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The Morning After: September 9, 2008

If you haven’t heard, Tom Brady is out of the season. This really is his replacement

Bury your heads in the sand Pats fans, just bury your head.

Who is feeling hurt more by the Tom Brady injury, Pats fans? Nah, fantasy owners are feeling it more. (CNBC.com)

But there is a fantasy winner, Laurence Maroney.  It is about time they gave him the rock!

Aaron Rodgers did ok in his starting debut.  He was a solid 18-22 for 178 yards and 1 TD, leading Green Bay to an opening victory 24-19 over the Vikings.  I had trouble watching this game due to Tony Kornheiser and his fellatio of Brett Favre all night long.

The Raiders are still the Raiders.  Jay Cutler led the Broncos to a 41-14 whooping of the Raiders.

Vince, piece of advice, take your time getting back from your injury. They are really not liking you in Tennessee.  See, fans like to see the offense move the ball and score.  The Titans never should have let fantasy stud Billy Volek get away. (SI.com)

The Lions really do have their head up their asses.

Not sure if anyone picked up on the fact that we failed to preview the ACC for football season.  Probably not, because the ACC sucks.  However, 8 Donkeys Blog does a great job of breaking them down, hot chicks style.

Dante Rosario, loved her in Alexander. Oh wait, that was Rosario Dawson and her dirty pillows. (Awful Announcing)

Pacman received a reach around from Nick Sorensen. (Pro Football Talk)

Speaking of hand jobs.

Since every other blog I have visited in the last couple days has posted it, we are too.

My favorite headline from a blog this week.

Michael Rosenberg is someone that I continue to tout as the next great sportswriter.  He nails it this week with his article about the importance of the USC/tOSU to the Big Ten. tOSU must win this game to bring credibility back to the conference.  Over the last several years Big Ten teams have lost game after game against top BCS schools, most notably the BCS title game.  Even the Buckeyes win in 2003 over Miami has been tarnished by Willis McGahee leaving with an injury and the latest pass interference call in college football history(and it wasn’t PI).  Of course people forget that Miami had 4 shots from the 2 against OSU and couldn’t get the job done, but details people, details.  Forget the idea that this will decide who plays in the National Title game at the end of the season, this is for pride in regards to tOSU and the Big Ten.

It should not be long before he regains the number 1 spot as well.  Roger Federer is back with a vengeance.

CMFost, you may get a 2 out of 1000 right in your predicitons, this was not one of the 2.  (NJ.com)

But this may be one of the 2. (Boston.com)

Look, I hate the Eagles with a passion, but here is visual evidence of NFL Cheerleaders being just as hot (if not hotter) as the college counterpart (in reference to this post): 


72 Responses

  1. There is NEVER a good reason to put boy band karaoke on a blog this early in the morning. Almost made me go read Shamford.

  2. Thank God you balanced it out with the Eagles cheerleader. Nice pic!!

  3. i knew i would have to make it up after that. but when your starting QB is doing that, it has to be shown to the masses.

  4. I thought the nonpreview of the ACC was the preview of the ACC.

  5. I can’t see the video and that’s probably a good thing.

  6. Belichick is a genius, his brain will in them the game…with or without Brady

  7. So I lost all three of my FFB games last week. Apparently I have the GM skills of a young Carl Peterson.

  8. @pv – or Matt Millen?

  9. Some advance warning…the Jets play the Chargers on MNF in two weeks. Make sure your mute button is working properly beforehand.

  10. i was 1-2. my lone victory was in the The Big Lead FFL. stay tuned for a post about that league…

  11. I think Matt Millen is more appropriate sadly.

  12. fantasy football is a crap shoot. anyone can win. unless you are one of those idiots who drafts a kicker in the 6th round.

  13. I’m running an experiment with FF this year. I joined a league on Yahoo and let the computer draft for me. every week I will let the computer decide who to start for me.

    my prediction: I will do no worse than my previous 5 years when I was a little too serious about it.

  14. glad to see the Yanks are not going down without a fight. losing 12-1 is awesome.

  15. Somehow I dominated one league and finished dead last in another.

    So either I’m a genius or I’m stupid.

  16. if you play on ESPN. do not listen to Hec and Vic.

  17. Sparty you are very right about Ohio State needing to win this game. As a PSU alum I’m tired of having that particular school embarrass the entire confrence.

    And yes I hate having to root for them

  18. I have a feeling that particular school will embarass the conference again.

    And I’m NOT basing it on their play v. Ohio.

  19. no offense intended, johnny, but if you don’t want OSU embarassing the conference anymore, you might want to ask your PSU team or any of the other 9 teams in the conference to step it up a little to at least get in the national spotlight.

  20. miz-i am not sure that is what johnny b meant, but tOSU has been a recipient of everyone else in college football failing the last couple years.

  21. Penn State did lay it on thick to Oregon State. Sure they aren’t very good, but they’re better than a directional school.

  22. don’t be shocked by this, but I’m confused. still, I definitely intended no offense.

  23. Well Penn State is the last of the teams from the confrence to actually win their BCS game and this year they appear to be very good now that they got rid of that major handicap at qb though going to columbus and madison at night will be a bit tougher

  24. sparty, did you see the Torii Hunter cheap shot?

  25. Can we stop with the “tOSU”? We all know we’re not talking about Oklahoma State or Oregon State. Saying “the” makes us all sound like Buckeye douchebags. They’re gonna get crushed Saturday.

  26. how about a compromise? for the Buckeye fans, we’ll leave the “t”. and for the haters, we’ll add the $. therefore ==> tO$U.

    whad’ya think, huh!?

  27. clown-i did see it. Torri Hunter is now on my most hated list. That was really fucked up.

    miz-tOSU (deal with it, patphish) dominated the Big Ten the last few years, which is thought as a great conference, but it isn’t. But because of this theory that the Big Ten is great, they get put in the National Title game. then they lay an egg and show how piss poor the conference is.

  28. and pipe down ND fan. win a bowl game.

  29. Lets be serious though, the Big 10 is miles ahead of the ACC, and possibly the Big East.

    People forget about Wisconsin, mostly because they are such a boring brand of football.

  30. the ACC and Big East are dreadful. I would say SEC = #1, Big Televen = #2, Pac 10 = #3, Big 12 = #4, ACC = Big East = #8.

  31. Big 10 over the Big 12, mizer? You’re on crack. (Or, since you’re in the South – sweet, sweet meth)

  32. I would but the Big 8 plus 4 and the Pac 10 ahead of the Big Ten. The Pac 10 has been beating us down head to head lately.

  33. (Or, since you’re in the South – sweet, sweet meth)

    you should see my teeth…

  34. lack of teeth?

  35. eeeexactly.

  36. I had to get veneers to replace my meth depleted teeth.

    Sadly, most my fellow Southerners cannot.

  37. Why does the Big East always get bashed? 3-2 in bowl games last year, 5-0 in 2006 and 3 BCS victories in a row including West Virginias beat down on Oklahoma last year. They may be a basketball conference but the numbers say they are better than the all conferences except the SEC and PAC 10.

  38. I had to get veneers to replace my meth depleted teeth.

    Sadly, most my fellow Southerners cannot.


  39. Veneers in Floriduh means white corn kernals and super glue.

  40. Mine were made from recycled toilets. Get it straight.

  41. you got porcelain, trey!? snob.

  42. Toilets in Floriduh are made of wood.

  43. Maybe if your house was built post 1994. Nothing but solid lead toilets in my house.

  44. Aren’t you from north of Orlando? We know you guys just use a hole in the ground.

  45. I bet a lead toilet would provide a chilling setting for a dump.

  46. @pat – Our females do.

  47. +1 Gator

  48. patphish, they use Tupperware, then empty it in a dumpster and rinse it.

  49. excuse me, they cannot afford tupperware, i meant gladware.

  50. Patphish, as a Big East fan in general, I do agree that the conference gets bashed too much given the fact that they were very competitve the past two years. However this year they have been getting killed. Biggest win over a non conference team this year is probably USF over UCF in a squeaker.

    As much as I hate to say it, Syracuse brings the whole conference down the same way Temple used to.

    Here is to hoping that Syracuse doesn’t totally suck for the next few years. How can they go from top 10 to bottom 10 without even NCAA sanctions. The problem persists when they only sell 20-30k tickets per game now and they don’t get too many TV games so the revenue isn’t coming in.

    Compare that to SEC teams that bring in 80-90k for home games and it is tough to compete.

  51. Dumpster? Is that what you call the ’72 Nova on blocks in the yard?

  52. Syracuse is no worse than Minnesota, Indiana, or Northwestern from the Big 10 or the entire ACC. Yeah they suck, but once Williams is gone they will slowly rebuild. The bowl money the other schools bring in will help, as will the hoops program that prints money up there. As far as “this year”, its been 2 weeks. Lets see what it looks like in January, after Uconn wins the national title.

  53. “Uconn wins the national title”

    We have meth in South Florida too.

  54. You guys are making me laugh out loud, and now my boss wants to know what’s so funny!

    Hey, I am a Buckeye fan, and I always root for the BIg 10…even Michigan in their bowl games. Give me some love for Saturday night already! I know most of you would love to see SC choke, get their asses beat, lose on a last-second TD pass or field goal…whatever it takes.

    My nephew is the starting QB for the Hawkeyes Saturday!

  55. patphish-you did see NW beat the shit out of Syracuse, right?

  56. @Jen, He’s family, screw the bucknuts, go Iowa!

  57. Syracuse = big east doormat the same way NW, IU and Minny rotate.

  58. Hey Sparty, do you root for Michigan in there bowl games because they represent the Big 10?

  59. @Jen, see Sparty’s answer. If Buckeye nation sees what you just wrote…….banished!

  60. Syracuse is the worst team of the 56 BCS conference teams. No contest.

    Gladware is too expensive too. You can get Plasticware at the Dollar Tree.

  61. gator, Texas A&M would like some consideration.

  62. It’s only semi acceptable to root for Michigan if they’re playing Florida and even then you don’t feel good about it. And this is coming from somebody who did go to grad school at that hell hole

  63. I don’t usually feel good about it, but I like to see the Big 10 win when the nation is watching.
    Hmm, did I get all warm and fuzzy when Lloyd won his final game? Eh, not really. LOL

  64. johnny~ It’s so nice to hear an alum of Michigan call it a hell hole!

  65. Ann Arbor is a cool campus though. The Cottage Inn, yummy.

  66. Jen it was my year and a half there that made me hate it as much as i do. I just hated the attitude that the majority of people ther had (ie that they were better than you because they went to Michigan). That and the 2005 PSU – Michigan game still has me tramatized. Game winning touchdown right in front of my seats. Horrible experience. I still want to burn lloyd Carr in effigy for those three seconds he whined to get back on the clock

    But yes Sparty the Cottage Inn is very yummy and I do miss that. I didn’t like north campus too much though (which is where I had to spend most of my time as an engineering student)

  67. @johnny – what type of engineering?

  68. Aerospace which really is not as exciting nor interesting as i hoped.

    Though i might not just like my current project

  69. I want to pick up Brady in my fantasy league, so I can cuddle him and console him…

  70. As much as it pains me to say it, especially as my handle implies, the Big 10 has been overrated for years now. All the bigtime recruits want to play for OSU now (gotta give RR a couple of years yet) for the national exposure. F’n Terrelle Pryor even committed to the Buckeyes when he would have been a perfect fit for UM.

    That said, it’s important to the conference as a whole that OSU beat USC on Saturday. Mind you, I ain’t holding my breath, but it sure would be sweet. And if it happens, my stash of Canadian sippin’ whiskey is gonna take a real beating.

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