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The Morning After: September 13, 2008


This is as close as he will get to the field
This is as close as he will get to the field*

With the announcement that Beanie Wells will not play tonight, USC should pound tOSU into submission.  In the off chance that tOSU wins this game, I will not pick against them the remainder of the season. (SI.com)

Here come the Bulls.  In what ended up being a crazy game last night.  The South Florida Bulls withstood a Kansas comeback in Tampa last night, and kicked a game-winning FG as time expired. (TBO)

Imagine how bad things really would have been in Cleveland had they not been able to march out Cliff Lee every five days?  Dude has been unreal this year, boasting what is now a 22-2 record with a 2.36 ERA after last nights win over the Royals.  The Cy Young award should be unanimous this year, but some idiots will give their vote to a K-Rod just because of his high total of saves.

Plenty of free baseball being played today, after all the rain-outs that took place last night. (SI.com)

I haven’t had a beer in over 8 years, but this still cracked me up. (Brahsome)

Big Foot does exist! (The Sports Hernia Blog)

I do not think either team will go 0-16, but The Hater Nation breaks down who has the ultimate disadvantage.

We have a reputation as being a lil snarky here at S&Fs, but sometimes we get serious.  Anyway, not sure if anyone has ever seen the iconic 80s surfer movie North Shore but,  “Nobody listens to Sparty.” The World Champion New York Football Giants, and the New York Bretts, called off the deal with Allianz. (NYDN)

Remember, after you are sloppy drunk from watching the Trojans slaughter the Buckeyes, change the channel to NBC and watch another debacle of Michael Phelps on SNL.

Smell ya later!

*Photo Credit Kiichiro Sato / Associated Press


21 Responses

  1. Wow, thanks for the love to Ohio.

  2. so apparently we have at least 19 readers

  3. 18 more than the 100 Year Itch!

  4. ZING!!

  5. We rule.

  6. lol

    i was averaging about 150-200 comments fro a few games…after the losing streak went down to about 50…anyways i some how have about a third of the page clicks as s&f …5300 or so

  7. yep

  8. so, mikey, you saying your blog followers are pink hats??

    speaking of top clicks…sparty, you see the mcnabb one up there??? hahaha.

  9. Wow, Cal isn’t looking to good against the Terps.

  10. yes…i am the only non pink hat…actually no most of the guys get stuck in that social networking mode that is the espn conversation boards….they like to fight off the trolls and let all of their stuff get censored….its quite liberating getting the word ” fuck ” turned into #### and then getting your accout suspended a few mins later

  11. i was gonna say the same thing re: cal

    i guess if maryland can beat cal there may be a glimmer of hope for tOSU

  12. weather conditions have been terrible today in East Lansing, but Javon Ringer has been a stud…

  13. I took a tour of the Miller Brewery last week while in Milwaukee and saw that beer hoodie. Not only was I amazed by its coolness, but I was devastated that I didn’t come up with the idea first.

  14. what does the beer hoodie look like?

  15. um, mikey, didja read this? It’s in there.

  16. ND/Michigan defenses are terrible.

  17. no…i never read anything…i just come here to bullshit…now what about that hoodie?

  18. i think they should make a hoodie that has a little beer pocket on the front of it though…in fact i invented one….i think it is going to be a big seller

  19. maybe sparty’s guys can ruin ND’s party…


  20. rek-if McGuffie can run like he did on them at ND, Ringer is gonna tear them up in East Lansing.

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