home.

  42. Fantasy Advise – Would you make this trade?

    I would give Up: Cutler and Vernon Davis
    I would get: Delhomme and Witten

    I have McNabb as my other QB

  43. new post is up

  44. do it cmfost. cutler will comeback down to earth, vernon davis is a huge dick tease.

  45. cmfost
    I second sparty, I’m looking to replace VD as well. Desperate enough to maybe grab the Rams TE off waivers (McMichael)

  46. waiting for the Trey and Miz pissing match…

  47. New Post!

  48. Pats defense played great, I am looking forward to watching them this year, as opposed to watching the Pats offense last year. People thought that adding Brett and then the Pats losing Brady would cause a shift in the AFC east, and that is still TBD, but you can call a pig a pig, and if you put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig. The Jets are one fat stinky ugly pig.

  49. Hey Marco, how did you do in Fantasy with Zambrano coming back for his No-hitter. I almost benched him, but he came through in first week of playoffs for me.

  50. Sports news from around world.
    Soccer riot blamed on witchcraft

    Just be glad we live in a part of the world where:
    1 – we don’t have soccer riots
    2 – we don’t have soccer riots because of witchcraft
    3 – the police don’t try to control the crowd by firing their guns into the air.

  51. sae said:

    “I’m looking to replace VD as well.”

    Wow. I can’t imagine a situation in which that sentence wouldn’t be funny.

  52. Hey Nozzel, (this is way late but i was out monday).

    I got bouced in the quarter finals of my league. Its a shame Z didn’t come back a week earlier.

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