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Enjoy Your Last Weekend Away From the Computer

I am sitting here at 1 am…drinking beer. When this gets posted at around 11 am(actually first thing)….I am thinking eight hours from now, I am gonna believe that this is going to be kind of an irrelevant post. It will probably get around six comments for the day, and it will get lost in the ever growing popularity that is Sparty & Friends.

But guess what….this is your last weekend to run and hide from the comment block here at Sparty’s. It is your last Sunday to enjoy the weather…It is your last holiday weekend until Columbus Day….45 days from now.

Pretty soon, you’re gonna be stuck in football mode…..fantasy or real…does it really fucking matter? The point is – NFL and NCAA Football give way to October Baseball….October Baseball gives way to the start of the NBA….NBA gives way to College Basketball….College Basketball gives way to the NHL…the NHL gives way to…. Oh never fucking mind….

The point is –  As Baseball season comes to a close over the next 60 days or so – Sports season starts….all of that shit that really matters to all of us…especially “the us”  in those parts of the country where it is too cold outside to do anything else but watch sports on TV – Well that stuff is right around the corner…(By the way – none of this shit applies to me…I live in California)

Ignore this post….We don’t mind. We know what lies ahead. We will be here when you are ready.

Italics=Sparty talking.  Sparty was up way late and is still pissed about MSU committing dumb penalties and having sloppy coverage.


The Morning After: August 30, 2008

Not that many of you need anymore motivation to get ready for the first Saturday of College Football action:

Before we look at today’s action, here are a couple predictions Continue reading

Sesame Street is the BEEP.

Totally not related sports, but whatever.   I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of you have already seen this.  But it is just as funny as the first time I saw it.

The Morning After: August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Is Here!

Before we take off, let’s just cover some happenings…

Continue reading

The Big Lead FFL Preview

Real Fantasy Football

Real Fantasy Football

I received an email last Sunday inviting me to join The Big Lead Fantasy Football League.  Oh boy, I hit the big time now.  I get to hang out with all the cool bloggers.   Actually I think they ran out of options and they came down to the slums to grab me. The jokes on them damn it! They have no idea who they have asked to play with.  Don’t they know that I own 3 Fantasy Baseball championships?!?   Damnit! This is football, you need no skill.  I could have my wife draft for me and I could still win, or I could do it myself and lose.  You have to be a complete moron to suck in fantasy football, or really unlucky.  I have um, only been unlucky. Yeah, that’s it.

Anyway, once I set my team up and checked out the roster and scoring settings, something caught my eye.  Two Quarterbacks. Now I know plenty of people that have played in leagues like this, but I have never.  My scouting had to change, and quickly.  I did not have as much time to plan for this strategy as other leagues I am playing in.  Now even, though the draft is a lot about where you pick and how lucky you get (or how stupid the guy in front of you is) this does change it a little bit. Here is the QB scoring:

Passing Yards (25 yards per point; 2 points at 300 yards; 5 points at 400 yards)
Passing Touchdowns (6)
Interceptions (-2)

Many points are to be earned by this position.  You have to get good QBs.  No waiting to the 7th or 8th round in this draft.

Now I am not about to go stat crazy with this breakdown. I’ll leave that to NickP. Continue reading

2008 NCAA Football Preview: The Pac 10

Typically I like to give our guest writer’s a nice long intro.  Mikey from the 100 Year Itch does a good job for for himself.  We are thinking of bringing him on here full time, but first let’s see if he has the chops…

Normally I am a baseball blogger…and as such my blog is about baseball. I realized I was going to be pretty bored over the winter just leaving snarky comments on everyone else’s blogs and I would end up losing my mind. So I had this brilliant idea to ask Sparty if he needed any writers for the winter. I volunteered to write about the Pac 10. I don’t quite know what I was thinking because I am an SEC guy, specifically a Gator fan (Insert Tim Tee-Blow joke here).

Anyways, USC football is shoved down our throat here in Los Angeles, so I think I have enough information to spew about how this is essentially a one team race, and no on else is even close to USC. Alas, it is a Pac 10 preview which means there are nine other teams to consider. I just have to figure out how to say something nice about them…because in reality they are all looking up at the Trojans. So, as you read this preview you will realize there is less and less information about the teams under USC. This is mainly because there isn’t much to talk about…but chiefly because most of you guys have east coast bias and could care less anyways. Continue reading

The Morning After: August 28, 2008

Letting go…

Continue reading